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Novotel Yogyakarta is one of the newly revamped building’s features perfected with the upgraded hospitality quality. Penetrating though the lobby room , you will encounter omnipresent smiles and jovial courtesy as well, seemingly like there is a common enthusiasm shared by these loyal clientele’s concierges. You just could not wait to witness their polite, tactful manner as one speeds you up to your room after a quick check in; their humbleness renders a relaxing relieve, sending a tacit notion of assurance that everything is always under control. And in fact, everything is impeccably served at Novotel Yogyakarta.Being quite afar from Malioboro leaves you undisturbed from the pestering hawkers who are most likely loiter around the streets. Flock of taxis await for your waving and cater to wherever in Yogyakarta your destination might be. First precious tourist stop-by, an insider’s advice, is Galeria Shopping Mall which you can reach in fifteen-minute easy stroll to the left. Elegant batik dresses paired up with local-made shoes or accessories tuck you in authentic posh style. But, for those in search of meaningful displays of creativity, a visit to Affandi Museum is compulsory. Leading impressionistic sketches among Asian painters, Affandi’s works have obtained remarkable achievements, becoming masterpieces that would never be out-of-date. The brush stroke roughly depicts feminine images portrayed in a melancholic, simple life. Similarly, the construction process of Borobudur temple compels one’s thoughts to perplex never-endingly. This Hinduism monument was established during the ninth century when cement and bricks had not been invented yet. Obviously, it takes a genius to build such amazing structure, the nine stupas that symbolize distinct levels of complex human life.Novotel Yogyakarta‘s two-hundred guestrooms have sported a commendable four-star pleasure. Several divisions such as standard, superior, and executive room maintain premium decadence through the reveling amenities. The zealous décor incorporates a selected choice of dotted-white tiles, cheerful colors, and brown-tint, slim furniture. The installed amenities convey in-room safe, satellite TV, air conditioner, international direct dialing telephone, mini-bar, and refrigerator. The room’s ample space extends to the bathroom that provides nice bathtub and shower aside the vast expanse mirror. All-inclusive satisfaction tagged on to the room check-in also allows one to enjoy cosseting spa treatment and beauty salon. Appeasing yet regaining back your vitality, the traditional scrub (lulur) guarantees ravishing look after two-hour intense session. You may radiate while practicing hand-swings in the in-house golf practice or toning your body in the favorite fitness center. Otherwise, plunge in the pleasant swimming pool aside the lobby. It is the best way to soak in absolute assuagement.To refresh you up after venturing all day long, sip a glass of fresh juice in the poolside Splash Bar with the Novotel Yogyakarta. The pizza is totally yummy, as the topping is covered with delicious melt of tangy cheese. More tantalizing Italian recipe can be had at Kayu Api restaurant. Pertaining to Bahasa translation of “firewood,” the restaurant intends to indulge your craving on and on. All pasta-made dishes are Kayu Api’s specialties, especially with the combination of relish tomato sauce. In contrast, Kedaton Restaurant sides with other continent’s delicacies. Serving both Asian and French cuisines, the chef’s excellent cookery has often triggered satisfied grins on clientele’s face. Most customers also order sumptuous omelet for the appetizer, while the rest of the menu is up to individual preferences.
