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Bintan - Bintan Island - Villa

Indra Maya Pool Villas is a villa based hotel in Bintan Island and is located in the center of  Bintan offering discount price & cheap room rates.   Indra Maya Pool Villas Overview: Indra Maya Villas are located within the Nirvana Gardens which are said to be one of the most beautiful and tranquil areas on the Bintan Island. With incredible views not only of the gardens but also of the South China Sea and incredible architecture which gives clues to Bintan's incredible history, Indra Maya Villas has maybe one of the most Idyllic locations in the entire island.   Indra Maya Pool Villas Room Options: Indra Maya Villas is a boutique collection of villas adding up to only 14 separate private villas in total. And offering a unique style which has inherited the architectural style of the Chinese, Japanese, Thai and Indonesian as the buildings in the park do. Private pool and grand courtyards are present and there are some brilliant facilities as well as proximity to all of the desirable tourist facilities and the business areas.The rooms are of an extraordinary standard. With private pools and open views which really allow you to appreciate the Nirvana Gardens even from your window or private garden area. The style of the villas is very original and goes really well with the gardens with inspiration from the Asian architecture that you can see from the villa balconies. As well as private pools, Indra Maya Pool Villas are modern and have a fresh take on the ideas of the villa.   Indra Maya Pool Villas Services & Facilities: The facilities are as you would expect, incredible with brand new kitchenettes, great lighting, and furnishing which has been well thought out and homely additions which make the feeling even warmer and comfortable. The television is luxurious as is the rest of the home theatre set up and you will love all of the refreshment facilities and the beautiful elegance of luxury which follows you into the bathrooms where there are grand fixtures and hot and cold water are a great comfort and the large mirrors and interesting products will make you feel as if you are in a spa. Speaking of which villas has a great spa set up offering a selection of packages from around the world as well as the Indonesian specialties which are world famous and incorporated into many other treatments. There are also treatments from other areas of the world offered in the spa and this is an idea that the restaurant has also taken up in addition to this there is the swimming pool and the buggy transport which can take four people around the park area and exploring some of the scenes which await you outside your private villa. Indra Maya Villas offers a great service which offers the well-known level of boutique villa quality which is expected at this standard as well as a sense of individualism and fresh mind-expanding beauty which s unique to Indra Maya and is, therefore, an excellent reason to stay here no matter what your reason for traveling may be.