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Allium Batam Hotel is a great luxury resort hotel in Batam providing best discount & cheap room rates.   Allium Batam Hotel Overview: Hotel Allium Batan is located just 20 minutes from the harbor area where all of the International Ferry Terminals as well as the Hang Nadim Airport. The location makes Allium Hotel perfect for those coming into the Batam area for either leisure or business giving you proximity to all of the attractions and to the business center. Hotel Allium Batam, as the name suggests offers unreal views over the by of Batam with views looking out towards Singapore and the rest of the islands that surround the area. Allium Hotel Batam offers four-star luxuries and is a grand hotel with professional staff as well as a wide array of facilities and excellent value. It is also only a small trip to the local restaurants and the karaoke bars which are popular in the area. Allium Batam Hotel offers a great level of modern décor with a contemporary feel which supports the classic Indonesian fabrics and designs as well as the earthy shades which fit the beachside location perfectly.     Allium Batam Hotel Room Options:The rooms are all fantastic as you would expect from a leading four-star resort with such a prime location. All rooms offer that contemporary tropical living which has become standard among the traveling business people of Asia. This timeless style is tasteful and relaxing as well as finding space for Indonesian color schemes, fabrics, and artwork. As well as all of this you can also enjoy the air-conditioned comfort of the private rooms which can be more than necessary in this equatorial area of the world. The classic Indonesian beauty of the scene from the balcony windows is incredible and in the rooms, you can enjoy all of the wonderful entertainment services and the mini bar and international communication using the internet and the direct dial telephones.   Allium Batam Hotel  Services & Facilities: Allium Batam Hotel boats its capability of offering the leisure tourist and the business tourist everything they desire and although business should not be mixed with pleasure, who says you can’t indulge when you are on your own time. The Hotel Allium Batam provides great dining facilities offering world cuisine particularly Asian and European dishes serve with grace and delicacy, you can also enjoy the Southlinks Country Club Sei Ladi Sekupang where there is a fantastic international level golf course. As well as this you can dine in the executive suite area and enjoy the authentic Japanese food or spend your time unwinding in the spa indulging in a number of treatments from all around the world. The pool area is divine also with a large area for swimming and a large area of relaxing around the pool where you can enjoy the imported conventional beverages as well as the local tropical cocktails and specialties.
Batam View Beach Resort is a classic tropical luxury resort in Batam, located right on the beach in Batam with discount cheap room rates.     Batam View Beach Resort Overview: The hotel is on the excellent positioning in the main area of Batam whether you are traveling on business or pleasure. The Batam View Hotel is located not only close to the harbor but also the airport and the main business districts. With this being said it is also located right on the beach with some fantastic views of the surrounding area and a tranquil and peaceful atmosphere.Batam View Beach Resort has that international tropical resort feels with the classically reassuring design and timeless décor. There are some wonderful facilities and great dining and leisure opportunities as well as views of Singapore and the other surrounding islands of this interesting and progressive island. Batam View Resort is well frequented by tourists as well as for business use as the Batam island is one of the few in Indonesia's free trade zone, the resort has embraced this and offers some great conference and meeting facilities as well as accommodation the business traveler along with all of his or her needs.   Batam View Beach Resort Room Options: Batam Beach Resort has selection both Hotel rooms and Villas located right n the seafront. All of the rooms offer a very high standard of décor and facilities with excellent locally made furniture and facilities such as air conditioning, hot and cold water in the luxury bathrooms and in the villas there are practical and tasteful kitchenettes. All of the villa rooms have incredible balconies opening straight onto the beach offering a luxurious modern twist on that classic Asian Beach bungalow theme allowing guests to enjoy the breathtaking views and beautiful serenity. As well as private living areas and bathrooms and contemporary design the room service and cleaning is also impeccable.   Batam View Beach Resort Services & Facilities: The facilities also live up to the standard displayed throughout the rest of the resort. You can indulge in such activities as golf or a whole selection of water sports. As well as this there is the spa offering indulgent Asian treatments including massage, body wraps, nail treatments, and even herbal treatments. There are also the extensive business facilities including conference rooms and communication labs as well as reprographics and a whole host of other services which have evolved according to Batam View Beach Resort’s close relationship to the needs of the traveling business people who frequent this area of the Batam Island. There is also entertainment of many types including cultural displays, music, and comedy and you can book onto a large variety of different trips to the neighboring islands and other areas for sightseeing as well as for activities such as diving. Batam View Resort has the feel of a long established resort and is, therefore, a safe bet when traveling to Batam. The sheer size and class of the place is not only evidence of success but also of popularity. From the fine dining to the SCUBA diving Batam View Beach Resort delivers a luxurious stay.