Platinum Adisucipto Yogyakarta Hotel & Conference Center is one of the grander hotel in the Yogyakarta area with some great facilities as well as delightful rooms and spacious garden areas. The grand lobbies are impressive with a palace like look as well as grand light and beautiful rooms and grounds which extend throughout the whole area and exhibit the traditional styles in fabrics, architecture and other artwork. Located in the center of the historical city of Yogyakarta, Platinum Adisucipto Yogyakarta Hotel blends the contemporary modern design with Javanese decoration. Just 20 minutes drive from Adi Sucipto Airport and is within 20 minutes drive to the famous Malioboro street markets as well as shopping malls. Perfect location to visit the nearby tourist attraction including the Sultan Palace. The world famous Borobudur Temple is within an hour drive from Platinum Adisucipto Yogyakarta Hotel while the Prambanan Hindu Temple is only 40 minutes rides. On top of this Platinum Adisucipto Yogyakarta Hotel & Conference Center is positioned in a great central location with all of the tourist attractions located close by as well as the market areas as well as the shopping districts and all of the other sights and historical areas. With unreal positioning also for those who are in this hotel on business with all of the business districts located close by. There are also plenty of great facilities for the business travelers such as the conference rooms and meeting rooms of all different sizes. No matter what you reason is for traveling to the Yogyakarta area, Platinum Adisucipto Yogyakarta Hotel will offer you the very best in accommodation.The rooms are of a great standard and are 152 including business rooms, deluxe rooms, junior suites, executive suites and platinum suites.  All of the rooms feature the royal service as well as a great luxury bathroom  with hot and cold water and a large bathtub. As well as this there is a great television with satellite channels and an international phone line. As standard there is also the mini bar and the 24 hour room service.The facilities at Platinum Adisucipto Yogyakarta Hotel & Conference Center include the business centre which includes numerous rooms and function areas which include executive meetings and large conferences. With this in mind there are also great ways to travel around the business district which is located very close by. There are also plenty of leisure facilities including a grand swimming pool which is located in the outdoors. The spa offers a wide range of services as well as the opportunity to try the Javanese cream baths in there authentic form. There is a full fitness center as well as where you can begin a new routine in this relaxed environment or keep up your current routine. Walking in the grounds is a wonderful way to spend some time and it is possible organize a private romantic dinner anywhere in the beautiful and grand areas of the tropical gardens and courtyards. There is also a tourism reception and a shopping mall area where you can embark on all sorts of trips as well as buying excellent keep sakes from Platinum Adisucipto Yogyakarta Hotel.
Poeri Devata Resort Hotel in Yogyakarta is a great little resort area located interestingly right next to the Prambanan Temple which is a great place to visit and offers some of traditional and cultural sounds and sights right on your doorstep. The Adisucipto International Airport is also only a 20 minute journey from the hotel. In this incredible area where there are so many historical areas and temples you will find yourself in some great luxury accommodation right in the middle of the most interesting area which also has plenty of facilities such as shopping areas, traditional markets and restaurants.Poeri Devata Resort Hotel Yogyakarta offers villa accommodation which is great if you are traveling as a family or a couple or even as a group of friends. There are some great facilities and with large gardens separating the separate villas giving each of them a pleasant secluded and tranquil feeling. The services and tour arrangements that Poeri Devata Resort Hotel offer also make this the perfect place for those who wish to look around the area and see some of the most incredible sights in the world.The separate villas at Poeri Devata Resort Hotel in Yogyakarta are all of a great standard and offer a great combination of traditional design and styling coupled with modern luxury and facilities as well as offering a comfortable and clean atmosphere which comes with the understanding of modern villa living. All of the rooms have air conditioning as well as hot and cold water in the kitchens and the bathrooms meaning you can enjoy a bath or a shower as well as using the hot water in the kitchenette although this may be something that your cleaner will find more useful then you will. With a large television and satellite channels and a DVD player there is always a way to keep entertained. There are also many great furnishing and artistic works that really help to create a comfortable and cultural atmosphere which is unique to the area. The rooms are available as garden view or temple view and are reasonably priced depending on what your idea of reasonable is.Poeri Devata Resort Hotel in Yogyakarta offers some great activities and facilities such as the swimming pool which has a close by bar serving imported and local beverages. There is also a jogging track and all sorts of vehicle hire from push bikes to cars as well as chartered drivers. Other facilities include the business meeting rooms and the business facilities and laundry as well as everything else you could require like currency exchange. You can also see all of the local sights and even sights further a field with the tour operations leading you to all of the temples and incredible natural sights of the area, as well as this there are plenty to see in the city as well as shopping and gift buying to be had.
