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Bintan - Resort

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Banyu Biru Villa is located on the island of Bintan which has already established itself as a tourist destination and is coming into a new era. Banyu Biru Villa is moving with this offering some great accommodation and facilities to guests staying in Bintan both on business and for leisure reasons. With the free trade area which Indonesia has imposed on these islands meaning that there are a an increased number of business travellers in the area. The hotel offers facilities for these travellers as well as the tourists. Banyu Biru Villa  is located just ten minutes away from the main ferry terminals of the island making the entire trip form Singapore to Bintan less than an hours time. The hotel has a feel of a small village with a number of villa rooms as well as the standard style room and the style is a combination of modern luxury homes by the standard of the western world combined with the ethnic charm of the Indonesian style. There is a large water gardens that surrounds a large potion of the grounds although there is also a large area of traditional Indonesian tropical beauty as well.The rooms are a fairly contemporary as well as exhibiting that Indonesian Charm and enchanting feel. As well as offering a great range of facilities you can also relax on a private balcony and enjoy the pleasant atmosphere which surrounds the area. There are basically two different types of accommodation offered which are the two bedroom villas and the three bedroom villas, both of these are great and offer not only bedrooms but also lounge areas and private bathrooms and dinning areas. With your own part of the private gardens and incredible views looking out over the gardens this is the best place to enjoy your stay. As well as this the rooms are all air conditioned and have hot and cold water in the luxurious and spacious bathrooms with baths and showers. Other facilities include a great television and entertainment system allowing you to enjoy DVDs and music as well as satellite television.The main facility of Banyu Biru Villa is the incredible restaurant serving some unordinary delicious dishes from all over the world. With this multi international dinner you can experience some great dinning including dishes from all four corners of the world all of which are served delicately by the friendly staff. As well as dinning there is also a great bar and pool area which is great for spending any part of the day around as well as the wonderful massage service which is supplied around the pool area. There are also the likes of the laundry service, room service operating from all areas of the hotel facilities and transport and car hire as well. Banyu Biru Villa offers a great package of style, luxury and character which is tempered by the wonderful staff.
Bintan Lagoon Resort is luxury hotel in Bintan Island and is known as being one of the main holiday destinations when coming from Singapore to the Bintan Island. The resort proudly presents 300 hectors of luxury resort grounds as well as the unreal level of service and facilities that you would expect from one of the island’s main resorts.Bintan Lagoon Resort is located right on the beach with some incredible views looking out to the South China sea which is an area of Indonesia which is not frequented to the levels of some of the more popular places but is ever growing with business and leisure travelers who find Bintan increasingly perfect. Reaching the island of Bintan has never been easier with so many ferries which will bring you in from all of the neighboring islands including the 55 minute trip from Singapore and with a check out time of 12 noon; you can be back in Singapore you can be back in Singapore early in the morning for a connection flight. Children can stay for free if they are under twelve although there is a charge for an extra bed and with Indonesian and Singaporean currency excepted, you can enjoy the tropical climate, beautiful scenery and culture from Bintan Lagoon Resort all day long.The rooms include a number of different types from the deluxe rooms to the suites as well as some other more exclusive options which are considered to be among the very best resort rooms on the island. As well as this all rooms have great facilities and are light with luxury seeping out of every angle. There are 473 spacious rooms in this huge resort which offers a great level of furniture and bedding as well as grand and homely décor and arrangements which have been heavily influenced by western luxury design although still retain that cultural feel. All of the rooms have air conditioning as well as hot and cold water in the luxury bathrooms and a great standard of refreshment services including mini bars, tea and coffee making facilities with out leaving out the large luxurious television screens which are in viewing space of the bed as well as the sofa area. There are international on the televisions as well as DVDs which can be enjoyed at any time in the day.Dinning is carried out in all of the 12 fantastic restaurants that Bintan Lagoon Resort hosts. Here you can find all types of food under the sun including Asian, European and everything in between. There are BBQ restaurants as well as grills and opportunities to try authentic Indonesian, Chinese or Japanese dishes all of which are elegantly presented and served. Other facilities span from the golf course to the spa as well as dedicated children's facilities and a number of active leisure pursuits all available at Bintan Lagoon Resort.
Mayang Sari Beach Resort is a deluxe resort hotel in Bintan Island and is wonderful little abode located on the Island of Bintan which is the largest of the Riau Islands and is particularly famous for its incredible natural beauty in forests and many other wonderful ways all of which come together to produce a beautiful paradise for an amazing holiday. With white sand beaches, forest lined valleys and the incredible gardens of Nirvana, there are plenty of things to see and places to go on the island of Bintan.andnbsp;Mayang Sari Beach Resort Bintan is located right in the traditional and beautiful area of the island where you will find a few other of the best hotels located close by, with some great views and with the tourist attractions located not far away. The offers a great luxurious base point for your holiday. Mayang Sari Beach Resort has spacious grounds and offers hotel rooms and villa rooms which have ocean views and a general feeling of open space and charming tranquility which comes not only from the great views and the style of the resort but also from the friendly staff and the culture of the Indonesian people who frequent the area.The rooms at Mayang Sari Beach Resort Bintan are available in two luxurious styles, the Garden View Chalet and the Sea View Chalet. These are both incredible in standard with full living areas and some great facilities including luxury bathrooms and kitchenettes. All of these facilities are of the top standard including the bathrooms which have a large luxurious bathtub with hot and cold water and a shower as well as a European style toilet set up and plenty of spa products so you can enjoy a truly indulgent time when washing and then walk into your air conditioned bubble of protection from the hot tropical sun. As well as this you can embrace the hot tropical sun in your garden area with the comfortable seating and beautiful views.The facilities other than the obvious stretch to a pool located within the gardens and have views looking out over the ocean. Although Mayang Sari Beach Resort in Bintan is more of a tourist's resort there are some business facilities as well including a conference room but no matter what your reason for coming to the Bintan island is, you will not be able to get food much better than that served at the restaurant in the grounds of the hotel. The food is served in an open air gazebo style restaurant which is perfect for those who are looking to enjoy a meal with the views of the pool and the gardens as well as the pool and the sea just to remind you that you are enjoying a holiday in this tropical paradise. With all of this said this quiet and luxurious little boutique Mayang Sari Beach Resort known as the hotel is a great place to stay if you are coming into Bintan, proximity to the airport and the ferry ports as well as the unreal facilities and relaxed accommodation really leaves you with a lasting relaxed effect which you can take away with you long after your return flight lands.