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Lombok - Hotels in Gili Trawangan

Alam Gili Trawangan Hotel is a great family owned hotel located on the tropical paradise island of Gili Trawangan where you will find that the pace of life is perfect in complimenting this beautiful area. Gili Trawangan is the largest and most visited of the three Gili Islands just of the north coast of Bali and only an hour?s boat ride from the island of Bali. You will also find that Gili Trawangan has the best facilities, restaurants and bar as well as still having that classic small island feel and plenty of quiet areas around its coast. The beaches are incredible with pure white coral sand and reefs lining the islands which are full of marine life making for not only clear calm waters but also brilliant snorkeling and diving. Alam Gili Trawangan Hotel is located on the north side of Gili Trawangan where there are fewer hotels and villas and more of a boutique feel. Although the island is very small it is nice to be away from the bars and clubs and still be close enough to enjoy them when you feel the need. There are absolutely no cars or motorized vehicles on the Gili Islands as well as an absence of dogs, the paths are travel on foot, bicycle and by the horse and carts which you will find around the island.There are a number of different room options at Alam Gili Trawangan Hotel although the capacity of the resort is small making it a boutique set of villas. These options include the 5 garden bungalows which are comfortable and have the double and two twin options with fans and open air bathrooms. Other options include the sea view room (Duyung or mermaid room). This is more luxurious room costing only a little more and more spacious with added luxuries including air conditioning and a large private garden. The exclusive Deluxe Garden Room (Mahi Mahi) and the 2 tier deluxe bungalow which are the most luxurious and spacious of all of the options. All of the rooms also have the expected entertainment and comfort facilities that you would expect. The facilities include the restaurant offering food of a very good quality from local dishes to Asian and international and there is a great seafood BBQ which is very popular for good reason. Activity wise diving and snorkeling are very popular and you hire the snorkeling gear as well as booking onto diving course around the Gili Islands and all around Indonesia. There is a beautiful pool and bar which are perfect for relaxing around and you will find that the beach is lovely and quiet all around the area of Alam Gili Trawangan Hotel. With all of this in mind when staying at Alam Gili Trawangan Hotel you will experience the tropical tranquility and beauty of the Gili Islands as well as having access to all of the main facilities which are only a short walk, cart or cycle away.
Aston Sunset Beach Resort Gili Trawangan is just two hours from Bali by speed boat lie a small cluster of paradise, hedonistic islands where the waters are safe, shallow, turquoise and crystal clear, where no motorized vehicles are allowed, where the sunrises are just as gorgeous as the sunsets, where tourist play, relax, and party in a peaceful and ultra-friendly atmosphere, and where snorkelers, divers and fishermen revel in their element..Aston Sunset Beach Resort Gili Trawangan is located in Gili Trawangan as the largest of the Gili Islands, and the only one to significantly rise above sea level. It is known to be the world’s smallest island which has an Irish pub, and measures 3k by 2km, and is home to the splendid Aston Sunset Beach Resort Gili Trawangan. Gili Trawangan was original just a home to a few local fishermen, but over recent years its popularity has grown and it is now a sought after destination where the coral gardens in the shallow warm waters are still remarkably in one piece.Aston Sunset Beach Resort Gili Trawangan is beautifully nestled in the heart of this island paradise with its pure white sand beaches and swaying coconut trees. This Gili Trawangan Villa can alternatively be reached by flying directly into Lombok's International airport, followed by a 30 minute shuttle to the harbor in Lombok, followed by a 15 minute, leisurely crossing to the Island of Gili Trawangan. Aston Sunset Beach Resort Gili Trawangan has the option of superior rooms, deluxe and one bedroom villa which are elegantly upholstered and furnished Deluxe Cottages, where welcome guests can really make the most of top class, luxury island living, combined with spectacular sea views and excellent services, facilities, and catering. Each room boasts an open air terrace with excellent panoramic views over the Lombok Strait and Indian Ocean, a well appointed and spacious bedroom with king-sized beds, 200 thread linen, with cozy pillows, big fluffy towels, and artistic décor selected from across Indonesia. The bathrooms are equally as well designed as the rest of the beautiful Aston Sunset Beach Resort Gili Trawangan, and welcome guests will be pleased to have both hot and cold running water at all times, plus a private courtyard. There are many excellent recreational facilities to be taken advantage of at this villa resort and guests will just have to see for themselves.  Three of the most popular and highly appraised things on offer at Aston Sunset Beach Resort Gili Trawangan are the fine dining restaurant, the fabulous  Aston Sunset Spa, and the scuba diving club. The restaurant is known to have first class chefs, a tantalizing menu and some of the most prized seafood on the island.  The Spa is essentially a sanctuary that combines harmonious body treatments with an experienced team of masseurs and masseuses who can personally create a relaxation and therapy program for you. The scuba diving club offers excellent guided dives encompassing the very best of what the Gili Islands has to offer. On top of this other dives and training can be arranged such as fun dives, night dives, nitrox training, and much more.
