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The Acacia Jakarta is one of the hotels in Jakarta with modern buildings and fits in perfectly with its surroundings offering cheap room rates.   The Acacia Jakarta Overview: This 4-star hotel complex is home to 208 rooms as well as a number of dining facilities and some excellent facilities from ballrooms to business suites. With all of this waiting for you in the center of Jakarta.The Acacia Hotel Jakarta is located around 45 minutes drive from the international airport and offers plenty of excellent facilities as well as proximity to some of the main shopping areas and great nightlife. Of course, this is also one of the great places to enjoy a whole variety of mixed cuisine and around all of the dining outlets. This five-star hotel is on the Jalan Kramat Raya where all this is going on as well as the business district which is located close by. With a number of different rooms and a great level of luxury in all of the rooms as well as a great lobby area offering a fantastic place to chill out and enjoy the city life while you are staying in this hotel.   The Acacia Jakarta Room Options: Acacia Hotel Jakarta  is of a very high standard and includes over 200 rooms which are divided into a number of different styles such as the Deluxe rooms, the A club rooms, the Executive rooms and also the suites and the penthouse suites which are all of a very high standard with multiple rooms as well as living areas. Acacia Hotel in Jakarta offers facilities such as air conditioning and beautiful bathrooms for all of the staff as well as some great mini bar and hot drink making facilities which are perfect for any travelers coming to the area of Jakarta. With all of this in mind, the hotel also offers some great television facilities such as satellite TV and DVD players.   The Acacia Jakarta  Services & Facilities: Acacia Hotel Jakarta  offers a lot of fantastic facilities from the dining in all four of the exquisite dining areas where you will be able to not only enjoy the dishes from around the world including fantastic local food and incredible western and Asian dishes from the world over but you will be also able to look over the city or the swimming pool area which is perfect for winding down after a hard days shopping or business. The business center is of very high quality with not only a number of different facilities ranging from international communications and presentation facilities but also the meeting rooms which are able to accommodate a large number of guests. In the interest of leisure, there are also 1000 people able to enjoy the ballroom which offers classic dancing conditions for all of those in the correct attire and wish to enjoy this magical facility.
Arion Swiss-Belhotel Kemang Jakarta is an excellent hotel located right in the heart of Jakarta providing cheap room rates.     Arion Swiss-Belhotel Kemang Overview: The hotel comprises of 94 rooms which are all of a very high standard all of which are located around the buildings with some brilliant facilities and great furnishings.Arion Swiss-Belhotel Jakarta offers a more luxurious and intimate atmosphere than many of the large hotels although it still offers a great selection of facilities for all of its guests. The location is very good where you will find the golden triangle where there are many business facilities and all of the districts which are located around this area. This area is located close to Arion Swiss-Belhotel Jakarta Kemang well as all of the malls and great nightlife. This area is also only 45 minutes from the international airport making it even more convenient. Dinning is also brilliant this area where you can find food from all over the world in the cosmopolitan city that Jakarta has become. Whether you are in town in the town for business reasons or for your own pleasure you will undoubtedly find Arion Swiss-Belhotel Jakarta is the perfect hotel in terms of luxury and tranquility as well as the desired facilities that one looks for in international luxury travel.   Arion Swiss-Belhotel Kemang Room Options: The rooms all offer air conditioning as well as international telephones; minibars private safety boxes, laptop facilities and even tea and coffee making facilities. As well as this you will also be able to make use of the flat screen luxury television with satellite channels and cable programs. There is an internet access facility in all rooms and excellent furnishes with attention to detail right down to the duvets and all other items throughout the en suite bathrooms and the hot and cold water. The suites are all of a further improved standard with some excellent living areas offering the classic art deco style brought into the modern day with a touch of culture.   Arion Swiss-Belhotel Kemang Services & Facilities: The facilities of Arion Swiss-Belhotel are also of a very high standard as you would expect from any hotel of this standard. The hotel facilities include the coffee shop which offers the infamous Java coffee as well as coffee from all over the world including Italian blends. On top of this, you will also find the Gossypium lounge is perfect for relaxing with an imported beverage and some brilliant entertainment in this luxury lounge area. The restaurant is known as the Viola restaurant and offers exquisite dishes and fantastic service as well as delicate entertainment in the form of classical music and other such eccentricities. The hotel features meeting rooms which will impress any guests and offer all of the equipment required to ensure that any meeting will run smoothly. As well as these facilities there are a number of leisure facilities which are all also of a very high standard at Arion Swiss-Belhotel Kemang Jakarta.