Goodway Hotel Batam is located in the heart of Nagaya or Lubuk Baja providing discount cheap room rates.   Goodway Hotel Batam Overview: Hotel Goodway Batam offers an excellent level of accommodation right in the middle of the action in Batam. With close proximities to the harbor and therefore all of the major seaports as well as the airport and the Batam center point. With Sekupang pier located only 20 minutes away and all of the shopping areas, karaoke bars and club close by, Goodway Batam has perfect positioning for a leisure tourist.Goodway Batam also offers great positioning for business tourists with the business districts very close by and all of the main conference centers and other professional facilities. The hotel offers modern conventional high-class accommodation with some great rooms and facilities and a class of its own in terms of classic décor and timeless glamour. As well as this the modern facilities in both leisure and the business respects are fantastic and the dining and refreshments facilities are also of a very high standard making the hotel the perfect resort for any traveler looking for well-centralized accommodation of a high level of luxury in the Batam area. Goodway Hotel Batam Room Options: Goodway Hotel Batam features well-spaced rooms out around the large building which is of multiple floors. There are in total 174 superior rooms and the additional 17 executive suites, 10 junior suites, 4 triple rooms, 25 deluxe rooms an exclusive presidential suite, 10 studio rooms, and the 27 nostalgic classic rooms and last of all the 4 primer rooms. Goodway Batam Hotel certainly is a grand hotel and with all of these room options, there is plenty to choose from for everybody. All of the rooms are of high quality with air conditioning, hot and cold water in the baths and showers as well as minibars, entertainment systems, and communications. The business suites also have extra facilities for business trips and there are luxury living areas and larger more indulgent bathrooms in the later suites.   Goodway Hotel Batam Services & Facilities: Hotel Goodway Batam has a large pool area in the traditional gardens where there is a great bar serving beverages and snacks throughout the day, as well as this there is the 24-hour coffee shop and a great restaurant. If you are working on an odd timescale then why not make use of the 24 hour dining and the live entertainment is there for everybody to enjoy. As well as an excellent level of security there is also the business center including the conference rooms and the international communications suite. Reprographics and presentations facilities are also at your deposal and there is a staff force who are used to the needs of business meetings and can help the smooth running of any occasion. As well as this you can book onto any of the trips and tours that include the island of Batam as well as the other surrounding islands and embark on fishing trips or all kinds of water sports.
USD 23
Hotel 8.1
Harmoni Hotel Batam is a brilliant classy hotel located on Batam, one of the Equatorial islands of Indonesia with discount cheap room rates.   Harmoni Hotel Overview: Harmoni Batam Hotel is highly reminiscent of the colonial grandeur and luxury which is visible all around Indonesia offering that classic elegance and luxury. The interior style is elegant also with minimalist and subtle decoration which is timeless and beautiful. As well as this hotel offers a selection of facilities which are more than satisfactory and with large beautiful tropical gardens and wonderful interiors as well as a grand Victorian style lobby with a large statue centerpiece, high ceilings, and great timeless seating arrangements. With a large number of rooms and facilities that reflect this impressive and well-established hotel, you will find your stay more than comfortable at Harmoni Batam. Harmoni Hotel Room Options: The room options at Harmoni Batam stretch across the budgets of all travelers who are looking for luxury accommodation in the Batam area. With prices that are of excellent value when you are coming from Singapore or other major areas, you will enjoy. All of the rooms are equipped with cable network televisions, air conditioning, excellent furnishings, and comfortable bolsters and coffee machines. As well as this there are also hair-dryers minibars and electronic safes as well as such services as a breakfast included in the price every morning with a daily new paper and a private toilet and bath with hot and cold water in the luxury en suite bathrooms. The interior design is of an excellent standard and is very modern and yet timeless in essence. The ornaments and furnishings are a collection of designer ware both locally produced and imported. Broadband access is available in all rooms as well as some great living and dining areas in the suites. The room options include the deluxe rooms, the junior suites, deluxe suites and the executive suites which areas you would imagine, of increasing luxury, size, grandeur and facilities. Harmoni Hotel Services & Facilities: The Harmoni Batam Hotel offers three separate restaurants which are the Borobudur Café, the Sarang Ban Restaurant, and the Kurino-ya Restaurant which between them offer great western and eastern food as well as dedicated Korean and Japanese dishes. For merrymaking, there are the Harmoni wine club and the Bonga Bonga lounge and the no-name café offering different environments around the grounds of a hotel in which to enjoy your stay with live entertainment. As well as all of this there is the gym and fitness center and the indulgent spa offering incredible treatments and personal assistance perfect for new.
