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Solo Surakarta

Solo Surakarta Indonesia is located in central Java and is a city of about 500,000 people and was formally known as Surakarta. There are a number of different spellings of this former name but today it is commonly referred to as Solo and is one of the main tourist destinations in central Java. Located about 65km northeast from Yogyakarta and close to some of the rivers in the area it is a great place to be with some other cities nearby and some incredible classic Indonesian Landscapes as well as some beautiful cultural sights that line the area. As well as this there are some great markets and even some shopping malls which are great for picking up some interesting products. This is one of the areas in Indonesia where you get the full package from beautiful Indonesian countryside of Paddy fields and jungles as well as mountains and volcanoes. But as well as this there is the fantastic culture of the area and some incredible areas to visit when you are staying in a Solo City Hotels. One of the main sights that are certainly worth seeing in this area is the Borobudur temple which is one of the most incredible sights in all of south East Asia.

The Hotels in Solo Surakarta as well as Accommodation in Solo Indonesia are generally all are of a great quality offering international standard rooms and some great facilities as well as service which is friendly and professional. With this in mind you are likely to get room facilities such as air conditioning, hot and cold water in a luxury bathroom with a shower and often also a bath. You can expect a good standard furniture and bedding as well as locally produced fabrics and safety boxes for any valuables. There will be a television which may or may not be flat screen but is most likely going to show satellite channels and have DVD player. Room service is usually long hours and can even be 24 hours in many of the Solo City Hotels.

Hotels in Solo Indonesia or Surakarta offer a great range of services and facilities usually including the obvious swimming pools with a nearby bar and seating areas located in the sun and the shade as well as great massage areas and spa treatments. Many of hotels in Solo or Hotels in Surakarta also have full spas which can be up to the world class standard in indulgent spas. Indonesian spa treatments are world famous and worth experiencing although they always have other more conventional spa treatments from around the word as well. The restaurants are usually split between a European grill and pasta style place and a separate Asian restaurant as well as sometimes further restaurants which can be visited. There are also the tour sights that that can usually be embarked on from the hotel yourself as well as with guides and refreshments included in the package. There is also always some level of business facilities and some of the more specialized hotels offer a whole selection of different rooms and styles for all manner of conventions and meeting.

Solo Indonesia lies around an hour drive from Yogyakarta and is around 100 kilometers from Semarang, the provincial capital of Central Java. It is one of the preferred Indonesia travel destination providing various choice of tourist activities from the unique cultural show, and the heritage cultural site. Solo in Central Jaya or known as Surakarta is accessible by air and land Regular flights are served by Garuda Indonesia, Lion Air, Air Asia and other domestic aircraft from major cities in Java. Hotels in Solo range from simple accommodation to five star hotel giving a great choice for travelers to have a memorable holiday.