Aryaduta Jakarta Hotel is located in the Semanggi area of Jakarta providing cheap room rates.   Aryaduta Jakarta Overview: The hotel offers a number of different suite rooms of very high quality with private living areas and luxury facilities. Jakarta is the capital of Indonesia located in the west of the island of Java and is a thriving city which offers an interesting combination of Javanese culture and the many cultures of the islands located all around the county of Indonesia which are represented in Jakarta. As well as this Jakarta is a very modern city with a lot of international influence making the city an interesting and vibrant place to spend some time. The business facilities of the city are all of the great quality and are located very close to the Aryaduta Hotel Jakarta. In terms of tourist attractions, you will find a number of different cultural options as well as a lot of museums displaying the history of the area and many modern facilities and attractions ranging from the huge malls with everything from restaurants to a number of clubs and bars all in an air-conditioned matrix of modern architecture.   Aryaduta Jakarta Room Options: Aryaduta Hotel Jakarta offers all of the very good quality and is all presented in suite form and all offer a number of excellent facilities ranging from the obvious air conditioning as well as hot and cold water in the large en suite bathrooms which also have a number of great bathroom amenities. Other room facilities available in all of the suites are the living areas which are all very well presented in the same modern ethnic décor. As well as all of this you can also make use of the televisions all of which have satellite channels and DVD players. The suites are available as one bedroom, two bedroom and three bedroom options and thee are a number of different bed arrangements for twins and doubles.   Aryaduta Jakarta Services & Facilities: Aryaduta Jakarta Hotel provides excellent standard especially in the business and conference sector where there are extensive facilities for all of the business needs from global communications and reprographics to the different rooms available from board meeting rooms to intermediately sized rooms and even huge conference and banquet rooms all of which are of a great standard and have a number of staff who are able to ensure the smooth running of any meeting. The hotel provides a number of enjoyable leisure facilities which include a great large pool and health facilities which includes everything from sports facilities to spa and sauna facilities.  Aryaduta Hotel Jakartafeatures a number of excellent restaurants and bars with dishes from all around the world and a great atmosphere which is different in each of the facilities. The lobby offers a number of shopping facilities and a great selection of tours and other practical facilities such as transport around the capital city of Jakarta.
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Ascott Jakarta Hotel, Five Stars Hotel in Jakarta Providing Modern Accommodation with Cheap Room Rates.   Ascott Jakarta Overview: Ascott Hotel Jakarta is a modern and highly luxurious choice hotel in Jakarta located in the center of Jakarta well positioned in terms of proximity to the business and the many tourist facilities which are located all around the city. Ascott Hotel Jakarta offers an impressive luxury of rooms as well as the utmost in facilities and décor. Ascott Jakarta Hotel combines the classic colonial style with the modern luxury creating the timeless décor with inspiration from the Javanese traditional fabrics and hardwoods. All of the facilities are well balanced in terms of business and pleasure and the mood of the hotel is reserved and sophisticated. With excellent proximity to the airport as well as the train station and the shopping and dining of the city not to mention the tourist attractions such as museums and the nightlife of Jakarta, this hotel offers everything required of a conservative city hotel.    Ascott Jakarta Room Options: There is a whole selection of different rooms and in total these make up an impressive 202 rooms luxury rooms. Rooms options at Hotel Ascott Jakarta include Studio Premiere, One Bedroom Executive, One Bedroom Premier, Two  Bedroom Executive,  Two Bedroom Premier, and Three Bedroom Premier. All of these room options are of a very high level and apartments all offer great living areas and a number of luxury facilities although all of the rooms feature air conditioning as well as satellite television, in-room dining services and an entertainment unit as well as beautifully handcrafted furniture and great working facilities for those on business.   Ascott Jakarta Services & Facilities: Hotel Ascott Jakarta provides everything from unbelievably exquisite dining to a number of function and lounge rooms for relaxing and taking it easy. The superstar dinning is of a great standard offering a whole selection of different cuisine from around the world and a fantastic level of décor and ambiance throughout all of these facilities. The business rooms offer a reserved and sophisticated level of décor as well as all of the services and facilities you would expect not to mention the comfortable layout. For class and heritage as well as fine luxuries, superb dining, and beautifully pleasant rooms, Ascott Hotel in Jakarta could easily be your best choice for this area in Jakarta.