Jogjakarta Plaza Hotel offers modern accommodation in the heart of Yogyakarta featuring modern rooms and facilities with hospitable staff. Jogjakarta Plaza Hotel holds  sort of misnomer in its brought up middle name. What meets the eye is no less than minimalistic property of protruding Javanese residence on Gejayan Street, inside Yogyakarta’s Colombo Complex. The low-rise building actually conforms to an innate local proverb that adores paddy rice philosophical gesture as its ripened version poses a bending posture, implying how wise if ever one’s becoming older grasps the humbling bent as well. But, as usual, never judge a book from its cover, experience seems to be the only answer that would justify one’s pithy whether the ethnic accommodation can truly provide reveling shelter to one’s undisturbed sleep. When the afternoon sun rises at its peak, you penetrate the lobby room in endearing suave; it is about time to reveal the secrets.Albeit the quiet fanfare employing merely courteous staff’s pleasing grins, the simplified Javanese décor exudes extravagance effervescently. Intricate wooden carvings occupy spare corners amidst dominant natural-minimalist array. Bright lights relieve one’s senses while the oversize doors appeal irresistibly alluring. Your discovery mission is riddled within an easy stroll to the Jogjakarta Plaza Hotel every inch to unfold any surprises beneath the humble artificial. In a short time, you spot the turquoise swimming pool tucked in a breathtaking landscaped garden. Further walk unfurls three energizing facilities suitable for perky business travelers who are intrigued to compete in another match-ring beside economy. Both night-lit tennis court and beach volley-ball entice the whole gang to exaggerate their aptitude on ball maneuvers. The jogging track lap is an equivocal means to sweat up one’s physique as well as to boast the hotel’s other hidden temptations. In anyway, there is no harm to tie up one’s almost-forgotten running shoes and re-embark on a thousand feet-swings which would expose the rest of Jogjakarta Plaza Hotel‘s charms.Varied guestrooms enable you to think twice before landing any options. While all are furnished in similar premium amenities of cool air-conditioner, international direct dialing telephone, satellite TV, and mini-bar, the deluxe choice saves idyllic garden and water fountain views as well. Bathtub and shower dwell in the ample bathroom which is complemented with practical hairdryer. Nevertheless, deluxe room’s thirty-three square-meter is outclassed by Junior Suite’s forty-square-meter privacy. Executive Suite gains an additional square meter to Junior’s size, although both pertain to the same views over swimming pool and multicolored gardens beyond the balcony. For higher indulgences, Parlor Suites imbued with an appeasing living room and carpet floor pamper most affluent clienteles. The utmost decadence, however, stays in the ostentatious Presidential Suites. The 114-square-meter residence owns an individual Jacuzzi and two bathtubs fit in two bathrooms. If only money is not a limited subject, you surely know what to opt for in Jogjakarta Plaza Hotel. Healthier alternative that may tone not only your calves but also the whole lot more muscles is available at Kirana Health Club within the Jogjakarta Plaza Hotel. Impressive collections of weight training equipment and cardio routines turn out to be quite exhausting prologue before you plunge in the private one-and-a-half-meter swimming pool. What next is a visit to Sekar Arum Spa that goes out all the way to shower you with flower bath, head to toe. Rose petals garner the hot water bath, which may be enhanced by mixing rich organic materials such as milk or herbal ingredients. The last cosset lingers in Srikaton Restaurant where abundant scrumptious meals will tantalize your insatiable cravings. Its round-the-clock service guarantees fresh order of either International or local delicacies, even for a number of six-hundred persons who might flock in the eight in-house function rooms during late nights. As the previous body treatment leaves you famish aftermath, holding back your hedonistic desire to savor Srikaton buffet is out of the question. A thin slice of bacon and a chunk of spicy chicken grill added with quenching cocktails on the side are readily seeping their piquant addiction into your mouth.
