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East Java - Bromo

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Bromo Cottages is one of the finest hotel located near to Mount Bromo in Tengger Village of East Java offering best cheap room rates.   Bromo Cottages is around 3 hours drive from Surabaya International Airport or is around 6 hours by car from Bali. Hotel Bromo lies on the secluded mountain area and is covered by ranges of plantations and vegetables. Spreads over 2.1 hectares of land with a green hill as a backdrop. The temperature is between 22 to 26 Celsius degrees.   Bromo Cottages Rooms: Bromo Cottages provides its guest with comfortable accommodation with modern conveniences. Tranquility atmosphere creates a truly holiday escape to refresh your body and soul in the fresh cool mountain resort. Far from other tourist area and hidden from the busiest daily life will make you easily find relaxation. Bromo Cottages Services & Facilities: Bromo Cottages provides services and facilities including restaurant and bar, meeting room, room service, laundry service, traditional massage, car rental, and car parking
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Grand Bromo Hotel perches on the beautiful green valley around 18 kilometers to Mount Bromo offering cheap room rates.   Grand Bromo offers a spectacular view overlooking down the valley where tropical plantations and vegetable lines down to the village. The hotel takes around 6 hours drive from the southern part of Bali and is within 3 hours from Surabaya City and the international airport. Driving to this beautiful Bromo resort creates a memorable journey and add your travel experience. The picturesque hills surround this three-star  Grand Bromo Hotel.   Grand Bromo Rooms: Hotel  Grand Bromo comprises of 21 standard rooms, 154 deluxe rooms, 16 hostels, 4 cottages, and 1 VIP cottages. Each room is equipped with a private bathroom with hot and cold water except hostel, television and IDD telephone.   Grand Bromo Services & Facilities:The facilities and services of Grand Bromo Hotel include restaurant and bar, meeting room, jogging track, Bromo tour, room service, laundry service, swimming pool, and helipad.

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One of the most favorite tourist destination in East Java is Mount Bromo, located on Tengger Caldera. Takes around 3 hours drive from Surabaya International Airport and is around 6 hours drive from Bali. It is a great place to watch the sunrise around the enormous caldera. The main access to Bromo is through Ngadisari Village then driving through the beauty of tropical plantations and vegetables up to Cemoro Lawang.

Bromo is still around 3 kilometers from Cemoro Lawang but you will have amazing views over the mountain and the savannas. Drive from Cemoro Lawang to the foot of Mount Bromo is recommended by local jeeps. Local guide with their horses are waiting for a traveler who need a ride to the stairs connecting to the top of the caldera.

Once people visiting East Java, the interesting place they must visit is Mount Bromo. It is located in Probolinggo Regency. In fact, the highest mountain in East Java is Mount Semeru, yet Mount Bromo with its Laut Pasir or Sand Sea is more popular than Mount Semeru that is located nearby. The location is about 145 km on the south of Surabaya, the capital city if East Java. The people can get there easily. From Surabaya, they may take a bus to Probolinggo bus station. It may take about 3 hours, then continue their trip by using bus or public transportation to Ngadisari for one hour and about half an hour to Cemoro Lawang.

This spectacular sight is under the censervation of Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park. People are able to see a magnificent view of the volcano crater and the view of Mount Batok which is stands next to it. Being the perfect place to see sunrise, this place is also famous with the annual ceremony held by Tenggerese people. This cultural ceremony has relationship with the legend of Roro Anteng and Joko Seger, who scarified their last children to the God. Nowadays, Tenggerese people held an offering ceremony called Kasada. On Kasada, they usually give the offering such as rice, fruits, vegetables and animals by throwing it to the crater of Mount Bromo to ask for blessing of the God. The ceremony and the Hindu temple situated on Sea Sand identified that the local people is Hinduism and the combination of Mahayana Buddhism.

Hotels in Bromo and accommodation in Bromo are located around Cemoro Lawang. Most of Bromo Hotels offer simple accommodation and facilities but still provide good quality services. We recommend some hotels in Bromo at special rates for you to review and book.

The fresh air combined with traditional way of life of Tenggerese villagers, Tengger is an exciting place to visit. There are a lot of people from big city like Surabaya come to Tengger on weekend. They spend their time to refresh after a week of activities. Enjoying the fresh air, the beauty of the nature and riding the horse to see the magnificent view of Mount Bromo are activities that they can do during weekend.

As there are a lot of people come to this place, there are also a lot of accommodation built for them. They vary from comfortable hotels like Bromo Cottages in Tosari to a simple guest house spread in that area. The people may choose whether they want to stay in a hotel near the area of Mount Bromo or to stay in a hotel downtown. For those who want to see sunrise, it is better for them to stay in a hotel nearby due to the sunrise is about 05.00 a.m in the morning. The best place to see the sunrise is in Mount Penanjakan. Usually the people will go there at 3.30 a.m. The view of sunrise is worth enough with the sacrificial.