Blue Marlin Trawangan is located the island of Gili Trawangan that measures two by three kilometers. Of the many villas to be found here Blue Marlin Trawangan is the only one which has official rights to be on the beach and as so enjoys exclusivity as being the only villa on Gili Trawangan to reach the shore line. From Blue Marlin Trawangan welcome guests can literally just walk straight into the crystal clear waters and a little swim away is the colorful coral reef dotted with colorful fish of all sorts. The main stretch of restaurants and parties is away from Blue Marlin Trawangan towards the south of the island, and therefore welcome guest at Blue Marlin Trawangan can be guaranteed and peaceful nights sleep. Blue Marlin Trawangan enjoys stunning beachfront dining and panoramic ocean views. From the beach welcome guests can see both Bali's Gunung Agung, and Lombok's Rinjani Agung, which when coupled with a fireball sunrise or sunset is an utterly breath taking experience and photographer's heaven.One of the world's most fabulous island getaways just has to be the fantastic Gili Trawangan of Lombok. Here you can dine, party, sunbath, and chill out till your heart's content. There are exquisite white coral sand beaches just dying to be explored and the ever alluring turquoise waters that are shallow and safe for swimming and snorkeling.  Blue Marlin Trawangan has something for everyone from young to old, and from those wanting bliss and tranquility to those wanting non-stop party action. Located just a fifteen minute boat ride from the North West shores of Lombok, the Gili Islands are easily accessed. From Bali you can catch a speed boat and arrive on Gili Trawangan, the largest of the three Gilis, just and hour and a half later.  Blue Marlin Trawangan enjoys services, facilitates and the staffs are all very professionally trained and can speak fluent English. Of the many services and facilities on offer one can enjoy spacious and beachfront accommodation, with each and every room being equipped with modern amenities. 
Located on Gili Trawangan the Desa Dunia Beda Resort is a traditional pavilion resort that offers a small number of beautiful quaint little hideaways that are genuine Javanese made in the tradition fashion and constructed with the input of modern luxury creating a traditional resort with modern facilities. Gili Trawangan is a breath of fresh air; it is a tiny island just north of Lombok where there are no cars, dogs or general bad attitudes. Here you can navigate the small islands by horse and cart, traditional fishing boats and walking as nothing is ever far away. The water here is calm clear and full of biodiversity out on the reefs that make excellent lagoon snorkeling and there is even a surfing break that can be very good and surprisingly consistent for its location. Gili Trawangan is a extremely laid back place where the days are sleepy and lazy and there are parties every night on the beaches, this being said there are still plenty of places to find tranquility on this tropical gem. Traveling to Gili Trawangan is easy with the international airport located on the mainland so close to the ferry port. There are frequent flights from Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Jakarta to both Lombok and Bali operated by a variety of airlines. Once in you arrive whether in Bali of Lombok the Desa Dunia Beda have a transfer system from the airport to a fast boat straight to Desa Dunia Beda Beach Resort at Gili Trawangan. This service is a very well priced and convenient method for those who desire the simplest stressless although some opt to make their own journeys in order to have an introduction tour of Bali or Lombok. There are amazing grounds at Desa Dunia Beda Resort including fantastic gardens and sundecks right on the beach creating a divine sense of tropical luxury far removed from daily city life. Desa Dunia Beda Resort offers a very quaint selection of traditionally built ‘Joglo’ style accommodation in a dreamy luxury setting right on one of the most fabulous beaches in Bali and Lombok. Whether you desire to explore the underwater life, party until dawn, lazy around on the beach or discover a quiet corner of this tropical paradise to call you own for a day. Desa Dunia Beda Beach Resort is a perfect compliment to this magical island. Highly recommended for all holiday makers from couples to families and those seeking a little tranquility out the way of the main pulse of the island. Gili Trawangan is a breath of fresh air; it is a tiny island just north of Lombok where there are no cars, dogs or general bad attitudes. Here you can navigate the small islands by horse and cart, traditional fishing boats and walking as nothing is ever far away. The water here is calm clear and full of biodiversity out on the reefs that make excellent lagoon snorkeling and there is even a surfing break that can be very good and surprisingly consistent for its location. Gili Trawangan is a extremely laid back place where the days are sleepy and lazy and there are parties every night on the beaches, this being said there are still plenty of places to find tranquility on this tropical gem.  
