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Gazebo Meno

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Hotel Address: Gili Meno Island
Check in time: 13:00
Check out time: 12:00

Gazebo Meno Hotel lies on Gili Meno, a small island, around an hour and thirty minutes from Mataram Airport of Lombok. Crystal clean water washes away Gili Meno white sand shore and, at the same time, liberates few minute infantile turtles that are flapping toward the miracle blue sea.

With all more reasons, escaping to Gili Meno is a must-do thrill like nothing you ever experience before. Most avid travelers have proved how this island differs from other getaways, providing no pestering hawkers but much more natural enchantment that inspires your spiritual mind. Nonetheless, to enjoy the ultimate living pleasure in a bedazzling beachfront location, Gazebo Meno Hotel in Gili Meno is the only way to go. Its high-class rooms with antique furniture in an idyllic garden surrounding render an understated pleasure to while peaceful nights away. The hotel’s well-appointed facilities add an extra notch-up to your reveling satisfaction, while its opulent décor maintains commendable aesthetic quality. Overall, Gazebo Meno Hotel is the uber-cool residence to relish in full relaxation.

Your journey to Gili Meno begins with a flight from Bali to Mataram’s Selarapang Airport, Lombok, where a very convenient car, included as guest privilege, has waited only for your arrival. A quick venture of less than 20 minutes safely departs you on a chartered boat to Gili Meno. There awaits either a room with a fan or air-conditioner, intact with reveling amenities like mosquito net, ample wooden balcony, and private shower in the en-suite bathroom. Each room has been upgraded with an ostentatious contentment of a king-size bed that looks totally appeasing for a quick afternoon nap. Gazebo Meno Hotel also serves scrumptious choices for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Buffet menus cater for your morning appetite, while delectable ala carte selections complement your special evenings. Safety deposit service along with express laundry is available upon request as well.

The most endearing feature that the hotel boosts, most importantly, is the irreplaceable scenery out of your bedroom windows. Let the curtains be open all day long, and invite the mesmerizing sunset ray of light into your soothing privacy in Gazebo Meno Hotel.

  • General: 24h. Reception
  • General: Restaurant
  • Room: Air conditioning
  • Room: Safe
  • Room: Shower
  • Services: Laundry service
  • restaurant
  • safe
  • laundry
  • air conditioning
  • AIRPORT: Selaparang Airport (23,572 m)
  • BEACH: Sira pantai (4,157 m)