Aston at Kuningan Suite is a large hotel complex located in Jakarta featuring cheap room rates.   Aston at Kuningan Suites Overview: The hotel offers a number of different facilities and services at the international 4 star standard with suites as well as rooms and many fabulous facilities. Named after on of the most important Balinese holiday on their calendar, Aston Hotel Kuningan Suite represents the huge diversity of culture that Jakarta represents in the modern day as not only the administrate center of the archipelago but also the vibrant and enjoyable city with all of the modern and global developments which drive Jakarta as what it is today.With a number of facilities all located close by in terms of social and dining options and great nightlife as well as the main business and commercial centers and districts.  Aston Hotel at Kuningan Suite offers the perfect base for travelers passing through the Jakarta city whether you are here recreations, as part of a larger trip or whether you are on business, you will find that the hotel is more than capable of offering you all of the facilities that you require. The style of the building is very modern and fits in well with the area and inside there is a modern level of convenience and décor which is not without the soul of the Indonesian multicultural roots of which the people of Jakarta are very proud. At Hotel Aston Kuningan, you will remember your stay at the international and competent hotel with a soul and connection to the wonderful city of Jakarta. Aston at Kuningan Suites Room Options: Aston at Kuningan Suite in Jakarta provides a number of different rooms available from the standard and superior rooms as well as the one, two and the three bedroom suites. All of these options are incredibly well presented with the neutral unobjectionable and timeless international style with a touch of art from the Indonesian culture. As well as this you will find the hot and cool water is available in the en suite bathrooms and all of the amenities throughout the living areas and rooms are all present. The lounge area has a television with international channels and the balconies overlook the rest of the grounds and courtyards from the 9 story building. The units are noticeably spacious and are available with different bed configurations and there are a further 2 penthouse suites which are the top level of accommodation. Aston at Kuningan Suites Services & Facilities: The hotel facilities match the other areas of quality this hotel id famous for. The restaurants offer a great level of service as well as representing the entire globe in terms of cuisine. The business facilities are wonderful and offer all of the standardized equipment and numerous room sizes up to full international conference facilities. The leisure facilities include a great pool and health area, a spa and may social and communal facilities including a library and shopping facilities making Aston at Kuningan Suite Jakarta one of the most prestigious hotels in its class and area.
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Aston Marina Jakarta is one of the main and most luxurious hotels in Jakarta area with cheap room rates.   Aston Marina Overview: The hotel is located close to Marina which some amazing views as well as a great location for all of those who are entering the Jakarta area by boat or has business with the dock areas. Jakarta is the capital of Indonesia as well as the island of Java and is becoming more and more modern with a number of transportation options and some great historic attractions that are worth seeing. As well as this there is a great nightlife and some fantastic restaurants as well as plenty of other things to see and do while you are staying in.Aston Hotel Marina Jakarta offers luxury beyond many of the surrounding hotels and with the international reputation of the Aston, you know you are getting some of the best accommodation on offer. As well as rooms of a very high quality you will also be very pleased with the facilities that are as you would expect for a hotel of this level. The administrative center of the fascinating archipelago of Indonesia is a very multicultural and fast-paced area where all of the thousands of different cultures of the area are all represented and can be appreciated in the huge melting pot that is Jakarta.   Aston Marina Room Options: Aston Marina Hotel in Jakarta offers a clean and luxurious way with beautiful cultural artwork as well as that classic international hotel level of minimalist beauty. With all of this in main, you will be able to not only enjoy the areas of Jakarta and the facilities but also the number of different rooms options which are available. There are a large number of rooms including the standard, the deluxe and the superior rooms and the suites include the 1, 2 and 3 bedroom suites where you will be able to bring your family or are perfect for business teams traveling to this area of Jakarta.   Aston Marina Services & Facilities: The hotel facilities in the rooms are of a great level of luxury with air conditioning, hot and cold water in the luxury bathrooms and a number of other entertainment facilities such as flat screen televisions and DVD players for your entertainment. Outside the rooms offers a great level of wining and dining with a number of different restaurants offering different types o cuisine from all over the world and there is a great pool area which is overlooked by one of these hotels and a fantastic spa offering a number of treatments and is included in some of Aston Hotel Marina Jakarta special package deals. Other hotel facilities include the business center and the extensive meeting facilities which can be used for a number of different meetings. Babysitting and transport, as well as a number of other practical facilities, are also present. Hotel Aston Marina Jakarta is one of the most trustworthy and high ranked hotels in this area of the city of Jakarta and offers a great level of accommodation to all of its guests.