HARRIS Hotel Batam Center is a waterfront city of Batam, reachable within 45 minutes driving from Airport offering discount cheap room rates.   HARRIS Hotel Batam Center Overview: HARRIS Hotel Batam is perfect for business travelers since its location is nearly closed with Tanjung Uncang and Bintang Industrial park and ferry terminal which can be reached within minutes away drive. After the tiring day, go to the city center which is just 20 kilometers away. Enjoy the life style of many entertainments available to refresh your mind.     HARRIS Hotel Batam Center Services & Facilities: For leisure travelers, HARRIS Batam Center offers more than just a great holiday. The strategic location right facing the Singapore strait brings beautiful sea view with white sand and blue water. Guests can take their children to swim at the giant free form swimming pool. HARRIS Hotel Batam Center Room Options: All guests will be greeted with warm and nice service from the staffs of HARRIS Hotel Batam Center. The rooms are offered with modern minimalist design overlooking the garden and Laguna view. Perfect room design for a perfect holiday. Check out 167 rooms divided into Superior room, deluxe rooms, Laguna access, junior suites, and executive suites. All rooms are equipped with satellite television, minibar, in-room safe deposit box, in house movies, aromatherapy, coffee/tea making facilities, and air conditioning. A fully equipped kitchenette is available at executive suites and junior suites.
Holiday Inn Resort Batam is a deluxe hotel in the center of Batam city offering discount & cheap room rates.   Holiday Inn Resort Batam Overview: Holiday Inn Batam offers all of the facilities you would expect from this long-established international hotel company as well as comfortable rooms and luxurious services which also compliment the culture and physicality of the beautiful island of Batam. As well all of this hotel accommodates travelers of leisure and business with all of the facilities that both require as well as luxuries that anyone will appreciate. Holiday Inn Resort Batam is located with great precision with proximity to the harbor area where you can travel to and from the neighboring islands as well as Singapore that can be reached in less than an hour. The tourist facilities and attractions are also all located nearby including the shopping areas, parks, and the white sand beaches and transport is offered to each of these places. Holiday Inn Batam offers a timeless and unobjectionable style which harbors many luxuries. The grand lobby represents the traditional Indonesian features of design and architecture as well as a mall style shopping and a comfortable rendezvous bar and cafe.   Holiday Inn Resort Batam Room Options: The rooms are as you would expect in lines with this international organization high standards. The rooms are familiar and uniform although they do have that splash or local grace about them with some traditional artwork, locally made fabrics and furniture which has been crafted by hand by the experts of the public. All of the rooms have air conditioning and generously sized rooms and en suite bathrooms with baths and showers as well as hot and cold water. There are also satellite televisions in every room and DVD players can be requested in the standard rooms. The room options at the include the standard rooms as well as a selection of deluxe rooms and some exclusive suites which are aimed at the business travelers.   Holiday Inn Resort Batam Services & Facilities: The facilities stretch across the genres providing many restaurant choices as well as bars and multiple pools. There is also an impressive number of business facilities which serve to the frequenting business guests who tend to do business using the Holiday Inn Resort in Batam. These include the conference rooms and the meeting rooms of different sizes from intimate board rooms to the large and grand conference rooms. There are also reprographics and other international communications that allow presentations to occur smoothly and effectively. The pool areas have close by bars for refreshments and are large in size. There is also plenty of seating located around the pools and there is even a children's pool which is shallow and features fun slides as well as extra lifeguards. All of the facilities are of a grand scale including the spa which is large and offers a whole range of treatments which are best booked in advance. If you are traveling to the island of Batam and are looking for that familiar seal of quality Holiday Inn Resort Batam is a great option.
