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Amaris Hotel Malioboro resides in the heart of Yogyakarta within 15 minutes drive from the airport and is around 5 minutes walk to the famous shopping centers and entertainment spots in Malioboro Street. Prambanan Temples is just 60 minutes by car from the hotel. Amaris Hotel Malioboro provides the international standard facilities and services for business and leisure travelers. Amaris Hotel Malioboro offers 11o spacious guest rooms featuring air conditioned, LED TV, IDD telephone, Wi-FI internet connection, mini bar, safe deposit box, bathroom with amenities, . All guest rooms are in contemporary modern design combining with the traditional Javanese touch. Amaris Hotel Malioboro is a great place to start exploring Central Java and its surroundings. The facilities and services at Amaris Hotel Malioboro in Yogyakarta including swimming pool, restaurant and bar, room service, laundry and dry cleaning, car parking, and meeting rooms.
Ayaartta Hotel Malioboro is a 3 stars hotel in Malioboro located at the heart of Yogyakarta city. It takes five minutes on foot from Railways Station, 15 minutes drive from Adi Sucipto Airport and 10 minutes walk to Malioboro street (the heart of the city) for shopping and sightseeing. Yogyakarta or Jogja is center of Javanese culture as the most interesting tourist destination for cultural heritage, cultural attraction, art performance and art activities.Ayaartta Hotel Malioboro offers modern design hotel in Yogyakarta with Javanese atmosphere, with all modern designed rooms with its shadiness verandah, equipped with telephone, International TV Channel, private bath/shower hot & cold running water. The Swimming pool at Ayaartta Hotel Malioboro is located inside of the hotel building. The restaurant of Ayaartta Hotel Malioboro serves various kind of dishes are avaiable with reasonable prices, such as Indonesian, Oriental and European cuisine.
Blue Garden Yogyakarta is a great place to stay in a quiet sector of the Yogyakarta area. Blue Garden Yogyakarta offers a wonderful level of accommodation with a grand Javanese looking building front which is reminiscent of the colonial building although the traditional cultures and designs have been embraced and combined with some of the modern hotel ideas and great lighting. The result of this is a majestic appearance which when combined with the fantastic level of service and facilities creates a really comfortable and beautiful resort with a great level of class and character which is something that is rare to find in any area in the world but is here at the hotel. The location is great with proximity to all of the main areas of the city including all of the leisure areas such as the shopping and market areas which are positively thriving with modern and traditional culture. There is also the business district which is close by if you area in town for this reason and not to mention the incredible restaurants as well as the bars and other entertainment complexes including both the modern and the traditional.The rooms at Blue Garden Yogyakarta are split into  different types and all of them offer great accommodation as well as a great view from the balconies which look out over the grounds where there are Colonial style gardens which give that manor house style. There is an excellent balance of this Javanese styling along with some more modern in hotel ideas. All of the rooms feature satellite channels on the televisions as well as international phone lines and mini bars as well as really comfortable furniture.  As well as this there are only a small number of rooms in total with only 24 boutique rooms and 16 deluxe rooms in total. This means there is a great feeling of intimacy as well as tranquillity and quiet in the whole area of Hotel Blue Garden Yogyakarta.With a great pool which has a brilliant bar area in the grounds you enjoy this area which never becomes overcrowded and is a great relaxing area to unwind when you are reading or enjoying a bit of time getting refreshed from the travels or shopping of the area. With Borobudur located only a 40 minute drive away and there is a great selection of other places to visit that are all interesting as well as entertaining and beautiful, it is a good job that Blue Garden Yogyakarta also has a tourist tour reception where you can even book onto jungle trekking and all sorts of activities all over the Indonesian Archipelago. With an excellent restaurant and a good deal of class and character, for many people Hotel Blue Garden Yogyakarta will be the perfect and unforgettable resort in which to spend your time.
Hotel Brongto in Yogyakarta is located in the southern part of the Yogyakarta area where the Sultan’s palace can be found. The Sultans palace is very close indeed to Hotel Brongto meaning that Hotel Brongto is a great place for tourism as there are also plenty of other places worth visiting all around the area. As well as this there is a number of great restaurants and bars as well as all the tourist attractions you might require however this is not the busiest areas in the city. Hotel Brongto Yogyakarta covers 2 hectors of land where there area some great views and even access to the Sultan’s Palace where you can enjoy this great historical area. The style of Hotel Brongto matches this Palace and is actually part of the Palace meaning that you will be able to experience this level of grandeur for real rather than an imitation. This is the true life of the noblemen and with only a limited number of available suites this is not only a high class luxury but also it is a real piece of history.As far as rooms go at Hotel Brongto Jogjakarta they are as you would imagine with an incredible level of grandeur and class which is authentic and timeless. There are only 2 separate suites and 24 Deluxe rooms, as well as this there are 36 standard rooms and a family room. These are all incredible options but there are also the bungalow rooms which are large and separately located around the grounds although these are modern buildings which are still of this style and look beautiful. All of the rooms feature the expected large televisions as well as satellite channels and DVD players as well as hot and cold running water in the bathrooms where you will find a very high level of luxury fixtures and all kinds and great mini bar facilities.As well as all of this you can walk amongst the beautiful grounds which you are looking out onto from your balcony and here you can also find the pool area as well as the bars and the restaurant area. There is also a dinning area inside Hotel Brongto in Yogyakarta which is of a great standard and literally offers the dinning of noblemen. There are also business rooms which have a real history as well as the feeling of classic grandeur as well all of the business facilities of any hotel of this level. There is also the fitness area and the sauna and pool zones as well as an indulgent spa and some brilliant other facilities including transport and laundry. This is a great way to book onto the tours that will take all around the area as well as to any where in Indonesia that you wish to visit. For authentic accommodation of this level Hotel Brongto is very difficult to match let alone beat and in the area of south Yogyakarta you will find the entire are a cultural goldmine.