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Hotel 6.6
Aston Rasuna Jakarta Hotel is a deluxe hotel in Jakarta providing modern accommodation with cheap room rates.   Aston Rasuna Overview: The hotel is due to only to it being part of the Aston Company or its staggering size which towers above the city at an impressive height; it is also because of the unreal level of service and grandeur which is displayed throughout the hotel and in the grounds. Jakarta is one of the most interesting cities to see in the world and offers a number of incredible facilities such as the shopping which is in the malls as well as the boutique shops representing all of the international companies and designers and in the malls you will also find a unique culture where everything can be provided from flats to restaurants and bars and even nightlife. These large air-conditioned infrastructures are not the only attraction to the city, there is also a whole cultural melting pot full of history to explore and if you are in town on business, you will be happy to know that Aston Rasuna Hotel Jakarta offers a number of facilities to business travelers as well as great conference facilities and proximity to many of the industrial and commercial areas and districts of the town.   Aston Rasuna Room Options: Aston  Hotel  Rasuna Jakarta provides a number of rooms which a have been described as 'all-suite' rooms, these 176 rooms include the options of the one bedroom executive suites, the 2 bedroom superior suites and the 2 bedrooms deluxe suite. On top of this, there is also the 1 bedroom penthouse suite and the three bedroom penthouse suite. All of these options are large and spacious with private living areas and lounges making this far more luxurious than most of the units you will find in other hotels. Aston Rasuna Hotel Jakarta offers a luxury apartment which has business facilities and internet connections as well as satellite televisions and luxurious and comfortable en suite bathrooms.   Aston Rasuna Services & Facilities: The hotel facilities stretch from the wonderful restaurants which are all of a very high standard and feature a number of brilliant different dishes from all around the world and are a great place to watch the world go by either on ground level or looking out over the skyline of Jakarta. All manner of dishes are offered and there are also the bars and the health spas as well as the gyms and aerobic rooms. The hotel business facilities are too of a great standard and as you would expect of any Aston hotel. The hotel is able to cater for all manner of clients from intimate meeting level to some of the largest conferences possible. Aston Rasuna Jakarta Hotel is without a doubt, one of the most prestigious hotels in the entire city of Jakarta and there are many different facilities at room options open to all guests who wish to spend some time in this area of the world.
AYANA Midplaza Jakarta is a luxury city hotel in Jakarta, located amidst the malls and shopping   AYANA Midplaza JAKARTA Overview: As well as this five-star hotel in Jakarta offers a number of excellent tourist and leisure facilities which are located both in the hotel and around in the local area. AYANA Hotel Midplaza Jakarta is located only 35 minutes away from the international airport and is close to many historic and cultural attractions as well as the modern facilities such as Karaoke and some great nightlife not to mention the incredible dining from all over the world. There are some excellent facilities where you will find a number of luxurious and posh meeting rooms as well as great pools and other leisure facilities. With all of this in mind and some delightful rooms which are all of a very high standard when you are staying at AYANA Hotel Midplaza Jakarta you know, you will be enjoying the Intercontinental Company’s excellent standard of accommodation and even hosting.   AYANA Midplaza JAKARTA Room Options: The rooms are all of a very high standard and offer a whole selection of excellent facilities. All rooms feature the incredible tropical luxury accommodation features that you would expect with air conditioning and hot and cold water in the en suite luxury bathrooms which have all of the facilities you would expect any well presented and homely bathroom to have as well as a pleasant décor. All of the rooms look attractive and feature not only a number of brilliant facilities also including televisions with satellite TV but also the incredible service which include the cocktail service among other rooms services and in-room dining. There are a number of suites as well as the executive club rooms and the standard rooms.   AYANA Midplaza JAKARTA Services & Facilities: AYANA Midplaza Jakarta provides a number of leisure facilities as well as the health and fitness facilities and the business facilities. With the gym open 24 hours with all f the equipment tat, you would be used to in your home gym, you can find a number of excellent different rooms and facilities. The Ayana Spa offers a great deal of different divine treatments all of which are exquisite and take place in a perfect tranquil atmosphere away from the hustle and bustle of the city life of Jakarta. The entertainment is great and offered around the different various restaurants which all have a different feel of luxury from casual to silver service as well as the banquet halls and grand meeting rooms of which AYANA Midplaza Jakarta is one of the leading companies. The business facilities are almost endless with the ability to host a number of different sizes and types of functions and some excellent transport and welcoming facilities which are well used by many international companies.