Nagoya Plasa Hotel is one of the fine contemporary hotels in the Nagoya area of Batam Island with discount & cheap room rates.   Nagoya Plasa Hotel Overview: With this in mind combined with the natural beauty of the area and the free trade zone, there are plenty of reasons to visit Batam and stay in Hotel Nagoya Plasa. Just to give you an idea about the sort of place to expect, Nagoya Plasa Batam has a slogan which is ‘making beautiful memories possible’. The hotel is applicable to both business and leisure tourists and with the central position within the Nagoya area with only a ten-minute journey required to reach the Batam center and the business district is also very close. There is a selection of different rooms at the Nagoya Plasa Hotel Batam as well as suites and all kinds of services and facilities.   Nagoya Plasa Hotel Room Options: Hotel Nagoya Plasa Batam offers 131 rooms with a variety of different layouts and standards making Hotel Nagoya Plasa a medium-sized resort with the perfect size for a mix of tranquillity and facilities. All of the rooms have great facilities including Air Conditioning, tea, and coffee making facilities and even in house movies that you can watch on the DVD and television players available in all of the rooms. There is also an internet connection and a mini bar and showers with hot and cold water as well as bathtubs and other homely amenities. The different available rooms are the standard rooms and the superior rooms which are available either with a king-size bed or a pair of single beds in twin room format. Nagoya Plasa Hotel Services & Facilities: The Hotel facilities at Hotel Nagoya Plasa Batam are of a great standard with an incredible lounge is offering entertainment as well as dishes from around the world. The coffee shop offers blends from around the world and there is also the sports café showing all major sporting events. Hotel Nagoya Plasa offers a great selection of business facilities including fax and other communications as well as a photocopy service and there is also currency exchange and a travel department which can help you with your internal and international travels. Other services that Hotel Nagoya Plasa consider to be ‘suited for the privileged include laundry, airport transfers, car rental, room service message, wake up calls and even a fitness room. There are a beauty parlor and a spa which are great for relaxation and a drugstore. Hotel Nagoya Plasa Batam offers great accommodation for anyone staying in the Batam area.
Sijori Resort & Spa Batam is one of the 3-star hotels in Batam island with discount price & cheap room rates.   Sijori Resort & Spa Batam Overview: The Sijori Batam provides guests with excellent stay during their visit to Batam island. Easily reach from Sekupang Ferry terminal, which the distance is only 5 minutes by car. Sijori Resort Batam offers a beautiful view of the town from the hills. It is such a great tranquil location to relax and unwind after the tiring days, really suitable for all kind of travelers whether for family, leisure or business travelers. The Sijori  Batam offers a great place to spend on a holiday. The waterfall cave, great landscape and many kinds of facilities to do some activate are available at the hotel. Guests will be treated at the maximum standard of hotel services when staying at Sijori Resort.    Sijori Resort & Spa Batam Room Options: Sijori Resort Batam features traditional style look while the room has simple modern look design. Some of the comfortable furniture was added to give the maximum comfort to all guests. A private balcony with a picturesque view of hills, individually controlled air-conditioning, hot/cold water shower, attached bathroom, in-house phone, coffee making facilities, and TV are all available in each room.   Sijori Resort & Spa Batam Services & Facilities:   The business center also available at Sijori Resort & Spa Batam with furnished function room which can accommodate up to 2000 people. The entertainment facilities that available are 36-bay Golf Driving Range, a beautiful Fishing lake, Games Room, Karaoke Lounge, Archery, Gymnasium, Health Centre, a free-form swimming pool, an international TV network and renowned restaurants serving a selection of Western and Asian delights.