Cavinton Hotel Yogyakarta is a 4 stars modern hotel  located in the heart of Yogyakarta within 30 minutes drive from Yogyakarta Airport. It provides the harmony between the Javanese style architecture combining with the warm hospitality of the hotel staff. The famous Malioboro shopping centers and other entertainment spots are within a few minutes drive from Cavinton Hotel Yogyakarta. It is a perfect place for both business and leisure travelers. Cavinton Hotel Yogyakarta is featureing well spacious guest rooms designed in the traditional Javanese and the contemporary modern decor. All guest rooms are fully equipped with modern amenities to suit the needs of your holiday.  Room facilities include air conditioning, wall to wall carpet, bathroom with amenities, hot & cold shower, television with satellite channels, hair dryer, mini bar, coffee and tea maker, and IDD telep Within 30 minutes drive from the airport and Railway Station, Cavinton Hotel Yogyakarta  is located in the center of Yogyakarta well-known as the picturesque university district. Cavinton Yogyakarta is one of the first class international style hotel away from the hustle and bustle. Cavinton Hotel Yogyakarta is an ideal accommodation to visit the other parts of historical city including Borobudur and Prambanan Temples.
Featuring easy mobility of either short twenty-minute to the International Adi Sucipto Airport or ten-minute drive to the Yogyakarta’s Sultan’s Palace, Dusun Jogja Village Inn approves to be an unmistakable spot to discover the city’s indulgences. Dusun Jogja Village Inn is truly a safe haven to rejuvenate your senses and mind after savoring sprawled cultural savvy all day long at Yogyakarta’s streets. Intricate ornaments and signature carvings embellish the hotel’s devotion toward the native customs; while, red, green, and brown hues drape on the rustic Javanese décor which mostly incorporate wooden stilts and bronze plates. Delicates statuettes resembling indigenous townsman and townswoman in conventional dresses perch on a table in every room. Similar to the tiny statuette, a native man should put on blangkon, a batik-cloth cap, in order to pay some respect on the historical ideologies maintained by several rigid elders. Batik also comes to bind women’s lower body, producing a traditional rolled-skirt covering from waist to feet while emblazoning repetitive motifs such accent flowers and leaves. The cultural heritage that marks on every corner of Dusun Jogja Village Inn is actually a treat to those who are curious to a whole different world than the usual urban life, where ethnic values irrevocably waver in the hand of the next generation. The twenty-four sweet rooms proposed by Dusun Jogja Village Inn encapsulate multitude of pleasure and humbleness. The first has been instilled with a surprising modest pricing which you would never expect to encounter in such homey hotel. Complemented with facilities like salt-water swimming pool, movie room, wi-fi internet access, and Spa, the hotel appears to be intriguingly soothing since all your needs are simply at your doorstep. The second unbelievable benefit you get with staying in this oasis, tucked in the busy street of Prawirotaman, is the rare humbling experience. Although a majority of advertising has often boasted how down-to-earth Yogyakarta are, it is hard to believe so until they appeal as mentioned right before your eyes. But the truth is, all staffs always propose their smiles graciously whenever you pop up at the lobby hall, or on anywhere you meet them. The service has been conducted in the politest way hotels may serve, which is enhanced in your good moments at the in-house Njoglo Restaurant and the Soko Bar. Plopping on the cozy sofa in your own room relieves the tired back following budget shopping at Malioboro. The two rooms of Standard and Superior category present average decadence to soothe off tense mind. However, any guests should behold the eclectic beauty Deluxe and Deluxe Family possess. Large assuaging bed is well-positioned in the splendid array of amenities, such as International Direct Dialing telephone, mini-bar, individual air-conditioner and also ceiling fan. Intriguingly, the bathroom tops off other indulgences with its exquisite bathtub and express shower installed in the ample, partial-outdoor space. Soon, you might postpone on venturing to the city’s palace, since Dusun Jogja Village Inn has turned out to be the exact palatial comfort that you desire.