Cemara Hotel Jakarta is a modern hotel in Jakarta which fits in beautifully with its surroundings in the center of Jakarta with cheap room rates.   Cemara Hotel Jakarta Overview: The hotel offers a number of different facilities and some great rooms. With an impressive stature and spacious grounds, it is well lit and familiar international hotel with facilities and features lending themselves to comfort as well as business and meeting facilities and services. Jakarta is a great city to experience from the traditional culture which still runs through the city to the modern cultures and subcultures including the mall culture where there is incredible shopping as well as restaurants and malls all of which are located within the air conditioned safety of the malls.andnbsp;Cemara Hotel Jakarta is located in the center of the city close to the embassy offices as well as all of the main shopping centers and some great theatres and other major attractions and proximity to the airport and the train station is 45 minutes and 2km respectively. When experiencing the city of Jakarta in all of its vibrancy and chaos it is certainly nice to have a comfortable and tranquil medium-sized hotel to return to afterward.   Cemara Hotel Jakarta Room Options: The rooms at Cemara Jakarta Hotel are best described as modern and cozy with a real air for relaxation with a number of great facilities and a pleasant décor. The décor features stained hardwoods as well as some beautiful washed traditional colour schemes which make for an attractive room in which to enjoy such facilities as air conditioning, a TV with satellite channels, a mini bar, tea and coffee making facilities and even hair dryers and new papers not to mention the 24 hours room service and International telephones. Hotel Cemara Jakarta offers different room options include the superior rooms, triple rooms, deluxe rooms, and the suites. All of these are available with a number of different bed arrangements and the suites have private lounge areas.   Cemara Hotel Jakarta Services & Facilities: Cemara Hotel Jakarta offers everything from swimming pools to spas and business facilities. The swimming pool is raised on a terrace and offers some excellent views out the back into the grounds as well as a park area which is located off the road in this area. The hotel has an acyber lounge and a number of great business services allowing you to enjoy global communications which are linked to the business facilities should you require such a transfer of information. With this in mind, the practical facilities such as the laundry and dry cleaning services are perfect for longer stays and the transport service will help you to get around the city as well as taking you on any desired tours that you wish to arrange at the tours desk. For modern accommodation of a luxury level with some great facilities balanced perfectly between enjoyment and business practicality, Hotel Cemara Jakarta is difficult to beat on its own level.
Century Park Hotel Jakarta is located in the heart of Jakarta main business and industrial areas providing cheap room rates.   Century Park Hotel Overview: The hotel is only a very short distance from the leisure areas and the main shopping and restaurant zones. The hotel offers an incredible 475 spacious rooms within this perfectly positioned area which is close to both major airports as well as the harbor.Century Park Hotel Jakarta has been designed to reflect Jakarta developments as a major international city as well as restoring the grandeur which has made this area so visually awe inspiring. Jakarta offers so much to leisure tourists and the business tourists who frequent this area to indulge in the nightlife, the restaurants from around the world and the fantastic combination of cultures from the world over. With all of this in mind, this hotel offers an incredible number of rooms and all sorts of facilities for all of the many tourists who travel to this area and trust the hotel to provide the accommodation that they desire. Large meetings and social events are also the forte with numerous facilities in this sector. Century Park Hotel Room Options: The 475 rooms area is all located around Century Park Jakarta in such a way that the hotel never feels like there are many guests in the hotel. There are a number of different facilities available in all of the rooms all of which provide a comfortable and luxurious space for you to retreat to from your hard days shopping or business. These facilities include air conditioning as well as a minibar and hot and cold drink making facilities. All of the hotel rooms in feature en suite bathrooms which have hot and cold water and are luxurious with all of the bathrooms amenities supplied. The suites and other luxury rooms all feature private lounges and dining areas as well as plenty of other high luxury facilities in the bathrooms and an increased level of décor. Century Park Hotel Services & Facilities: Hotel Century Park in Jakarta features a number of facilities from the semi Olympic swimming pool to the private lounges located around the building. The hotel has a health and fitness center where you can continue with any exercise plan or start a new one and sign onto the classes and sessions which all take place in this area. There are two outdoor tennis courts which can be booked by the guests and a handy craft gallery as well as a drugstore. A tour and travel desk is located in the lobby and the meeting and conference facilities include a number of communications on a global level as well as wedding and banquet facilities and large conference halls. All of these facilities are often used and have experienced staff who are well trained in the smooth running of such events. Century Park Hotel Jakarta is a grand well-established hotel perfect for everyone.