The Dream Divers Resort Lombok offers such a good positioning as well as a great level of service and some beautiful scenes which is a great compliment to the island of Gili Trawangan.The Dream Divers Resort Lombok is a great set of bungalows located on the island of Gili Trawangan just of the north coast of Lombok. Only a few minutes walk from the main harbour area as well as being located almost directly on the beach. Dream Divers Resort offers a Dive shop as well as all of the expected facilities and comforts of a budget bungalow set up. There are fabulous gardens which the bungalows are located in and there are also a number of bars and restaurant located just a few minutes walk away along the beach and in the opposite direction there are a number of snorkeling areas offering reefs and coral as well as plenty of tropical fish and the resident turtles which are not hard to spot.Gili Trawangan offers an extremely laid back atmosphere with no cars or motorized vehicles of any kind, no dogs and a mellow party atmosphere in the bars in the evenings. Dream Divers Resort Lombok is the perfect place to enjoy a dive holiday or indeed a beach holiday of any kind. The diving in world class and is easily accessible by boats as the Gilis are very close together.The rooms include the budget standard rooms and the deluxe rooms both of which are well presented with comfortable beds, traditional Sasak artwork and bamboo furniture as well as other facilities. The standard room are fan cooled and have cold water where as you will find the deluxe rooms offer hot and cold water as well as air conditioning and mosquito nets with separate bathrooms and a large veranda looking out into the gardens. As with most of the budget bungalows in Bali and Lombok, Dream Divers Resort Lombok offers a basic unobjectionable room although the grounds gardens and facilities as well as the immediate outdoor sitting areas are well kept and very pleasant.The facilities include the swimming pool as a restaurant that service cuisine from American snacks to fresh salads, Italian food and local delicacies overlooking the garden and pool area. Other facilities include the diving courses and equipment hire which is largely through other companies dedicated to dive instructing and tours. With many options of places to see and with the sun fishes which are truly astonishing, Lombok's underwater scenery is opened up when diving in the area with Dream Divers Bungalows Lombok. Transport can be arranged on the mainland in terms of transfers and boat trips to the other beautiful Gili Islands are easy to come by in order to see the less developed side this area.
This three star resort, Gili Amor Boutique Resort is one the favorite hotel in Lombok especially in Gili Trawangan. The perfect place to hideaway and escape from the hustle bustle places and daily routine. The Gili Amor Boutique Resort offers a pleasant atmosphere for a tropical holidau experience. The nature was captured in the  superb accomodation in the natural tropical island, blended like a small paradise on earth. Take a boat ride to reach the place after driving from Lombok Praya International Airport to Gili Trawangan and  journey to Gili Amor Boutique Resort will take approximately about 2 hour. Visiting Gili Trawangan is like entering heaven gate. Guests will be greeted with wonderful picturesque of the blue calm sea, clear sky with soft cloud move slowly, fresh seabreeze and smooth white sandy beach. Take both water and outdoor activities offered such as Scuba diving, snorkeling, horse riding, cycling or fishing trip. Discover the island and meet things you never wonder before. It is like surprise to greet every guests as a part of the nature of Gili Trawangan. Forget the modernity and lets just feel the real natural environment. The Gili Amor Boutique Resort Resort really introduces guests the different kind of atmosphere to stay in. They design the guestrooms with unique decor with traditional look. The Gili Amor Boutique Resort really brings the traditional elements such as ancient artifacs, Javanese furnitures and primitive art. The room is fresh and comfort. Do not feel like you staying in the lonely island because althought each room is really natural, Gili Amor Boutique Resort still provides modern amenities and facilities such as air conditioning, study desk, IDD telephone, open air bathroom, kimonos, private balcony, mini bar, television and safety box. The services are maximum and well done to pamper every kind of travellers coming from different side of world. The high standard of Gili Amor Resort facilities are brought to spoil the guest while enjoying their holiday. The dining, fitness and activities are avaiable to make the holiday more fun. Taste the delicious food in the most delightful restaurants. The foods served are Italian, French or other international cuisine. The sport activities are offered to explore the island more and more. Or smell the fresh air of natural environtment surround by relaxing on the beach and having Massage in the open area.