More than a decade existence has chiseled out Duta Garden Hotel is a unique properties to appeal convincingly to every new clientele. Though the vibrant façade sports an attractive composition of lavish green garden and dominant white buildings, it is hard to trace any transparent aging flaws, either faded tints or marring taints, which would disrupt guests’ intact pleasure. Both the proprietor’s and the location’s reputation upholds Duta Garden Hotel‘s undeniable quality. Being a part of three hotels united in Java-Bali Accommodation, this hotel seeks to achieve international standard of guest enjoyment. The idyllic setting is one living proof for sure. A gravel path amidst lush garden escorts a curious visitor to a swimming pool and a dainty fish pond in which a mini waterfall breaks the silence with water stream tinkle. The effect is natural-like tranquility in a perfect paradise; no hawkers, no noisy streets, and no guest crowds encroach upon your siesta by the pool. But if you desire to stray beyond the hotel gate, flock of tantalizing eateries nestled on Prawirotaman streets await for your craving arrival. Descent satisfaction lingers surrounding the hotel for almost twenty-four hours. Moreover, several tourism focal points like Sultan’s Palace and Malioboro, the promenade shopping district, reside only few blocks away. Gallivanting on foot or by a traditional three-cycle (becak) is a advisable activity that will showcase the real faces of Jogja, the artisan’s city. Tropical style determines Duta Garden Hotel‘s way of living. Fan cooling system occupies a small number of guestrooms with either single or double beds, which bathroom incorporates both shower and bathtub. Ethnical ornaments and wooden chairs also adorn the room interior, complemented with an exquisite garden view. For first-time Jogja travelers, it may be best to join in a romantic tour provided by Duta Garden staff. The trip comprises a visit to Prambanan Temple, Tamansari Water Castle (where Sultan’s Harems used to take a bath), and Ngasem Bird Market on the first day. The next day breakfast in the in-house poolside dining, catering local, oriental, and continental menus, starts a chain journey to Sultan’s Palace, Borobubur and Mendut Temples, and an ancient Batik Museum. Delving into Kasongan, Gendheng Village to scrutinize accent leather puppet handicrafts and potteries happens on the penultimate day, which ends up with close observance on local batik and wood industry at Krebet Village. A brisk check-out on the fourth day is the romantic tour happy ending, when memorable moments are still resonating in your mind, seeping a secret wish to return back soon to the artisan’s city, especially to Duta Garden Hotel – the dainty yet compelling accommodation.
In life, there are several foremost priorities any men cannot hinder. Food, shelter, and today's business have secured a stranglehold on today's society wherever and whenever you are. But what are the odds for one to jettison discreetly and snuggle in an artisan's city such Yogyakarta?Have you ever thought about sinking in a whirling spa tub where clutter of colorful petals drench and hot water spur tickling your back on and on ecstatically. More of cosset pampering revokes your jovial inner-beauty, particularly as you slip into a soft cuddling blanket in a huge king-size revelation. Enjoy as well dozing off in a mild cool temperature as the quiet air-conditioner oozes natural-like late afternoon breeze. These and many more to come can be had as you opt for GQ Hotel Yogyakarta for an exceptional excursion. Its fancy four-star service splashes you up with inconceivable individual pleasure and showcases the ultimate cutting-edge of fulfillment, including those of what-so-called fundamental needs.Four distinct tastes catered by the in-house pub and restaurants induce epitomic gratification simultaneously. Exemplary concoctions covering piquant Mexican, Italian, American, and local dishes sate clientele's appetite in Kakatua's Farm Restaurant. Instead of meaningless splurging food, Kakatua's Farm exudes outstanding cookery skill combined with the freshest ingredients in Yogyakarta. Your gastronomical aptitude will stay amused as the next-door Jogja Tei tantalizes your craving irresistibly with myriads of authentic Japanese nosh. Upholding original Japanese recipes as well as seizing exquisite seafood materials on every single sushi piece, Jogja Tei is definitely a hard one to miss. To succumb to Serayu's oriental persuasion does not wait a long time to happen. How could anyone resist such enticing, yet spicy, red-sauce doused on converging juicy shrimps in the middle of the big platter? Imagine on sucking off succulent soft flesh that unexpectedly surrenders and unravels its sweet core under your mouth palate. While the hot flavor pumps up your blood, bursting out red blushes on your cheeks and forehead after, the waiters might patiently queue to lay another sumptuous Chinese cook onto your table. They might wonder as well whether you are able to beat off the next satiating round or not. GQ Hotel Yogyakarta also keeps a well-appointed luxury that defines quenching drinks in style. Neo De Pub ushers flavorsome beverages and at the same time grasps a super-cozy ambience like nowhere else to find. Little touch of alcohol shall beef up any talk and warm up chill nights.  Opulent shelters have been collaborated with business pleasure in GQ Hotel Yogyakarta. A number of 152 deluxe rooms fill up the second to the sixth floor, but, as the lift soars up to the seventh level, you and few other businessmen may revel in the executive floor dedicated for time-is-money aficionados. In this special floor, the guestroom list begins with three executive, two honeymoon, two studio, one business, and the only presidential suite. The diminishing number conversely leads to bigger satisfaction to enjoy. All rooms, similarly, hold ravishing amenities like air-conditioner, radio, international direct dialing telephone, satellite twenty-nine-inch TV, and marble bathroom. One exception occurs in the most extravagant selection that tucks in a Jacuzzi in its ample space. Complimenting your business pleasure, GQ Hotel Yogyakarta designs a private executive lounge where breakfast, cocktails, newspapers, and magazines are available. Wireless internet access is also on round-the-clock and in almost all locations. Get connected even if you are still sweating as jogging in the complete fitness center or dwelling inside the sauna. No one shall be left behind about the latest news update in GQ Hotel Yogyakarta.