Crowne Plaza Jakarta is one of the Crowne Plaza international hotels which are well known for providing a highly distinguished service.   Crowne Plaza Jakarta Overview: These huge hotels are some of the best large hotels in the world and Crowne Plaza Hotel Jakarta is no exception. The hotel offers a great deal of facilities and some incredible luxury rooms and suites located in the very heart of Jakarta where the business districts and main shopping areas are all close by and you can find many tourists attractions as well as business facilities in the area all of which are of a great standard.   Crowne Plaza Jakarta Room Options: Crowne Plaza Hotel Jakarta is a great facility located in the downtown area where you will find the over 350 rooms offering a number of different options and extensive parking for all guests. With all of this in mind, this deluxe is one of the perfect places to indulge in the cities facilities as well as hosting a variety of different events from functions and conferences to social or ceremonial events all of which are of great nature.Crowne Plaza Jakarta features 20 suites, a few executive suites on executive floors as well as plenty of double, twin and single rooms which all have excellent facilities. The facilities extend from the standard air conditioning and hot and cold water in the luxury en suite bathrooms through to the satellite television and DVD players in all rooms. You will also find a minibar and facilities for making hot drinks in each of the rooms and the suites have private living areas and in-room dining services. All of these rooms have a very high standard of presentation with classic décor and traditional artwork and fabrics incorporated.   Crowne Plaza Jakarta Services & Facilities: The hotel facilities are as extensive as you would imagine for a luxury resort of this level and with a number of different facilities and a great level of grandeur, you may find that this is the perfect hotel for all your needs. Hotel Crowne Plaza Jakarta offers a number of different restaurants and is great places to enjoy the views of the courtyards and the city. There is a grand lobby area where you will be able to indulge in the shopping as well as a number of other different services and practical services such as the transport and laundry services. All of the hotel facilities are of a high standard and when you turn to the business facilities you will see that the hotel are ready to accommodate international business meetings and conferences of all sizes and types. The other hotel facilities include the health and fitness studios and the gymnasium where there are a number of activities that you can take part in and while you do this simply leave the kids in the childcare areas where they will be able to have fun in a safe environment while you relax and get a message. The hotel truly offers something for everyone just outside the center of Jakarta.
Fraser Residence Sudirman Jakarta is a modern hotel located on the South Jakarta with cheap room rates.     Fraser Residence Sudirman Jakarta Overview: Strategically situated on the central of business districts and shopping complex. The international airport is around 40 minutes drive to the hotel. Fraser Residence Jakarta offers a great location for travelers wishing to have shopping fun, exploring the city and business purpose. Travel around Jakarta is much easier either by private car, taxi or joining the group tours.   Fraser Residence Sudirman Jakarta Room Options:   The five stars Fraser Residence Sudirman features 304 spacious and luxury suites, elegantly designed to give more comfort to every traveler. Each room is equipped with modern amenities, en-suite bathroom, and kitchen.   Fraser Residence Sudirman Jakarta Services & Facilities: Range of facilities combining with warm hospitality is offered to make your holiday as a great one. Fraser Residence Sudirman Jakarta provides a selection of local, regional and international cuisines to fulfill your dining expectation.