Gili Eco Villas believes in preserving the integrity and fragility of nature on the Gili Trawangan and its future. Gili Eco Villas Trawangan is found in the largest of the Gilis Islands, Gili Trawanagn, which has a lush tropical interior and is the world’s smallest island that has an Irish pub. The island measures two by three kilometers, and Eco Villas is beautifully nestled in the interior of the island, surrounded by lush vegetation, and with the vantage point of having picture-perfect panoramic views.Gili Eco Villas consists of seven enchanting and superior villas, all built in a responsibly eco-friendly way and designed to operate in a resourceful and eco-friendly way. All of this does not exclude any degree of luxury, and these villas are known for excellent living standards. Each villa is floored with teak woods and designed for ultimate relaxation and stress-relief, which is aided by splendid and unforgettable seascape views from each and every villa.The Gili Eco Villas Trawangan are all very artistically designed and each bedroom features lovely queen-sized and canopied beds with furnishings, lamps, chair desk, walk-in wardrobe, and of course fully remote air-conditioning. The bathrooms a re immense, and feature heavy stone walls, natural glass stone washbasins, and ornamental toilets with hot and cold running water and convenient amenities such as large, soft, fluffy towels and toilet paper.There are some excellent complimentary services offered by Gili Eco Villas such a s a free pitch up and transfer from the villas to the harbor by cidomo, or horse cart, ( since no motorized vehicles are permitted on Gili Trawangan. There is also a welcome drink and breakfast for welcome guests, with daily complimentary freshly stone baked breads and unlimited mineral drinking water. There is an onsite laundry service, plus IDD phones and a fax machine are available if necessary. The staffs are highly experienced, well trained, and multilingual. They consist of the Villa Manager who is permanently on duty to ensure the efficient and fantastic functioning of Gili Eco Villas, plus there are the security guards and gardeners and rooms boys and front office staff.
Gili Exotic Villa is built and designed like no other. The first thing and probably the most apparent and ongoing theme throughout the villas is the use and selection of beautiful natural woods.Gili Exotic Villa is located on the fabulous two by three kilometer island of Gili Trawangan. Gili Trawangan is one of the three Gili Islands, and the largest of the three. It rises somewhat above sea level, whereas the other two are nearly synonymous with sea level. Gili Trawangan is also the smallest island in the world to have an Irish pub! The Gili Islands themselves lay a very short boat ride away from the exotic North West corner of Lombok in Indonesia. The water is crystal clear and the swimming is safe. Offshore there is a fabulous coral reef with many colors and varieties of marine life. Access to the islands from Bali takes just one and a half hours by speed boat. The other way to reach the Gili Islands is to fly directly into Lombok’s International Airport, and then take a shuttle bus down to the small harbor – roughly 30 minutes by car.The bulk of the villas were constructed from aged timber originally used in Phinisi Boats. The two villas consist of five bedrooms each – four double bedrooms and one twin bedroom with its own bathroom and toilet. There is a large divider door than splits the two villas. However, if there is a large booking the divider can be opened to transform the two separate villas into one very large one with a total of ten bedrooms. Welcome guests will enjoy the mood created by the rooms which are furnished using yet more hand picked quality timbers, yet there is an underlying modern hint since all the important facilities consist of only the best mod cons. The entrance door is a grad edifice in its own right, and the 12 meter long front door that is built from a 200 year old special Kudus wood from central Java, is an inspiring portal that creates a dynamic feel to staying at Gili Exotic Villa.In fact Gili Exotic Villa is almost like living in a living art exhibition, since there is a strong cultural and ethnic Sasak feel that prevails here. What is more, and artifacts or furniture that welcome guests fall in love with can either be purchased right away or ordered for a later date – you may find some difficulties trying to get a 12meter door through baggage control! Of the many great services and facilities at Gili Exotic Villa some include a freshwater outdoor shower, bathroom toiletries such as cotton buds, shampoo, conditioner, large fluffy towels, and aromatherapy. There is supply of mineral water, plus there is a large and cozy living room with free Broadband Internet 24hours and many great books and DVDs to check out.