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Hotel 8.2
Swiss-Inn Batam is located in the city center of the Batam area providing discount price & cheap room rates.   Swiss-Inn Batam Overview: The hotel is only 10 minutes to the main center and 30 minutes from the Hang Nadim Airport and the various ferry terminals. The business district, as well as all of the tourist attractions, are really close by to Swiss-Inn Hotel Batam. For business travelers and leisure traveler alike, the hotel makes a perfect place to stay. Swiss-Inn Batam is internationally recognized as a three-star hotel and offers everything you need as well as that international standard of interior designed to be timeless with class and elegance as well as offering modern services perfect for anyone looking for luxurious accommodation. The interior is based on traditional color schemes as well as fabrics and materials which create a really effective earthy feel which goes really well with the interior cleanliness and grandeur. Swiss-Inn Batam Room Options: The rooms are of great quality with the interior design mentioned above which is a modern a style which extends throughout the entire area of Swiss-Inn Hotel Batam exhibiting traditional art and cultural styles as well as beautiful tropical plants and garden items. The facilities in the rooms include the air conditioning which really takes the edge of the equatorial environment which surrounds the Batam area, there is also hot and cold water meaning you can always stay fresh, refreshments in the mini bar include alcoholic and soft drinks. As well as this there are security facilities and a lovely balcony which overlooks the garden area as well as the grounds. Room service is also of a great standard is available 24 hours a day. Swiss-Inn Batam Services & Facilities: The facilities at Swiss-Inn Hotel Batam include the conference center as well as the business center which work hand in hand supplying the business travelers with all of the facilities required as well as active staff in these areas and reprographics as well as all of the presentation materials and equipment. Dinning is up to the same standard as the rest of the hotel featuring great views of grounds and the city sights and a selection of different dishes from all around the world. You can enjoy the taste of home from almost everywhere in the world including European and Asian dishes as well as Indonesian specialties. As well as the three different dining options and there is also the pool area which is a great area with plenty of seating and a bar area where you can sit and relax either in the sun or the shade of the palms and the thatched traditional style buildings. There is a great tour desk where you book all kinds of activities from diving and snorkeling to all kinds of water sports and conventional sports and other sightseeing tours. All of these can be booked from the reception using all of the hotel services as well as making use of all of the other companies who specialize in tourism services all over the island. For the full package no matter what your reason for visiting the island of Batam, Swiss-Inn Batam will be a good well-balanced choice for anyone.
USD 28
Hotel 7.5
Travelodge Batam is one of the leading four-star hotel located in the center of Batam featuring discount price and cheap room rates.   Travelodge Batam Overview: From Singapore, you can be in 45 minutes making a highly convenient place to travel to for a short break or for business in the area. Batam is obviously well known for its free trade zone which has increased the amount of international business in the area as well as its tourism.andnbsp;The facilities at Travelodge Hotel Batam support both of these markets with international communications, conference rooms, and some great relaxation and leisure facilities which are perfect for any tourists who have a little spare time to spend in the hotel. There are two separate bars as well as a great transport service for exploring or negotiating your way around the island.    Travelodge Batam Room Options: The rooms at Travelodge Hotel Batam are split into a number of different styles including the superior rooms, the deluxe rooms and there is also a selection of suites which offer the very forefront in tropical accommodation. This is a great way to experience the island of Batam whether you are here on business and require the excellent facilities of the rooms or whether you are more interested in spending time on the beaches or lounging around the pool and indulging in the spa treatments and the other activities that are offered. All of the rooms offer a selection of facilities such as air conditioning, minibars, wireless internet connections, satellite luxury televisions, and international telephone lines. As well as these facilities there is also a high and luxurious standard of en suite bathrooms in all of the rooms and incredible kitchenette areas in the suites. The suites also feature large luxurious bathtubs and other luxury facilities as well as an improvement on the already high quality of the décor and furnishings that are displayed in the other rooms.   Travelodge Batam Services & Facilities: Travelodge Batam is in line with the other four-star resorts in the Batam area and is of surprising quality and variety. As Travelodge Batam is located in the center of Batam and close to the business district, it is often the choice of location for many conferences and business trips. There is, due to this an impressive selection of meeting and conference rooms for all occasions including social occasions. As well as this there is a great restaurant, two bars, one in the lobby and the other by the pool, the pool area is perfect for anybody to relax by at any time and you can also indulge in the spa. There is also an impressive selection of other activities including a fitness center and other active pursuits and a reception where you can book onto all manner of different cruises, fishing trips and other tours around the Batam area including viewing the famous Bridges and harbor areas.
