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The Dharmawangsa Jakarta is a luxury hotel in Jakarta where the décor and architecture go one step beyond most of the neighboring hotels to produce a grand level of accommodation where the luxury and level of service and accommodation is of a very high standard. With inspiration taken from all over Indonesian culture and including the Borobudur and many other symbols The Dharmawangsa Jakarta brings this concept into the modern day and places it within the centre of Jakarta in a way that will leave you dumbfounded and amazed at the attention to deal that been put into all sectors of this huge hotel as well as the level of service and facilities that leave no weak link in this hotel of excellence.With a perfect positioning between the business districts as well as the great and infamous shopping malls of the city where you will find incredible dinning and some brilliant services which symbolize Jakarta's development and international influences in a city still shrouded with mystery and seaming with Indonesian culture. Whether you are staying for a business event, part of a trip of for a holiday or even for a social or ceremonial occasion, you will find that The Dharmawangsa Jakarta is able to deliver the goods to an extremely high standard. The Dharmawangsa Jakarta is very proud of the design and you will have any questions of Jakarta or the development answered eagerly upon arrival. All of the units offered are of a very high standard and include not only the unreal facilities but also suite accommodation which is of the very highest standard and of a modern luxurious quality.The rooms are all in suite form and offer all of the expected facilities which do not need to be stated at this level of accommodation as well as living areas and spacious separate rooms and beautiful en suite bathrooms. The terrace balconies and large executive desks are also all of a brilliant level as is the 24 hour butler service available to all of the rooms. The décor is modern although timeless and offers the perfect capsule of happiness where you will be able to relax after a hard days shopping or business.The business facilities are second to none and will give your company the reassuring image of grandeur and success that The Dharmawangsa Jakarta offers throughout all of its facilities. With a number of rooms for different sizes of meeting as well as social meets and plenty of smaller rooms and prep rooms, it certainly has the competence in this area. Likewise the dinning and leisure facilities are superb with a number of different themed restaurants from European food to dishes from all over Asia and the rest of the world. Active leisure pursuits are possible as well as great shopping and tour facilities and services leaving nothing un-thought-of and all presented with grandeur and finesse.
The Park Lane Jakarta is a grand 5 star hotel in Jakarta right in the golden triangle of business and commercial centers of Jakarta where all of the main business meetings and events are held. The hotel offers same amazing rooms as well as a great deal of facilities and packages available making the hotel perfect for anyone who is visiting the area. The Park Lane Jakarta is linked to the Hong Kong hotel of the same name and is an internationally acclaimed hotel which is highly desirable. All of the rooms are presented to a very high standard and are modern as well as portraying the traditional styles and artistic nature of the Indonesian culture. When sight seeing around the Jakarta area you will see that there are plenty of attractions in the area from the museums and historical areas to the cultural areas and the modern developing side of the city with many malls and shopping areas as well as the night life and the incredible restaurants which are located all over the area and offer an unreal level of cuisine from all around the world.The Park Lane Jakarta Hotel offers a number of comfortable modern rooms which are luxurious whilst remaining homely and tasteful which can be difficult to find in the upper range of the Jakarta hotels. The room options include the deluxe rooms as well as the Premier Club rooms and the Executive Business room. There area also some long stay residences. These are all available in package rates or as single room rates and the facilities and services provided are of a high standard. Air conditioning is standard in all of the rooms as well as hot and cold water and some incredible entertainment facilities including a flat screen television and DVD players as well as satellite channels and a surround sound system.The Park Lane Jakarta features highly extensive and range from the meeting and business facilities as well as a number of leisure facilities as well as the spa and a barber service. With all of this in mind you can also a number of practical facilities such as air port transfer, transport and laundry facilities. The Park Lane Jakarta also features number of shopping facilities in the lobby area as well as bars and restaurants all of which offer some excellent dishes from all around the world as well as in room dining which is applicable to all rooms. The spa is of a very high quality and can be included in the package deals. There are some activities and other facilities for relaxing and taking it easy such as the spa and the swimming pool. The business facilities are also highly impressive and offer all of the communications as well as the presentation facilities that allow all users to run a smooth event with the glamour and finesse.