Kelapa Luxuy Villas in a private pool villa in Gili Trawangan providing exclusive accommodation for your stay in Lombok. Kelapa Luxury Villas is tucked away in a coconut plantation in the North West corner of Gili Trawangan, which itself is one of three Gili Islands that are in turn situated just off the North west corner of the Indonesian island of Lombok that lies just due East of Bali. To get to these wonderful islands that are often described as a tropical and cozy paradise visitors will have to either take a one and a half hour speed boat from Bali, or fly into Lombok International Airport and then get a shuttle bus down to the little harbor opposite the Gilis and then jump ion a small boat that take fifteen minutes to reach. The Gili Trawangan caters for all and there is enough diversity witching the islands to ensure that honeymooners, families, elderly folk and young party goers all get what they came for. There are also excellent dive sites and safe swimming combined with beautiful views and a turquoise and very inviting seascape.Kelapa Luxury Villas in Gili Trawangan is designed for serenity and peace, and this is naturally enhanced by its slightly set back position and its entourage of tall swaying coconut trees. Every villa has its own lush and beautifully tended and totally private garden with select species of aromatic plants and divine shrubbery. Each and every villa also has its own private swimming pool – the size of which depends on which size villa is rented. Since no motorized traffic is permitted on the Gili Islands, this Gili Trawangan Luxury Villas provides its welcome guests with free bicycle rental to easily and swiftly get around the two by three kilometer island. Also since Gili Trawangan has no fresh water piping, Kelapa Luxury Villas uses an especially dedicated water system to ensure all of its welcome guests get a permanent supply of fresh water for a thorough rinse of after a day in the sun, sun, and salty sea. Kelapa Luxury Villas in Gili Trawangan has many great services and facilities in all the one bedroom villas, two bedroom villas, three bedroom villas, and four bedroom villas. The following is what you can expect to find in the four bedroom villa; a large open space with many retreats ideal for a family of a couple that is a after its own tropical oasis of space and paradise. It also suits private parties and weddings and has a fully equipped kitchen with a long wooden dining table for guests and banquets. There a re super cozy couches with excellent views of the pool and garden and they are a good spot to lounge around and watch DVDs or enjoy the sound system and entertainment system. There is a 20 meter private pool plus a generator that means you’ll not once get a black out during your stay. There is also a large fan-equipped gazebo ideal for relaxing and reading outdoors but still in the shade. There is also high speed Broadband Wifi Internet access at Kelapa Luxury Villas in Gili Trawangan for those that really need it.
