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Lombok Island - Hotels in Gili Trawangan - Hotel

Alam Gili Trawangan Hotel is a great family owned hotel located on the tropical paradise island of Gili Trawangan where you will find that the pace of life is perfect in complimenting this beautiful area. Gili Trawangan is the largest and most visited of the three Gili Islands just of the north coast of Bali and only an hour?s boat ride from the island of Bali. You will also find that Gili Trawangan has the best facilities, restaurants and bar as well as still having that classic small island feel and plenty of quiet areas around its coast. The beaches are incredible with pure white coral sand and reefs lining the islands which are full of marine life making for not only clear calm waters but also brilliant snorkeling and diving. Alam Gili Trawangan Hotel is located on the north side of Gili Trawangan where there are fewer hotels and villas and more of a boutique feel. Although the island is very small it is nice to be away from the bars and clubs and still be close enough to enjoy them when you feel the need. There are absolutely no cars or motorized vehicles on the Gili Islands as well as an absence of dogs, the paths are travel on foot, bicycle and by the horse and carts which you will find around the island.There are a number of different room options at Alam Gili Trawangan Hotel although the capacity of the resort is small making it a boutique set of villas. These options include the 5 garden bungalows which are comfortable and have the double and two twin options with fans and open air bathrooms. Other options include the sea view room (Duyung or mermaid room). This is more luxurious room costing only a little more and more spacious with added luxuries including air conditioning and a large private garden. The exclusive Deluxe Garden Room (Mahi Mahi) and the 2 tier deluxe bungalow which are the most luxurious and spacious of all of the options. All of the rooms also have the expected entertainment and comfort facilities that you would expect. The facilities include the restaurant offering food of a very good quality from local dishes to Asian and international and there is a great seafood BBQ which is very popular for good reason. Activity wise diving and snorkeling are very popular and you hire the snorkeling gear as well as booking onto diving course around the Gili Islands and all around Indonesia. There is a beautiful pool and bar which are perfect for relaxing around and you will find that the beach is lovely and quiet all around the area of Alam Gili Trawangan Hotel. With all of this in mind when staying at Alam Gili Trawangan Hotel you will experience the tropical tranquility and beauty of the Gili Islands as well as having access to all of the main facilities which are only a short walk, cart or cycle away.
The Trawangan Oasis Hotel is a beautiful modern retreat with a traditionally inspired design which creates a mod-ethnic style perfect for enjoying the culture and tranquility of Gili Trawangan.Located on the quiet and tranquil north coast of the tiny island of Gili Trawangan is The Trawangan Oasis which is a beautiful little retreat which offer access directly to the viewed white sand beaches and lagoons which offer shallow warm water perfect for swimming as well as snorkeling enjoying some of the beast coral and marine life in the world. With a huge expanse of coconut plantations which provide shade just off the beach. So this tropical paradisaical island is perfect in every way and when you take a walk or a cycle (as there are no cars or motorbike on the Gili Islands) you will find a number of beach cafes and restaurants as well as a variety of different facilities all set up to enable the visitors to Trawangan Oasis  to enjoy their holiday to their true potential. The views of the north of the island of Lombok make for a breathtaking backdrop from which to enjoy the surrounding scenery.The rooms are of a very high standard and offer only five separate villas. Queen size luxurious beds are located in the bedrooms as well as a fold out queen size bed in the lounge area and if the wish to have use of the bikes and extra breakfasts for children this is just an extra money. All of the facilities in villas are modern and well maintained such as the air conditioning and the hot and cold water in the luxurious bathrooms. This modern Trawangan Oasis  also lends itself to the traditional side of the island with a number of excellent works of art and natural timber which are used extensively throughout all of these pleasant little villas.The Trawangan Oasis Hotel features the restaurant located at the front of the complex where you will be able to get your included breakfast as well as other meals throughout the day. The dishes served here are of a very good standard and you will be able to find a good variety of alternative restaurants located along the front.
Villa Grasia Resort & Spa in Gili Trawangan is beautifully nestled in the heart of this island paradise with its pure white sand beaches and swaying coconut trees. Located just offshore from the beautiful island of Lombok, Gili Trawangan is the largest of the Gili Islands.Villa Grasia Resort & Spa in Gili Trawangan are an excellent modern villa and resort establish in located close to the centre of the action on the famous Gili Trawangan Island. The quality and style at the Grasia Resort is very impressive with a great deal of thought and effort put into making this resort both attractive and comfortable beyond the expected quality of such a low priced hotel.Villa Grasia Resort offers mod-ethnic with tradition style tall huts build using modern methods and materials to create a fresh modern abode with a strong inspiration from the traditional architecture and design. It is known to be the world’s smallest island which has an Irish pub, and measures 3k by 2km, and is home to the splendid Villa Grasia Resort. Gili Trawangan was original just a home to a few local fishermen, but over recent years its popularity has grown and it is now a sought after destination where the coral gardens in the shallow warm waters are still remarkably in one piece.There 23 deluxe cottages and 3 family rooms available at Villa Grasia Resort & Spa in Gili Trawangan. All rooms are air conditioned with sufficient facilities for a comfortable and relaxing stay with good quality beds, wardrobes and tables. The views look out over the tropical gardens and courtyards where there are ample seating areas both social and secluded within the paths and palms of the grounds as well as sundecks and shaded areas. Three of the most popular and highly appraised things on offer at Villa Grasia Resort & Spa in Gili Trawangan are the fine dining restaurant, the fabulous Frangipani spa, and the scuba diving club. The restaurant is known to have first class chefs, a tantalizing menu and some of the most prized seafood on the island. The Spa is essentially a sanctuary that combines harmonious body treatments with an experienced team of masseurs and masseuses who can personally create a relaxation and therapy program for you. The scuba diving club offers excellent guided dives encompassing the very best of what the Gili Islands has to offer. On top of this other dives and training can be arranged such as fun dives, night dives, nitrox training, and much more.