Puri Artha Hotel Yogyakarta defines a better judgment on living in a mix of unmistakable comfort and cultural elaboration. Puri Artha Hotel in Yogyakarta refers on how each guestroom in the medium-size accommodation functions ambivalently, one as a precious stay in an ethnical city such Yogyakarta and another as an intimate gallery imbued with old local fixtures and crafts. Of course, other features Puri Artha Hotel Yogyakarta owns like strategic location where everything is close at hand and premium in-house facilities conveying unlimited pleasure to relish in have already fascinated intelligent clienteles who are fond of luxurious cossets. Simply put, if you are willing to put your bet on whichever brings, at least, more meaningful nuances.Beside Superior category, the three other options also flaunt marvelous contentment. Deluxe Rooms nudge up slightly in terms of satisfaction as the king-size bed pushes over the previous separated twin-bedding. This air-conditioned cocoon houses similar amenities to other rooms such as satellite TV, International Direct Dialing telephone, and a mini-bar. Affluent tourists who are unashamed to splurge just a little bit for interior savvy should opt for Puri Artha Hotel special. Wooden-lacquered four-poster bed occupies in the middle of the woven-rattan-furnished wall. Lavish dark brown sported by the surroundings – all furniture dominantly showcases shrewd wooden color composition – is both extravagantly elegant yet complying with the local’s favorite decoration hues. Ranging from the chairs up to the picture frame, the hotel’s meticulous set rivals Sultan’s own compartment grandeur. The utmost privilege of true living like a king is instilled in the opulent Suite nevertheless. The suite often fulfils most fastidious family traveling that demand unblemished perfection. Altogether, any rooms you prefer include a breakfast buffet treat for two in the exquisite in-house dining.Chandra Restaurant loves to render an indirect result such customers’ gratified grins through the chef’s mastery over oriental, continental, and local gastronomy. Presenting live music and Javanese Gamelan Orchestra as a complement for the unforgettable savory moments, Chandra Restaurant comprehends thoroughly what a keen foreigner desires, delicious meal and indulging ambience. Quenching drinks catered by Chandri Bar and Chandra Coffee Shop alternatively seeks to satiate your thirst. The cozy atmosphere may leave you undisturbed whenever you inquire to be on your own. Puri Artha Hotel also offers brilliant beauty salon and a large swimming pool to while away your spare time. After a swish for a brisk ravishing makeover, you may radiate the new look on the poolside while sipping cold cocktails. It is never too late to show off how good life can turn up to be.
Royal Ambarrukmo Yogyakarta is located in the unique Javanese area of Yogyakarta which is known for its incredible cultural and natural beauty as well as a lively and vibrant city life. Royal Ambarrukmo Yogyakarta is located very close to the temples of Sambisari and the sultan’s palace. In this area there is also all of the shopping areas located really close by and all of the markets and the wonderful luxuries such as the restaurants and other tourist facilities. As well as all of this there are also some great facilities offered from Royal Ambarrukmo Yogyakarta which matches the unreal level of accommodation of the rest of the area and grounds. The rooms are all of a great luxury modern and with the proximity to the business district which means that when you are staying here for business reasons you can not only use the great facilities in the hotel but also use the services and facilities as well as other business areas of Yogyakarta. The style displayed throughout Hotel Royal Ambarrukmo Yogyakarta is a combination of the traditional styles of Java as well as the grandeur and impressiveness of the Yogyakarta area. There are a number of different room options which should be considered including the deluxe rooms, premier rooms  as well as the suites which are all of a great quality. The rooms all feature air conditioning as well as all kinds of facilities such as an alarm clock, cable television, a coffee maker as well as a mini bar, in room safes and roll away beds in some of the rooms. There is the option of pool view rooms as well as Mountain View rooms, both of these are highly impressive and create a great atmosphere. On top of this the style of each room is very good and allows you to really get a feel for the area.The pool at Hotel Royal Ambarrukmo Yogyakarta is of a great standard and is not only huge and in the style of an Indonesian water temple but it even has garden islands which create the impression of a grand courtyard of a stately home. There is also the obvious bars and lounges as well as a number of great restaurants which all offer unreal cuisine from around the world. The business facilities offered at Royal Ambarrukmo Yogyakarta Hotel are in line with the grandeur of the rest of the hotel and include a number of different rooms of different capacities each with all of the modern facilities for presentations and conferences.