Get a new experience in your holiday in Lombok and staying at Manta Dive Gili Trawangan Resort where you will not be disturbed by the sound of motor vehicle in Gili Trawangan on the beautiful island of Lombok. Manta Dive Gili Trawangan Resort is located in Gili Trawangan on the northwest of Lombok. Gili Trawangan is the best place for diving in Lombok. Moreover, you will find the beautiful sandy beaches as well as the beautiful nature in your surrounding. The island of Lombok has three beautiful Gilis, yet Gili Trawangan is the most famous among them. There are large numbers of tourists come to visit and enjoy everything this Gili has to offer them.When you decide to visit this Gili for your holiday, Manta Dive Gili Trawangan Resort is the best choice for you to stay while exploring the beauty of this Gili. Surrounded by underwater coral garden and the tropical plantations there are 20 cottages to assure that you will have wonderful stay either having the activities outdoor or enjoying the the entertainment in your room because each cottage is equipped with standard amenities including the air-conditioned rooms, IDD telephone, satellite TV and mini bar. The bathroom is completed with hot and cold water with desalinated fresh water.  The beautiful beach of Gili Trawangan is on the front of Manta Dive Gili Trawangan Resort that you can enjoy the crystal blue water and the white sandy beach only at your doorstep. Moreover, the resort also has prime location where you can get to small cafes and restaurants only with a few minutes walk.The swimming pool is the relaxing place where you can enjoy the cool sea breeze under the tropical palm trees. The restaurant is another wonderful place where you can get the delicious food and a nice spot to enjoy the spectacular view of sunset in which you can enjoy the silhouette of Mount Agung in Bali. It will be a good chance to arrange your romantic dinner in this restaurant.There are numbers of dive sites near Manta Dive Gili Trawangan Resort that you can explore in this Gili that you can experience the diving with some species around you. If you have no experience in diving, the PADI Gold Palm Diving Center offers you a diving course with professional, multilingual instructors. Take this good chance to see the rich biodiversity including the white-tip reef sharks, huge sea turtles, barracuda,  manta rays, mola-mola, moray eels and more species on more than 25 dive sites around the three Gili islands.While there is no motorized vehicle on this Gili, it is your time to take a walk on the white sandy beach or exploring the beauty of this Gili on different way by renting a traditional horse-drawn carriage named Cidomo. It will be relaxing to end your day by having a relaxing massage in Manta Dive Gili Trawangan Resort to release your tension. You can get privacy while you will get this gentle massage in your room. It will be a memorable holiday to spend this Gili on your holiday where you can have new experience in this beautiful tropical island.

Best rates for all hotels in Gili Trawangan covering budget accommodation in Gili Trawangan, Resorts and Private villas in Gili Trawangan. Book your hotel in Gili Trawangan of Lombok at lowest rates available.

Gili Trawangan Hotels, villas, resorts and bungalows at discount rates. Travel to Lombok and stay in this small island is another holiday venture. Find your desire hotel in Gili Trawangan for your holiday. Gili Trawangan is the largest and most famous island of the three Gili islands in Lombok and is subsequently the most visited. Most people who pass through Bali as part of an extended trip will kick back over on Gili Trawangan for at least a day or two to enjoy the parties and nightlife of one side of the island the peaceful serenity of the other side that offers true tropical island feel.

There are no cars on any of the Gili islands as they are all two small to really require one, using the horse drawn carts or hiring a bike is the best way to get round the island although nowhere is out of walking distance as it only takes a couples of hours to walk the entire perimeter of the island. There are also boats available that can take you around the coast to different locations or take you to the other Gili islands if you feel like a day of island hopping in this beautiful part of the world. Many people visit this area via fast boat although it is possible if you are on a tight budget to take the public ferry to Lombok and then take a bemo or bus to the port that leads to the Gili Islands which is a days journey although it will save you the $50 boat cost and will mean you will experience the main land of Lombok as well.

There is plenty of decent hotels in Gili Trawangan as well as budget and super budget places. It is not difficult to get a beachside room with a pool, private spa and whole list of other facilities as there is so much coast for the size of the island. There is now a 24 hour electricity supply which is a relatively new thing for the island and is still not available on the other islands for all people. This goes to show the remoteness and beauty of these islands although Gili Trawangan is by no means in the dark ages and is fast becoming touristy so enjoy it whilst it is still beautiful.

Another beauty of Gili Trawangan is its underwater marine life that provides divers with some of the best diving in the world. Gili Trawangan has attracted divers for years and there are now a number of dive centers and diving specific villas and hotels. You can take a number of PADI course that go from taster sessions through to the basic qualifications right up to dive master and instructor and even specialized courses on underwater photography and mixed gas diving.

Gili Trawangan is amongst the most biodiversity areas in the world where you can see so many species of coral fishes and other amazing creatures such as small reef sharks and turtles. Gili Trawangan owes its incredible diving to being right on the Wallace line which separates Bali and Lombok and is where the two different animal and plant types meet producing some incredible species.