Grand Ambarrukmo Yogyakarta is located in historic Yogyakarta, the cultural center of Java, 7 kilometers to the city center, near some of the world's finest handicrafts in the Malioboro shopping district, and sightseeing in the exquisitely embellished pavilions of the Sultan's palace; convenient access to Borobudur the world's largest Buddhist temple; 15 kilometers to the airport.Grand Ambarrukmo Yogyakarta Hotel is an international deluxe golf resort on the scenic  of Yogyakarta modeled after the ancient temple and Javanese palace amidst  hectares of beautifully landscaped garden with convenient access to Brodobudur, the world-renowned Buddhist monument. With its pastoral surroundings, the hotel is an ideal venue for corporate meetings and conference, golfing and post meeting tour options.The public areas repeat the images of an Indonesian village, consisting of a collection of pavilions roofed in the Javanese style, and housing the hotel communication center, café-restaurant, Lobby Lounge, Lobby Court and the hotel Ballroom. The versatile Ballroom can be configured to host a wide range of Yogyakarta social gatherings and corporate events.Grand Ambarrukmo Yogyakarta offers a wealth of luxuries and amenities in every guest room to ensure that hotel guests enjoy a comfortable and relaxing stay in Yogyakarta. The main restaurant, Kemangi Bistro, features variety of hotel dining venues and bars serve a selection of Indonesian and international cuisine. Grand Ambarrukmo Yogyakarta Hotel offers a full range of hotel recreational facilities including a nine-hole golf course and floodlit driving range, floodlit tennis courts, a multi-level free-form pool, and a hotel health club where hotel guests may enjoy the sauna, Jacuzzi and cold plunge, together with an extensive range of pampering massage therapies and body and beauty treatments all on the hotel premises. Grand Ambarrukmo Yogyakartafeatures supervised games and activities for children of different age groups. Located in the hotel lobby, the Hyatt Boutique displays exquisite pieces from Indonesia's leading designers in addition to crafts and mementos of Yogyakarta.
Grand Aston Yogyakarta is located in Yogyakarta and is one of the main and apparently most visited 5 stars hotes in Yogyakarta City. With an excellent reputation and the ability to accommodation a very large number of guests there are also the means to keep them all entertained with some excellent services. The location of Grand Aston Yogyakarta is just 30 minutes to Malioboro and is 45 miuites from the airport and  within the city giving not only great access to the shopping and dinning areas but also to the traditional markets and all of the historic areas which are some of the most interesting and wonderful features of central Java. There are castles and temples and plenty of colonial areas to visit as well as the Borobudur which is one of the most unreal sights in Indonesia. There is also the breathtaking landscape that surrounds the entire area and the friendly welcoming staff who are able to professionally tend to your every need with delicacy.Grand Aston Yogyakarta has a whole list of many different room options from the moderate room to suites. All of these rooms are of a great standard. With all of this in mind you will be pleased to know that there are air conditioning and mini bars for your refreshments, a shower or hot tub or both in the luxury bathrooms and if you are in a suite then the luxuries and incredible facilities will be even further increased.There is a large selection of activities available to the guests of Grand Aston Yogyakarta including baby sitting a beauty parlour and whole selection of different business facilities from meeting rooms to international communications and even a gymnasium and sauna area. These are but a few of the facilities on offer and there is of course the large pool area which is outdoors and has a bar and some great seating which can be found in and out of the sun as well as the indoor pool area which is also popular with other facilities. The fitness centre is great with air conditioning and instructors on site to help you start a new course or assist you with your current course. Grand Aston Yogyakarta has also classes in yoga and all sorts of other activities and great ways to stay in shape and fit while you are staying in this incredible cultural area. On top of this you can also book trips to see the sights of the city and of course the breathtaking Borobudur which is only a 90 minute trip away.
Passed through a metamorphosis of previous six hotel names, Grand Inna Malioboro now proudly hovers on promising four-star delights. The long-time existence has also allowed much experience to chisel out a remarkable pleasure quality that does not waver through decades Business has most likely become Grand Inna Malioboro Hotel‘s middle name. The legendary accommodation, which starts off its amiable service since 1908 – predating any revolutions happened in the diverse country –, is an exemplary classic elegance that suits shrewd business travelers who always opt for no less than luxurious cosset. The seventeen convention halls exclusively designed for meetings, incentives, and conferences (MICE) can hold an impressive number of 800 people. One additional benefit offered by the hotel is the apt staff in coordinating the best for your events. No worries should arise as you rely on the responsibility on the hotel manager’s hand; you can even shift your focus entirely on looking appealing as possible in the upcoming meeting while letting the others do the rest. Shortly, when you are in town for real hot deals, Grand Inna Malioboro is the only way to go.A number of 223 guestrooms occupy the immense hotel’s wings. Pertaining to indispensable amenities such as air-conditioner, direct-calling telephone, cable TV, and refrigerator, each room is a self-contained cocoon that goes out all the way to please any travelers. The en-suite bathroom owns an astounding bathtub complete with rejuvenating hot water sensation and intact set of toiletries. At the bottom of the list, there appears Superior Room where modest voyagers can enjoy a soothing few-day break. Deluxe Room is another option that encapsulates endearing moments for coupled visitors. For enchanting night-stays in Grand Inna Malioboro, one should book for the suites, either Junior or Executive Suites. The prior suite sustains alleviating interior which incorporates both colonial array and contemporary design, while the latter, as its name reflects, is a commendable choice for the mobile executives. One last category designated for substantial clienteles is the sublime Sudirman Suites. Having all your needs around your finger tips is a mirrored motto during your checking-in in the most opulent choice. Revel in a dreamy lifestyle where you are surrounded with, simply, everything.Besides its close proximity to Malioboro, the ultimate shopping indulgence in Yogyakarta, Grand Inna Malioboro features other excellent facilities like swimming pool, tennis court, and spacious parking area. The hotel also maintains a long tradition of Mocopatan show, Javanese traditional music, every fourth Wednesday each month. Gamelan music, as one of the unique instruments, is performed on daily basis in the lobby area. Having a fabulous sip of hot coffee or tea accompanied with such exotic melody is probably the best hang-out activity guests can endure while slouching in the in-house Coffee Shop sofa. Moreover, if your craving covets on fresh, juicy seafood, Miyagawa Asahi is the unmistakable hedonistic venue. Offering healthy scrumptious menus, this in-house Japanese Restaurant transcends other average sushi corners due to its distinguished mixed taste of flavorsome original ingredients and sweet Jogja ambience. Another Asian savory lies in Djanur Kuning Restaurant of which the Oriental concoction may turn out to be extremely addictive.