Rumah Sleman Private Boutique Hotel is a great hotel located right in the centre of the Yogyakarta area with excellent positioning. This sophisticated and elegant resort has a majestic style and appearance which is first noticeable at the main entrance and lobby and is then a theme continued throughout the resort with some great traditional and colonial features which create a grand and incredible sense of luxury and incredible beauty. The location of Rumah Sleman Private Boutique Hotel in Yogyakarta is strategic and desirable giving access to all of the areas of the city including the business district and the tourist attractions which are all easily reachable including the market areas and the modern shopping malls and boutique shopping areas. As well as experiencing the vibrancy of the locale, you can also from here organise trips all around the other sights which are out of town such as the incredible mountain villages and the wonderful world famous temples such as the Borobudur. You can experience all of this from one of the most lavish and indulgent hotels in the area which is very well priced when you consider its grandeur and beauty.The rooms share the image and style of the rest of the incredible resort. The style is grand and classic with a royal feel which is very similar and in fact based on the colonial luxury that some of the first expatriates experienced in this area. The large beds are the centre pieces of the rooms and around here you will see Victorian decoration and wonderful enchanting features including the furniture and all of the fabrics which incorporate the traditional scenes of Indonesia and the beauty of its produce. On top of this there are the facilities which include air conditioning, hot and cold water in breathtakingly luxurious bathrooms which are private and en suite to each bedroom and even international direct dial telephones. There is also some great coffee making facilities which include imported coffee and the infamous Java Coffee. With all of this in mind with the satellite television as well as great safety deposit boxes and some awesome other homely facilities, Rumah Sleman Private Boutique Hotel in Yogyakartais the obvious choice for anyone looking for nostalgic colonial grandeur in this area of IndonesiaRumah Sleman Private Boutique Hotel Yogyakarta offers some grand and luxurious facilities which area, again in line with the rest of the resort offering a modern fitness centre as well as some fantastic dinning and lounge areas. The Gymnasium features all of the major equipment that you can expect from any modern international gym as well as instructors and some other fitness activity such as yoga and aerobics. No matter which of the 6 different suite rooms you stay in at Rumah Sleman Private Boutique Hotel in Yogyakarta, you will be sure to enjoy the unreal views from the rooms out across the grounds and the pool area as well as the dinning which is of an incredible consistent standard with the rest of Rumah Sleman Private Boutique Hotel.
Sahid Jaya Hotel & Convention is conveniently located with easy access to other parts of Yogyakarta including the Sultan Palace, the ancient temples of Prambanan and Borobudur. Sahid Jaya Hotel & Convention Yogyakarta's domineering main building stands erect against the blue sky. The etched symbol of letter "S" encircled by a line and entailed with a minute star is emblazoned beside the entrance door. You might guess: the inside is common contemporary marble lobby garnered with lavish modern paintings and delicate dress staff. Think again. Javanese décor pertaining to Sultan's palatial style has been adjusted to the ample quarters tinted in immaculate white and brown hues. Distinct Yogyakarta's ambience induced by the scattered Javanese fixtures and endearing local paintings also embellishes an exquisite experience for a sweet escape from the encroaching nowadays metropolis. What is more intriguing to observe is how beautiful batik dresses drape the staff uniformly. Their courteous smiles and jovial chats complement your pleasant day impeccably.Being the only luxurious accommodation that houses a landscaped three-hectare garden, Sahid Jaya Hotel & Convention Yogyakarta is a long-time favorite for a few-day holiday break. The splendid in-house facilities have graciously catered to guests' various needs, including beauty, health, and business agendas. One beauty salon adjacent to the swimming pool will keep you ravishing before venturing all day in the city. Beside the blue water pool, there is also a jogging track that suits for busy travelers who cannot afford to wake up early and dash on the encroaching downtown streets. You may also play some billiard games to exercise your hand grip and accuracy. In addition, Parang Ballrooms provide you an easy accommodation for meetings, exhibitions, and so