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Bintan - Bintan Island - Hotel

Banyan Tree Bintan is a luxury resort hotel in Bintan Island providing discount price & cheap room rates.     Banyan Tree Bintan Overview: Banyan Bintan Hotel is a wonderful selection of villas located in a quiet and serene valley offering supreme boutique villa luxury in the Bintan area. Bintan is growing in popularity as a tourist destination and as well as this there are also all of the business travellers who frequent the shore of Bintan due to the free trade rules implemented by Indonesia in the area. What ever your reason for travelling to the Bintan Island, if you like luxury boutique villa arrangements then Banyan Tree Bintan couple be the perfect choice for you. The style exhibited at the villas is a modern and contemporary style which holds timeless classic beauty and offers a take on the ethnic Indonesian styles with the use of traditional fabrics and woods to create that earthly feel. As well as this the colour scheme furthers the feeling of being in a modern luxury version of a traditional Indonesian villa. With only a small number of separate villas each with so much effort and concentration put in, in order to create the perfect villas, there is nothing else in the area which offers the same class and luxury of Banyan Bintan.   Banyan Tree Bintan Room Options: The villas are wonderful in standard and decoration with a number of different choices each of which offering that Banyan Tree Villas standard of excellence. With marble floors and grand beds with luxurious mosquito netting and all types of fabrics and cushions that are a combination of imported goods and locally crafted items there is the feel of character at the villas which can be hard to come by.  Banyan Hotel Bintan offers Valley Villa Rooms, Ocean View Rooms, Bayfront Villas, Spa Pool Villas, Villas on the Rocks, and the exclusive Sanctuary Villa. All of the villas have the utmost in luxury villa services and many home comforts which need not be listed.   Banyan Tree Bintan Services & Facilities: With such a small capacity, the villas is very quiet complementing the peacefulness of the area perfectly. As well as offering this idyllic accommodation, Banyan Bintan also offers a small selection of services for the exclusive guests in attendance. These include a grand restaurant with a chief that lives up to the quality exhibited in every other area of the villa and serve all kinds of dishes from all around the world. As well as this there is the pool area with a bar and luxurious seating, this area never becomes crowded and is always a pleasure to enjoy at any time in the day and particularly at sunset when there is often a fresh seafood BBQ.  Banyan Tree Bintan prides itself on offering the very pinnacle of luxury to a limited number of guests although all of the services are present including a pool and transport, laundry and everything else you may require. Weddings are a common occurrence at the villas and the staff are accustomed to these, there is a great selection of facilities of grandeur in other to accommodate some of the most wonderful weddings the island has ever seen.
Nirwana Resort Hotel is one of the great accommodation in Bintan Island that people are enjoying on Bintan with discount price & cheap room rates.   Nirwana Resort Hotel Overview: Nirwana Resort Bintan offers a one in a hundred of opportunity to come to this area of Indonesia and spend Singapore Dollars with no VAT on anything as well as enjoying the fantastic restaurants and singing in the karaoke bars as well as the parks, museums, and architecture from all around the world. As well as this resort offers unique styling inspired by the Chinese buildings that are located around the area fitting in beautifully and offering a great standard in accommodation in the Nirvana park.   Nirwana Resort Hotel Room Options: Nirwana Hotel in Bintan offers superior rooms as well as deluxe rooms, deluxe seafront rooms, and the Nirvana suites. All of these rooms and suites are of a great standard and available with number different sleeping arrangements although the prices can vary throughout the year according to the presence of travelers. All rooms feature air conditioning and have comfortable homely decors which allow the guest to be truly relaxed and enjoy the satellite television and DVD players which come in really handy for watching films on. Other facilities in the rooms include minibars and comfortable furnishings which are reminiscent of the Asian styles but brought into the modern day by the medium of design improvements.   Nirwana Resort Hotel Services & Facilities: If you do not already feel mystically wooed to stay in Nirwana Resort Hotel in Bintan on the island of Bintan for a night or two then perhaps you should know about the facilities that this fine establishment offers. There is a laundry service offering an excellent level of service and a fantastic transport team who are happy to take you where ever you want to go around all of the attractions of the island and with a pool and a bar located by the pool you can sit in the sun or the shade enjoying refreshments by the pool. There is also a spa service that offers all sorts of treatments from all around the globe as well as the Indonesian specialties and a restaurant producing wonderful local delicacies as well as conventional European fare and other Asian dishes. The service is also good at Nirwana Resort Bintan, all you have to do is ask a member of staff and they will help you.