Grand Mercure Yogyakarta resides in the heart of the historical city, Yogyakarta. It is just 15 minutes drive from Yogyakarta Airport and is within 10 minutes to major shopping centers and entertainment spots in the famous Malioboro Street. Grand Mercure Yogyakarta is in the colonial style combining with the classical Javanese architecture.  Grand Mercure Yogyakarta offers 144 spacious guest providing comfort and modern amenities while maintaining the traditions of the past. All guest rooms have private balconies and are furnished in a modern style with local touches. Grand Mercure Yogyakarta provides Indonesia and International Cuisines at The Paprika Restaurant, The 1918s and Vino Wine Bar. Other facilities and services includes swimming pool, laundry, business centre, Wi-Fi internet connection, fitness centre, shopping arcades and car parking.Grand Mercure Yogyakarta is an ideal place to host conventions and meetings with a capacity up to 600 person. It has 7 meeting rooms fully equipped with modern audio visual meeting appliance.
Grand Zuri Malioboro is located on a strategic area  right on the road of Malioboro, the busiest street and the most popular place in Jogjakarta. Presents the combination of modern building with Javanese style makes Grand Zuri Malioboro a great hotel in Yogyakarta. Here guests can get everything they need, cheap clothes, artworks, restaurants, traditional foods, and shopping malls which are within only a few minutes walk from the hotel. Grand Zuri Malioboro Hotel in Yogyakarta is also  to any tourist attraction around Yogyakarta, such as the Sultan Palace, Museum, a public field, Sultanate palace of Pakualaman and many more. This hotel is really close to the Railway station, only 200m away to get through it. The hotel is actually the best choice to place to stay for business and leisure travelers. Grand Zuri Malioboro Hotel in Yogyakarta has beautiful white building still formed with the old classical Dutch style building, but beautifully renovated and well cared.  The modern and luxuries are being the theme of the rooms, touched with Javanese details as the decoration. Feel the amazing of comfortable experience of stay during your visit to Jogjakarta. It is one of the recommended hotels in  Yogyakarta. The Grand Zuri Malioboro nestles in the heart of Yogyakarta within a few steps away from the famous Malioboro Street Markets and shopping malls.  Only 25 minutes drive from the airport of Yogyakarta. It is an ideal place for both business and leisure travelers. Grand Zuri Hotel Malioboro is your home base to explore the other parts of Yogyakarta including the world wonders' Borobudur Temple, Prambanan Temple and other historical heritages.