forth. The banquet may invite up to a thousand participants in a theatre-array event.Food and beverages have ranked as one of the prioritized service the hotel boosts. To savor relish breakfast, a morning drop-by on Parangtritis Pool Terrace Restaurant is a wise thing to do. The restaurant is mostly called with an interesting shortened Parangtritis name, the sacred beach on the south, to a misnomer Paris, although the served menu comprises only delectable continental and local dishes. Dealing with some left-over business details can be done while you are sipping a glass of hot brewed coffee at Pasir Putih Coffee Shop. Baron Bar fulfills the needs of the entirely different you, the cool and confident persona. As the quenching cocktails stir the mood cozily, you can linger in the cosseting sofa and have a romantic evening with a lovely partner beside you.Sahid Jaya Hotel & Convention Yogyakarta proposes two distinguished categories for memorable night stays. First, guestrooms in the main building fit into four selections: sixty standard rooms, ten deluxe, seven suites, and one Penthouse suite. All rooms hold high-standard amenities like air-conditioner, mini-bar with refrigerator, satellite TV, and international direct dialing telephone. Tub and shower bathroom adjoins your comfort privacy as well. But if you are more into an individualistic entity, the cottages at Sahid Jaya Hotel & Convention Yogyakarta will perfectly comply with your desire of undisturbed privacy. Separate bungalows close to the main buildings are actually collections of eighteen standard cottages, twenty-seven deluxe, two superior, and two family cottages. Look appealing as they are, these self-contained decadence is a total bliss for sleeping like a king in such a special city, Yogyakart
Sheraton Mustika Yogyakarta Resort and Spa is a five star hotel located 25 minutes drive to the center of Yogyakarta is only a few minutes from Adi Sucipto Airport. Sheraton Mustika Yogyakarta Resort and Spa features the elegant contemporary design with the extra ordinary Javanese style. Offers supreme services and luxurious accommodation to convince the utmost comfort of every guest throughout the stay. Sheraton Mustika Yogyakarta Resort and Spa provides extensive recreational facilities including Javanese Spa treatment. It is an ideal place for totally retreat in the heart of Yogyakarta while exploring the cultural heritages as well as the ancient Borobudur and Prambanan Temples.Sheraton Mustika Yogyakarta Resort and Spa boasts 241 superb and spacious guest rooms scattered on the high rise building. All guest rooms are located under the lobby level facing to gardens or swimming pool
The 1O1 Yogyakarta Tugu is located in the heart of Yogyakarta and is within 15 minutes drive from the airport. The hotel is just a few minutes to Kraton and the Sultan Palace. THE 1O1 Yogyakarta Tugu offers selection of activities and services to make your stay a memorable one. It is a great place for both business and leisure travelers. The four star THE 1O1 Yogyakarta Tugu features spacious guest rooms fully equipped with modern amenities. All guest rooms presents a unique feeling and contemporary designs. Resides in the heart of the historical city and the center of Javanese culture, this hotel in Yogyakarta  is an ideal place to discover the magic of Yogyakarta and Central Java. Borobudur and Prambanan Temples are within easy ride from the hotel. THE 1O1 Yogyakarta Tugu gives the total convenient for pleasure and business.THE 1O1 Yogyakarta Hotel features modern rooms furnished with modern amenities including coffee & tea making facilities, individually controlled air conditioning, television with satellite channels, mini bar, hair dryer, key card system, IDD telephone, private bathroom, and safe deposit box.
The Alana Yogyakarta Hotel and Convention Center  is a luxury 4 stars hotel in the central part of Yogyakarta, compelling it is as the grand marbled lobby plunges a touché fascination to virgin newcomers who have never captivated the enchanting gazebo in the middle of the majestic hall. More classy persuasion is on when the illuminating ceilings mirror glittering sparks onto the sleek marble tiles, ease one's swing to slide further inside. You may be imbued with little eerie tingling by the mythical exposure of antique Javanese fixtures and statuettes on the sides. Yet no one should ever be bothered in such apprehension since The Alana Yogyakarta Hotel and Convention Center service will make sure everyone hold on to their enhanced suave and enjoy life to the fullest limit.This centrally-located four-star brings everything closer to your comfort. All can be had in a quick count of minutes, including the Jogja International Adi Sucipta Airport, Sultan's Palace, and Malioboro – the prominent shopping corner. The second is actually Jogja' focal