The Ritz-Carlton Jakarta, Mega Kuningan is an excellent hotel in Jakarta offering a high standard of accommodation with facilities in the business sector and the leisure sector. Jakarta is very difficult to beat and certainly among the most luxurious hotels in the centre of Jakarta. The Ritz-Carlton Jakarta, Mega Kuningan is located within the centre of the capital of Indonesia you can find the incredible historical and cultural attractions and areas of the city located close by as well as the modern shopping facilities and incredible dinning options and nightlife. With all of this in mind for many travelers it is the proximity to the golden triangle of the business districts as well as the extensive and incredibly well presented and organized business facilities which attract many business travelers to stay at this five star hotel. With a number of different rooms all with great décor and facilities and some incredible facilities all of which are available to all of the guests and with the world famous seal of recognition for top end accommodation, it is very easy to be confident of an extremely pleasant stay when staying at The Ritz-Carlton Jakarta, Mega Kuningan.There are a number of different rooms and suites offered at The Ritz-Carlton Jakarta, Mega Kuningan, in total these options make up just under 300 separate units including 37 well appointed suites and one exclusive presidential suite and two terrace spa villas. All of these options as you would imagine are of a superb quality with a modern and yet timeless décor and facilities which fit into this seamlessly providing a very well balanced and beautiful selection of rooms which feel homely and well thought out. All rooms have air conditioning, hot and cold water as well as a number of brilliant entertainment facilities ranging from the flat screen televisions to the DVD players and satellite channels which are available. The suites are large and spacious with a number of different rooms including living areas and the spa rooms offer the most blissful accommodation and room features possible.Dinning at The Ritz-Carlton Jakarta, Mega Kuningan is in 6 different options which offer food, entertainment and bar services of all different types all of which are brilliantly well presented and offer the highest quality dishes. There is a live disco as well as dancing classes and cuisines from all around Asia and the rest of the world. With all of this in mind you may want to relax and take it easy in the spa service where you will find not only a selection of blissful treatments offered by some of the best spa staff in the country but also a number of incredible pampering packages which will take you to a new level of bliss and relaxation which is the perfect way to wind down after a hard day’s shopping, sight seeing or in the meeting rooms and conference halls.  
The Sultan Hotel Jakarta is luxury modern hotel in Jakarta, located in the Golden Triangle of the business districts of Jakarta. This luxury hotel is on the Jalan Gatot Subroto where you will find not only a number excellent facilities and great rooms but also the distinctive three towers which make the building of the hotel look so impressive. The Sultan Hotel Jakarta is within a 30 minute drive of both airports and also offers proximity to the harbour and the train station. Jakarta is a great destination to visit whether you are in town on business or for leisure reasons, Jakarta is one of those cities that you have to experience as there is so much history and culture around you as well as modern and developed world which is all around you and very impressive. The shopping malls of Jakarta are like nowhere else in the world and there is a great level of boutique shopping and fantastic dining located all over the area and the nightlife which is unbeatable throughout the whole country with so much to do and see as well as many of the cultures of Indonesia all being represented in one thriving city.The Sultan Hotel Jakarta offers a large selection of different rooms which are available to all guests although the suites can be booked up fast so it is better to book as far as possible in advance prior to the visit if you wish to benefit from the increased facilities and luxuries which area available in the suites at The Sultan Hotel Jakarta. The room options include the deluxe room, the grand deluxe rooms, the Executive floor, the executive suite and then the Lanais 1 bedroom, the Lanais 2 bedroom, the Penthouse Lagoon one bedroom, the Penthouse garden tower, the junior suite Lagoon tower and the Junior Suite Garden tower. All of these options are presented at a high and luxurious level as well as offering a number of facilities which are in line with what you would expect from a hotel of this level.There are a number of facilities at the large and prosperous The Sultan Hotel Jakarta including a whole selection of dinning options. These include the 7 separate restaurants and a number of bars all of which are pleasant places to dine and relax depending on your mood. Food ranges from the Indonesian dishes from around the entire country as well as European dishes and some great Chinese food and grill dishes. The meeting and conference facilities at the hotel extend to the level of full international level worth the largest facilities and staff who are able to ensure the smooth running of even the largest meeting as well as offering luxurious and practical board rooms for intimate meeting and everything else in between. The Sultan Hotel Jakarta offers a great level of accommodation and some incredible facilities for business travelers and tourists alike.