Hotel Neo Malioboro is located 20 minutes drive from Yogyakarta Airport and is just next to the famous shopping centers at the Malioboro Street. The hotel nestles in the heart of Yogyakarta providing a sophisticated atmosphere. Hotel Neo Malioboro is a great place for both business and leisure travelers. Hotel Neo Malioboro nestles in the heart of Yogyakarta Historical City within a few steps away to shopping malls and local shops along Maliboro Street. Featuring a high rise building with modern convenience as a great hotel both for business and leisure travelers.  Choose amongst well appointed guest rooms available at Hotel Neo Malioboro. Rooms are featured with air conditioning, IDD telephone, Wi-Fi internet connection, television, mini bar, coffee & tea maker, in house movies, and key card system.Hotel Neo Malioboro is a 3 stars modern hotel in Yogyakarta providing comprehensive services and facilities including outdoor swimming pool, restaurants and bar, meeting room and banquet hall, spa and massage treatments, room service, laundry, car parking and security guard
Another benefit staying in Hotel New Saphir Yogyakarta relies on its practical location residing on the Yogyakarta’s main thoroughfares so that getting here and there, alias delving in the artisan’s city, is an easy task to be carried out.If you are hankering over a nice stopover half way between downtown and the International Airport, Yoyakarta owns a dazzling spot just beside the massive Saphir Square Mall. The recommended spot is Hotel New Saphir Yogyakarta and Resorts which repel Malioboro’s fussy interventions imposed by the pestering hawkers loose on the street. Either way, if shopping madness intrudes your leisure mind capriciously, there is no need to panic. Taking a stroll to the next door mall solves the problem immediately. Who knows, you might find a potential artist’s work tagged with a shocking low price that looks totally ostentatious to wrap in and bring home as a one-in-a-million souvenir.As many as 206 guestrooms are interspersed within Hotel New Saphir Yogyakarta and Resort’s four stories. Two distinct selections between Rooms and Suites unfold three luxurious subcategories. The prior group proclaims an unparalleled enjoyment in modest budget. Superior, Deluxe, and Family Rooms exude satisfactory experience supported by privileged amenities such air-conditioner, satellite TV, mini-bar, international direct dialing telephone, and complimentary tea or coffee making in each room. Fixtures like exclusive writing desk, convenient plush sofa, and unblemished huge beds as well as a bathroom housing express shower and indispensable shaver outlet complement your leisure moments. To revel in a higher level of decadence, Superior, Deluxe, and Executive Suites are the charming collections Hotel New Saphir Yogyakarta attentively take care of. Upgraded comfort through the stretched ample space and the high-maintained staff service evokes one’s amazed praise on the hospitality quality. Unfortunately, one despairing fact to reconsider is that you are not yet here right now to enjoy in gratifying indulgences. Until then, Hotel New Saphir Yogyakarta shall wait patiently for your upcoming visit to Yogyakarta. Those who are in a sort-of pilgrimage searching for tranquil yet luxurious getaway, one can debatably opt for Hotel New Saphir Yogyakarta and Resorts. Dwelling in a tropical country is actually a challenge due to the scorching afternoon heat and sun. Although you may expect no winter in Indonesia, staying cool is not a difficult matter to attend to. Saphir Square’s indoor icy skating-ground jettisons you away from the unfriendly weather. Otherwise, water can be an alternative element that may rejuvenate your mind and body. Twiddling your feet beside the in-house swimming pool and chewing melting-cheese pizza catered by the poolside bar seems to be a fancy afternoon fantasy in a four-star privacy. Craving for more scrumptious bites, you can make an order or go straight to the in-house restaurant that serves relish continental and local gourmets. Accompanying the delectable dishes is Mirah Lounge where you can find quenching drinks and cozy melodies to while chill nights away. Health and pleasure are two conflicting sensations after you have grasped enough guts to penetrate beyond the reflexology center. A little touch of pain for one’s much more vitality, Hotel New Saphir Yogyakarta‘s reflexology is a unique alternative to feel good. In fact, this Chinese-based healing method has been acknowledged as an easy substitute to expensive medical treatment where one should suffer agonizingly first before exploring the following unpleasant procedure. Hence, the common mantra “no pain, no gain” makes sure that you will enjoy the benefit of every thrusting knuckle.
Hotel Santika Premiere Jogja is modern deluxe hotel in Yogyakarta and is one of the main and apparently most visited four star hotels in Jogjakarta. With an excellent reputation and the ability to accommodation a very large number of guests there are also the means to keep them all entertained with some excellent services. The location of Hotel Santika Premiere Jogja is very centralised within the city of Yogyakart giving a great access to the shopping and dinning areas but also to the traditional markets and all of the historic areas which are some of the most interesting and wonderful features of central Java. There are castles and temples and plenty of colonial areas to visit as well as the Borobudur which is one of the most unreal sights in Indonesia. There is also the breathtaking landscape that surrounds the entire area and the friendly welcoming staff who are able to professionally tend to your every need with delicacy.Hotel Santika Premiere Jogja has a whole list of many different room options from the moderate room to the Executive room and even the Premier rooms, the premier rooms with a view, the deluxe suites, Executive suite and the exclusive Premier suites. All of these rooms are of a great standard and also include the breakfast which is served every morning in the restaurant. You can get each room as a single, a double or a triple although the prices vary during the year so be sure to check the date that you wish to travel. With all of this in mind you will be pleased to know that there are air conditioning and mini bars for your refreshments, a shower or hot tub or both in the luxury bathrooms and if you are in a suite then the luxuries and incredible facilities will be even further increased.There is a large selection of activities available to the guests of Hotel Santika Premiere Jogja in Yogyakarta including baby sitting a beauty parlour and whole selection of different business facilities from meeting rooms to international communications and even a gymnasium and sauna area. These are but a few of the facilities on offer and there is of course the large pool area which is outdoors and has a bar and some great seating which can be found in and out of the sun as well as the indoor pool area which is also popular with other facilities. The fitness centre is great with air conditioning and instructors on site to help you start a new course or assist you with your current course. Hotel Santika Premiere Jogja in Yogyakarta has also classes in yoga and all sorts of other activities and great ways to stay in shape and fit while you are staying in this incredible cultural area. On top of this you can also book trips to see the sights of the city and of course the breathtaking Borobudur which is only a 40 minute trip away.