Gran Melia Jakarta is a beautiful and impressive hotel in Jakarta offering cheap room rates.   Gran Melia Jakarta Overview: The hotel is located in the Kuningan region of Jakarta which is one of the most desirable areas for many travelers as it is located in the golden triangle of Jakarta’s business districts where all of the main meetings and conferences take place. As well as this there is a number of facilities including restaurants and all of the modern facilities the Jakarta that the city is famous for. With a great nightlife and some tourist attractions from the classic times as well as the modern city attractions, Jakarta is more and more an incredible place to visit. Jakarta also offers a number of interesting cultural attractions as well as displayed throughout the city the combination of Indonesian culture and modern international grandeur.andnbsp;Gran Melia Jakarta fits perfectly in with this offering a jewel of modern architecture which fits in well with the area and stands out almost as a focal point of the district. With this in mind, this five-star hotel also offers the traditional Indonesian hospitality as and a number of connections to the traditional culture of the country.   Gran Melia Jakarta Room Options: Gran Melia Hotel Jakarta provides a staggering 428 rooms including an exclusive presidential suite, 33 suites and 3 Royal Service Executive floor where you can enjoy the private lounges and other living facilities as well as an increased level of grandeur and spaciousness in the bedrooms and bathrooms. All rooms feature air conditioning and hot and cold water and such practical comforts as minibars and international telephones and internet access. There are many other facilities from the satellite television in all rooms with radios and other entertainment features to all of the bathroom amenities through to weighing scales in all of the rooms. There is also great walk-in showers and large luxurious bathrooms in all of the suites. Gran Melia Jakarta Services & Facilities: Hotel Gran Melia Jakarta extends from the fabulous outdoor pool which fits in well with the modern tropical gardens and architecture which is visible throughout the entire place. The hotel has a bar and a bridge and many other landscaped features as well as plenty of seating meaning you can relax in this area after a day in the malls or the meeting rooms. Indoors you will find extremely luxurious restaurants of many kinds offering cuisines from all over the world with excellent service and décor.  Gran Melia Jakarta  features health and fitness studios where you are able to use the gym and other facilities and the extensive business facilities with a number of different rooms and services. A hotel shopping arcade offers some great shopping in the lobby area of the hotel and there are a number of classes and activities from yoga to tennis courts and even a jogging track as well as the swim up bar and all of the kids facilities which take care of your children while you enjoy a relaxing treatment at the spa
Grand Asia Hotel Jakarta is a three-star hotel located in the heart of Jakarta offering cheap room rates.     Grand Asia Hotel Overview: The hotel offers classic Indonesian hospitality and incredible facilities will enhance your visit to the wonderful capital of Indonesia. Jakarta is located in the west of the island of Java where there are some beautiful tourist attractions including historic and modern facilities and modern vibrant city features such as the fabulous dining and entertainment.Grand Asia Hotel in Jakarta is located perfectly within the city of Jakarta where you will find many tourist attractions as well as the business districts and commercial industries. It is located just 20 minutes from the international airport and is close to the train station and the many shopping and visually pleasing areas of the city. Whether you are visiting Jakarta for business or pleasure you will find the modern hotel the perfect place to relax when you find a moment of your own as well as being a great place to conduct a series of meetings or a shopping trip.   Grand Asia Hotel Room Options: Hotel Grand Asia Jakarta features a total of 102 rooms all of which are of a very high standard. The rooms available are the superior, deluxe and the Grand Suite which are all available as single, double or twin rooms. The facilities as standard in all of the rooms include air conditioning, fabulous en suite bathrooms with hot and cold water as well as a luxurious décor and a pleasant atmosphere. All of the rooms offer the classic international hotel feel and yet present art from the Indonesian Republic as well as the said facilities and the additional satellite television, mirrors, in-room safety boxes and minibars as well as tea and coffee making facilities. The room choices are superior, deluxe and the exclusive Grand suites all of which offer a number of extra features as well as large rooms and private living areas.   Grand Asia Hotel Services & Facilities: Hotel Grand Asia Jakarta boasts a number of excellent facilities including the likes of the multiple restaurants and cafes and the DP club and lobby lounge offering all of the guests with dining and entertainment. Other hotel facilities include the ballroom and the Banquet Hall as well as a selection of internet facilities and massage which can be enjoyed in your private room. As well as this you will find the banquet hall is a popular place to conduct a whole array of different events from social and celebration events to business functions. The banquet hall of Grand Asia Jakarta Hotel is diverse and able to have much different seating layouts and the food is of a very high standard. The dinning is of an equally high standard as the cuisine you can find around the Jakarta area. The dishes range from a number of Indonesian delights to some great Asian dishes as well as plenty of European and American dishes all of which are served to a very high standard.