point, since the regional government still adopts faithfully the long-time royal family tradition. Every governor possesses blue-blood status as well as inherits iron-fist and care that always nurture the beloved city with so much benevolence. At least, peeping on some of the royalties' prized possessions may improve your imagination on how life in Jogja Palace happens daily.The Alana Yogyakarta Hotel and Convention Center also boosts a range of facilities that ensures satisfaction close at hand. The in-house restaurant and bar have gained an understated praise as an ideal food-and-beverage haven. Palpable gratification is what a unique Javanese massage achieves through mild kneading and pummeling that would unravel tense muscles. There are also a beauty parlor and a full-equipped gymnasium with sauna, which both offer ravishing appeal on your look and curves.Individual contentment, however, has pertained to be the most significant part The Alana Yogyakarta Hotel puts best effort to indulge. Installing high-standard amenities like satellite TV, air-conditioner, international direct dialing telephone, and mini-bar in each of guestrooms proves the entire dedication given to assuaging tourists. 24-hour entertainment such in-house movie and radio have been fitted in along with fast internet access. Additionally, the ample bathroom incorporates quick shower and hairdryer. All of these essential satisfactory indulgences retain perennial relaxed moments in three distinct categories. Your request determines which either king-size bed or two single-beds stay in the tranquil privacy. Your room is your entire solitary cocoon during the retreat in the authentic Javanese city.If anyone wonders about the hotel's aptitude in managing a blast party or a formal conference, The Alana Yogyakarta Hotel and Convention Center shall unleash its exceeding service. Up to four-hundred invitee may attend your on-personal-basis event, like a wedding reception, or a company's business importance. Since the hotel is established with essential disable facilities, the invitation covers absolutely anyone. Moreover, an airport shuttle can relieve your planning in taking care of VIP-honored clients. But if you desire to hold a poolside party instead of indoor style, Alana Yogyakarta Hotel staffs are simply at your behest. For your request, your party, and your undeniable enjoyment, The Alana Yogyakarta Hotel and Convention Center is a true perfection.
The Grand Palace Hotel Yogyakarta is an international hotel in Yogyakarta which is in line with global standard and is not only an incredible international hotel it is also a beautiful and traditional looking area which fits in very well with the rest other areas of Yogyakarta. With some beautiful traditionally landscaped gardens which are reminiscent of the colonial gardens and the palace grounds. This incredible location is beautiful and has wonderful views of the mount Merapi and the rest of Java’s unreal landscape. As well as this you will find yourself in a great location in terms of the local and its facilities although The Grand Palace Hotel Yogyakarta is located within easy drive from the centre to mean that you are away from the main hustle and bustle of the tourist’s area. With proximity to the business area as well as all of the main attractions in terms of the markets which are great in the area and the shopping centres and boutique shopping. There is also a great selection of dinning in the area God forbid you should become bored of The Grand Palace Hotel Yogyakarta unreal food.There are a selection of rooms at The Grand Palace Hotel Yogyakarta  which are of a great quality and offer some unreal facilities as well as spacious areas and beautiful tranquil atmospheres.  All of these options feature all of the great facilities that you would expect from a large international resort including air conditioning, hot and cold water in the luxury bathrooms as well as mini bars and hot and cold water with tea and coffee facilities and beautifully decorated rooms and bathrooms all with grand and luxurious fittings.The facilities at The Grand Palace Hotel Yogyakarta include a selection of great attractions such as restaurant offering great cuisine from all around the world as well as some great local food and delicacies. There is a pair of great bars one of which is in the grand lobby and the other located in the gardens area. Both of these bars offer imported beverages as well as some wonderful local beverages. There is also the lounge area which is great for meeting friends and relaxing after a hard day. There are also meeting rooms which are not only three meeting rooms of various sizes. There is barely enough time to mention the other attractions such as the palaces and great castle gardens located very close by as well as the health spa, the swimming pool.