Hotel Sriti Magelang is a budget modern hotel in Magelang City of Central Java and is near Borobudur Temple of Yogyakarta. The Magelang area is located in central Java and is very close to the Progo and the Elo rivers which stretch down from the mountains leading to the sea. This is beautiful area where you can enjoy the sights as well as bask in the largest city of the area. There area also the Kedu plains as well as the mountains of Merbabu and Mount Sumbing which are all not only Classically Indonesian in their incredible beauty but also inhabited by interesting locals who live in the traditional ways offering cultural beauty to match the physical beauty and therefore creating great scenes for the tourist observer.a With  rich agricultural areas as well as strongholds and other great buildings which also make great viewing, there is also a lot of diversity to the attractions. This is an incredible area with plenty to do and see and it also has the added benefit of not being over visited like some of the more popular areas of Indonesia. Magelang is also very close to Borobudur which is a 7th century Buddhist monument. All of this is possible when staying at Hotel Sriti Magelang as well as so much more with this fine accommodation supporting the traditional ideas in design as well as the modern ideas in tropical Hotel luxuries.The rooms at Hotel Sriti Magelang are only small number of rooms making a very small and intimate little retreat. The rooms are all quiet and well spread around the garden area with all of the modern facilities. All of the rooms have air conditioning as well as a television, an international phone line and great furnishing, on top of this you can make the most of the great traditional style interiors and architecture and rooms service which is provided at Hotel Sriti Magelang. The rooms offered are available as standard twin rooms or double rooms and all of the rooms are spacious and delicate.The facilities at Hotel Sriti Magelang are great especially when you consider the small size of the hotel in terms of capacity. There is a great restaurant which offers western and local dishes as well as food from all around Indonesia. This is all served to a very high standard and the view over the courtyard of Hotel Sriti Magelang is tranquil and serine as it is anywhere in the grounds. There is also a small and intimate little lounge bar which is great for winding down in or socializing with some of the other guests. As well as this there is a massage service as well as some other treatments. Facilities also include a conference room which can be used for business meeting in the area and many other types of events. With all of this in mind Hotel Sriti Magelang offers a great standard of accommodation for anyone who is passing through the area and if is not your original plan then why not consider this humble little abode in the middle of pure Indonesian classic beauty.
Hyatt Regency Yogyakarta dazzles on 24-hectare property takes places in the north-western Yogyakarta, short 15-minutes from the International Adi Sucipto Airport. Sauntering across the peaceful green lawn which sprawls so conveniently covering the whole nine hole golf course renders admirable Sunday-afternoon walks. There is soothing enigma that draws one’s heart easily to fall for Hyatt Regency Yogyakarta, whether it is the installed eclectic living in style amidst the breathtaking contending-to-Balinese landscape or simply the hotel’s complying comfort to one’s body and soul, inside and out.As Yogyakarta is such an inspiring artisan’s haven that gives you much access to gallivant freely here and there, the hotel comprehends perfectly what you seek after a long detour on the bustling streets. A succumbing compensation comprised by Hyatt Regency Yogyakarta impeccable guestrooms includes plush king-size bed, black marble bath – feeling like a true king –, hairdryer, 25 inch or larger satellite TV, dual-line phones, in-room safe, and appeasing air-conditioning. Business travelers would surely relish in discerning amenities such morning newspaper, separate work area, and free high-speed internet access. When all seems to be abundantly assuaging, several categories ranging from King and Twin Room to Deluxe and Presidential Suite import more intimate pleasures that should yield no other comment than “c” est manifique!”First of all, King Room utters brilliant idyllic view of serene gardens, vast golf, or sparkling blue pool. Within 30-square-meter contentment, guests can revel in a relaxing mood, similar to having a jazzy soundtrack that unwinds your mind off of any tensions. Complements of coffee maker, mini-bar, and a rollaway or crib for toddlers have upgraded Twin selection to be a very practical guestroom that delivers easy come-and-go stopover. It savvies your brisk mobility as a curious tourist who could not wait to stray on an adventure and be enthralled with the beauty the city has to offer. Next, whoever dwells in Deluxe King is potentially a connoisseur of convenience. No one can deny the ostentatious enjoyment boosted by the luxurious king-size bed with an exclusive bathroom featuring bidet beside the spoiling tub and the express shower. To notch up for more satisfaction, Deluxe King is tagged with free health club access. This prerogative enables you to immerse in the hotel’s spa facilities, which consist of Jacuzzi, sauna, massage, beauty salon, and many others. However, an unparalleled gratification by any other cozy persuasions, Presidential Suite is designated only for affluent and discerning VIP guests. Its ubiquitous space of 144 square meters is imbued with a king bedroom, private living and dining areas, kitchenette, and, most importantly, balcony with sundeck and outdoor jetted spa tub. The grand suite also owns a marble master bath with walk-in shower and round-the-clock private concierge. When splurging has no limit, this is the only way to soar to a heavenly pleasure at Hyatt Regency Yogyakarta.Exuding high-class privacy and immaculate seclusion, Hyatt Regency Yogyakarta boasts a stunning Mount Merapi view which is available to savor directly from the top-level guestrooms. But the bottom-level check-ins may opt for another privileged scene, the hotel’s incredible salt-water pool beside a flood-lit tennis court. Shaped like a lagoon yet stretching as far as 70-meter long splashes thrilled visitors with soaking indulgence. The blue swimming pool also caters for exhilarating water slide experience as well as easy whiling away lazy days by reading your favorite books in the lounging bale among the lush greeneries interspersed within the reveling pool area. Alternatively, your next chapter may continue in the in-house restaurants and bars where Kemangi Bistro and Cemara Terrace saves you a laid-back tranquility, with a hot, brewed coffee on the side table.