Grand Cempaka Hotel is a luxury resort style hotel located in Jakarta featuring cheap room rates.   Grand Cempaka Hotel Overview: A hotel is close to a number of excellent facilities and some very pleasant room making any trip to Jakarta a happy one. For business tourists and leisure tourists, all of the facilities required are offered at the incredible and highly sophisticated where you will find this large 17 story complex located perfectly around the area of Jakarta.Grand Cempaka Hotel in Jakarta is located close to the main business districts of the centre of Jakarta which are known as the golden triangle and offers not only a great level of business facilities but also a number to tourist facilities from cultural areas and displays to many modern pursuits including everything from cinemas to huge and highly acclaimed night clubs. Jakarta offers a great selection of incredible culturally diverse areas as well as an international connection and you will find many excellent dining opportunities supporting food from all around the world.   Grand Cempaka Hotel Room Options: With some brilliant rooms and great facilities, Grand Cempaka Jakarta Hotel provides everything that the business traveler or a traveling tourist requires to experience modern minimalist luxury while experiencing the great city of Jakarta.The rooms are extremely well presented with a number of facilities such as the flat screen televisions and the DVD players as well as the satellite channels. Hot and cold water is standard as are the luxury facilities such as the large bathtubs and showers. All of the rooms are spacious and have excellent lighting and grand bedrooms which are tempered with a little dash of Indonesian classic fabrics as well as some artwork. There are international phone lines and beautiful interior designs which make the rooms far more homely than at your average hotel.   Grand Cempaka Hotel Services & Facilities: Grand Cempaka Hotel provides a very high standard and offer business travelers with all of the facilities which are all able to accommodate, seat and dine 1200 people in the main room and then there are numerous rooms of different sizes down to intimate board rooms all of which can be used for a number of meetings and are often used for social functions as well as celebrations. Hotel Grand Cempaka Jakarta offers a good standard with a number of different selections of dishes from all over the world including local delicacies and cuisine from all over the world such as European and Asian delights. With all of these themes available all over including in the lobby where you will find bars and also the karaoke bars with three VIP rooms. The 4 stars well established Hotel Grand Cempaka Jakarta is one of the most friendly and lively feeling hotels with a room which are amongst the most homely around with all of the luxury facilities including gyms, libraries and many other practical facilities which are all exquisite in nature.

Hotels in Jakarta area are generally all of a very good standard as you would expect from any major city particularly a capital city or a city with a vast business interest. Jakarta is a great place to visit for any purpose has it is positively teaming with culture as well as modern and international influences making it a very cultural place to be as well as providing a number of historical attractions and the incredible shopping and nightlife. All of this is of a very high standard and with the hotels located all around the city, the main concentrations of hotels which are actually of the most interest are the hotels located around what is known as the golden triangle where almost all of the large conferences are held an there are wealth of luxury international hotels all offering incredible accommodation as well as unbeatable business and conference facilities. There are many different types of meetings all of which are obtainable in most of the hotels in this area. The golden triangle is located only 35 minutes from the international airport and there are plenty of modern leisure facilities and shopping malls located around this area as well as other tourist attar attractions.

Hotels in Jakarta offers different standards of accommodation ranging from the standard rooms through to the executive rooms and there are almost always a number of suites which can offer as many as four different bedrooms and luxury living areas as well as increased levels of luxury throughout the entire area. At all of these hotels you can expect many facilities as standard such as the air conditioning as well as comfortable bathrooms which are en suite and of a luxurious standard as well as satellite television and DVD players and some incredible furnishings and beautiful levels of décor

The facilities of most Hotels in Jakarta include extensive meeting facilities often with multiple meeting and conference rooms sometimes able to accommodate over 2000 people. Banquet facilities are often offered in conjunction to this and there are communications and reprographic meaning that everything you require is present for your meeting to run smoothly. As well as these business and event facilities there are also always leisure facilities which often include gymnasiums as well as spas and often some exercise and yoga studio as well as other sports facilities including ping pong and tennis or swimming. Dinning is almost always excellent and variable with many different types of restaurants which have various Asian styles as well as European restaurants. Most Hotels in Jakarta have at least a restaurant  and many have 7 or 8 different options. Other facilities include all of the practical facilities from transport to laundry and great mall lobbies with all of the features that any traveler would need. With all of this in mind you will be able to enjoy the city of Jakarta from any of the main Hotels in Jakarta, in the end it will come down to positioning and budget as there is not much difference between the hotels at the top end, of course there are exceptions to this on either side.