Lies in the center of Yogyakarta within 10 minutes from the airport, The The Jayakarta Yogyakarta Hotel & Spa offers sophisticated atmosphere with the charming smile of Javanese staff.The blue azure swimming pool streams beside the contemporary architecture and protrudes into an open space where only coconut trees besiege a number of sun loungers. While several parents doze off peacefully under the dwindling coconut leaves, the children are storming the cool swimming pool. The tanning sun, nevertheless, grasps all the energy you need to join on the next venture to the downtown. The Jayakarta Yogyakarta Hotel & Spa, with no doubts, is similar to an enchanting oasis where you can laze around by the pool easily. Its five-minute drive out of the International Adi Sucipto Airport renders quick access to immerse in the unparalleled enjoyment. As the afternoon breeze softly pats your cheek, you may relieve in a soothing nap, departing to nowhere else than in a sweet, sweet dream.Other than a far-stretching swimming pool, The Jayakarta Yogyakarta Hotel & Spa houses more brilliant facilities. If you agree that trickling sweats refer to healthier body and mind,The Jayakarta Yogyakarta Hotel & Spa sports facilities shall never be disappointing. The in-house tennis and the volley ball court, though spoil as it can be, test your best mates in terms of good team cooperation. For private one on one, a table tennis may as well improve your agility. Both billiard and mini-golf can strengthen your arm grip and accuracy, giving you a better on where you are going to plunge the ball in. There are also a jogging track and a fitness center with sauna that suit for those who endure much fun in individual exercises. The hotel also invites guests' children to enjoy the thrill in the in-house kid rafting, where great splashes accompany the laughter along the ride.Service such Spa and massage has often distinguished The Jayakarta Yogyakarta Hotel & Spa from any other hotels. Authentic technique is utilized in order to heighten your reveling sensation, of either Javanese or Japanese kneading and pummeling. Scrumptious craving is another easy matter to solve since the in-house restaurants, Ramayana and Tama Sari Garden, cater piquant international and local dishes. One thing should not be missed out is to savor the unique ulam from the latter restaurant. Pendopo Bar also helps to secure your intact gastronomical pleasure with quenching concoctions, both with and without alcohol. Moreover, the hotel provides free airport transfer just to expedite these pampering cossets come onto your senses.As the core of gratification, The Jayakarta Yogyakarta Hotel & Spa proposes its129 well-appointed guestrooms in five distinct selections. Either standard or deluxe room imposes an air-conditioned ample space complete with mini-bar, radio, and international direct dialing telephone. 24-hour entertainment has been installed in the satellite TV, which previews in-house movies as well. Meanwhile, the bathroom owns an express shower complemented with complete set of toiletries. For more indulgences to come, you can opt for the impeccable suites, ranging from Executive, Junior, and Jayakarta Suites. These ultimate residences seek your utmost pleasure through the gracious amenities such as tea or coffee making facility and an outdoor balcony overlooking the Yogyakarta's lush suburban areas. Bigger room-size is also featured just to boost more irresistible pleasure.
The Phoenix Hotel Yogyakarta - MGallery by Sofitel is one of the main and leading hotels of the Yogyakarta area. With some great facilities at located in the popular and desirable area of the Molioboro area where you will find such breathtaking Historic landmarks and natural beauty of some of the other areas that are a bit further away. With all of the shopping and business areas located only a short drive away from The Phoenix Hotel Yogyakarta - MGallery by Sofitel, the positioning is as good as the hotels quality. With the incredible standard of the hotel that you will not be surprised to see all of the wine bars and some of the incredible garden areas which make up the views that you can see from the balconies of the rooms. With the incredible historical areas that surround The Phoenix Hotel Yogyakarta it is no wonder people choose this area to stay in with the palace and castles which make incredible trips and tours for very low costs. There is also the obvious Borobudur which is only around a 40 minute trip from The Phoenix Hotel Yogyakarta.The rooms are 144 in number and are all supplied with some great facilitie4s and décor. All of the rooms are allowed to have one child staying with a parent of guardian for no extra cost meaning that the prices will be greatly decreased for families. All of the rooms also make use of the room service which include not only cold snacks but also hot snacks, full meals and all sorts of other refreshments and are open 24 hours a day. The facilities include air conditioning in all rooms as well as a mini bar, a radio and even a security box as well as a television and luxurious bathrooms with great fittings and even a wireless internet connection. These tie into The Phoenix Hotel Yogyakarta - MGallery by Sofitel a great in room business facilities which also include the high speed transmission.The facilities at The Phoenix Hotel Yogyakarta - MGallery by Sofitel are all of a great standard as you would expect from a hotel of this standard. The restaurant is grand and fine and known as the Paprika Restaurant which is located right by the pool with excellent views at any point in the day. This changes throughout the day allowing you to see the great views of mountains in the day and the unreal beauty of the lighting that has been put in place in the evening. There are also two bars, one of which is the 1918 themed bar which is of a great standard and is a great place with a grand character and the Vino bar which is without doubt one of the classiest hangouts going. With all of this there are also the professional business rooms which a number of different rooms arrangements making this the perfect place for any kind of meeting. There are six different business rooms of different sizes from intimate to large and grand.