One underlining reason is that Ibis Malioboro anchors side-by-side to the hugest mall in Yogyakarta. Interestingly, malls in Yogyakarta imports branded fashions and also stocks in cheap.Fancy as it gets yet brilliantly located in the city’s central business hub, Hotel Ibis Malioboro tends to fend off other splurging contenders that own large property in remote places one can ever tell. Indeed, this renowned French hotel confers not only essential majestic look but also an easy access to reach out from, quite possibly, anywhere. While the international airport is just ten kilometers afar, both the railway station and Sultan’s Palace (the mystical Kraton) reside in a stone’s throw away.Ibis Malioboro Hotel offers 148 guestrooms grasp indispensable features that would yield thorough convenience. High ceilings are a distinguishing characteristic, but the view beyond the expanse glass window seems to be an unbeatable perfection. Erect Mount Merapi huddled by blue clouds appears melancholically sublime, especially during sunsets. Captivating the idyllic scene has been made easy since guests’ beds, including twin beds, queen or king-size, are situated overlooking what is between the curtains. In front of the beds lies an array of furniture, which are cupboard, mini-bar, powder desk, and one wooden table topped with a satellite TV. In addition, the bathroom installs a white sleek bathtub and a practical shower – which discerning business travelers may opt for in accordance to “time is money.” In fact, majority of tourists have been absolutely enamored by Ibis Malioboro due its resemblance to a safe homey return at the end of your daily venture. Contemporary taste runs well in Ibis Malioboro‘s facilities. Two stylish restaurants will totally spoil your hedonistic cravings; one goes out all the way for scrumptious Japanese dishes and the other, La Table, redeems either delectable continental or authentic local appetite. All décor which stretches to the health club as well embraces lounging ambience in earth tones mix of soft beige, dark coffee brown, and immaculate white hues. One fitness centre, sauna, and massage treatment are tucked in the in-house health club. Additionally, clienteles may sweat up for more in the outdoor tennis court or revel in splashing fun of the swimming pool. As the time regresses back to night once more, Hotel Ibis Malioboro bars encapsulate savory drinks to cheer and commemorate one’s dazzling days of the year.
Ibis Styles Yogyakarta is one of the 3 hotel in Yogyakarta and is located just 15 minutes walking from the Sultan's Palace and city center, the Water Castle, the Batik Center, and the Daily Javanese Performance. Ibis Styles Yogyakarta is also only 20 minutes driving from the Adisucipto Airport, 60 minutes from the largest Hindu Temple in South East Asia Prambanan, and 45 minutes from the world's largest Buddhist temple Borobudur.Ibis Styles Yogyakarta provides modern rooms furnished with modern amenities incuding air conditioned, IDD telephone, mini bar, television, hair dryer, safe deposit box, bathroom with amenities. Ibis Styles Yogyakarta offers domestic as well international tourists a comfortable, clean and peaceful place to stay, equipped with modern facilities: Hotel Ibis Styles Yogyakarta is featured with swimming pool, restaurant and bar, 24 hours room service, Wi-Fi internet connection, laundry and dry cleaning, car parking and security service.

Hotels in Yogyakarta offers a whole range of different styles aimed at the tourist visiting the infamous sights of the area as well as the business travelers coming through the City of Yogyakarta. The main city of Yogyakarta is home to plenty of tourist attractions as well as the business districts of the city so the hotels in Yogyakarta city tend to reflect this offering excellent business facilities as well as a high level of luxury and great leisure facilities. You will find all of the main international present in this area providing accommodation in Yogyakarta as well as a number of quieter and more intimate hotel options offering a more cultural connection to the Indonesia. You can expect excellent accommodation with highly appointed rooms with all of the tropical facilities such as air conditioning and hot and cold water. You can also expect satellite television and a number of other entertainment systems as well as a mini bar as well as hot drink making facilities. Located close to the airport as well as all of the main dining and tourist attractions and most importantly for some all of the business districts and commercial areas of the city you will find all of the Yogyakarta accommodation in the city very well situated. As well as offering these business hotels there are also many hotels in Yogyakarta which are focused more entirely to tourism. Located close to the tourist attractions including the Borobudur and a number of other temples, market areas and colonial areas and the beautiful hills and valleys, you will find that there are many great Yogyakarta hotels offering great facilities to holiday makers. Expect a great restaurant as well as a spa often located with excellent views of the surroundings. These Yogyakarta hotels offer a selection of styles such as the traditional style and the modern contemporary Yogyakarta accommodation. Another popular and often very effective style exhibited in hotel in Yogyakarta  is the colonial style which is highly exquisite and makes a great novel experience. There are also the renovated coffee plantations which offer another type of colonial accommodation in Yogyakarta; these often have incredible views out across the beautiful surroundings of the area. With a great range of hotels and accommodation in Yogyakarta, you will find that the service is always very good and at any price range there is a running theme of value for money which is highly satisfying. Enjoy the facilities such as great pools and restaurants as well as spas and everything else you would expect from very well established hotels when staying in a hotel in Yogyakarta. Activities and tours are also excellent as there are many sights and areas of interest around Yogyakarta which cannot be missed so make the most of the city and see as much as possible even if you are on a short trip.