USD 52
Resort 7.5
Turi Beach Resort Batam is an incredible classic tropical holiday resort in Batam providing discount price & cheap room rates.   Turi Beach Resort Overview: Turi Resort Batam has located on the Riau Islands away from the bulk of tourists you can experience the incredible beaches of white sands and coral reefs that encircle the entire area. The Riau Islands are well known as part of Indonesia's free trade zone which means that there are often a number of business travelers that travel in the area as well as tourists. With the proximity to Singapore as well as other islands in Indonesia as and Malaysia, the Riau islands host a lot of facilities to people traveling in the area either for a business or tourism reasons. As well as the beaches and the beautiful gardens and communal areas of the resort, there are also plenty of facilities both inside the resort and in the entire area of the Riau islands. Turi Beach Resort Room Options: Turi Resort Hotel Batam offers a number of different resort rooms including the Premier rooms, the Junior Suites, and the Suites. All of these options are of a very high standard and offer a very high level of accommodation. There are two separate wings the most modern of which is the Tirta wing where you will find each room has a beautifully designed and constructed balcony offering wonderful panoramic views of the entire area whether it is the grounds of the hotel or the white sand beaches that neighbor this premier hotel. All rooms have air conditioning as well as hot and cold water and luxury bathrooms. There is also a full entertainment unit in each room including satellite television, DVD players and music and there are other facilities installed to make your stay comfortable and luxurious. Turi Beach Resort Services & Facilities: Turi Beach Hotel Resort Batam offering excellent room facilities there is also an impressive list of hotel amenities. These include such activities as beach water sports, conventional sports as well as leisurely walks, spa treatments and relaxing by the pool. You can do anything with the resort from Jungle trekking to jet skiing and everything in between. Wakeboarding, water skiing, fishing banana boating, diving and snorkeling, fishing trips, river and coastal cruises as even kayaking are all part of the selection. If you prefer to keep your feet dry then you can try your hand at climbing, paintball, golf, tennis or cycling. If relaxation is more type of thing then why not work your way through the spa menu or relax at the bar by the huge freeform pool area. Either way, you will enjoy the fabulous combination of Indonesian and European food at the restaurant as well as the cuisine from all around Asia and the rest of the world. Whether you are looking to enjoy a break from business or part of a traveling trip through this area, Turi Beach Resort Batam is an excellent option for tranquility, beauty, and luxury.

Discount rates for all hotels in Batam from those budget accommodation, luxury resorts and deluxe hotel. There are numbers of best hotels in Batam for you to stay while in Batam Island either for pleasure or business.

Batam is an island located with the Riau islands of Indonesia. Batam is interestingly very close to not only Singapore but also Malaysia as well as the other northern islands of Indonesia. Due to this it is an interesting and easily accessible part of Indonesia which can be visited easily during many trips to south-east Asia as well as just to Indonesia. Batam is known for it is free trade zone which is an area within the Sijori Growth Triangle meaning that it is also frequented by business travelers as well as tourists and has a number of tourist attractions and plenty of bars clubs and karaoke bars.

The island of Batam is a combination of Beautiful Indonesian forest and the new harbour area which was the major transformation of the island in the 1970s. Due to Batam being a hub of business and commerce for Asia it is a multicultural island with people from all over Indonesia as well as Chinese and Singaporeans who have brought their cultures and languages to the island. The official language of the island is Indonesian and there are many Indonesian cultural areas as well as a number of tourist attractions. Batam is located right on the equator and due to this it is a very hot area. Batam is situated just east of Karimun and the island of Bulan, west of Bintan, to the north of Rempang and south of Singapore. All of these islands are also important in the economic world as well as being good places to visit if you wish to experience Indonesian culture and diversity and do not wish to be diverted far of an existing trip around this area.

Getting around Batam is relatively easy like most busy places in Asia, there is plenty of public transport which is very cheap as well as the Bluebird taxi cabs who offer standard meter prices for any trips. Getting to the island of Batam is also very easy with a number of fast and slow boats operating from all of the nearby islands. The main ferry companies are Penguin, Batam Fast and Wavemaster and as a general idea it takes about an hour to reach Batam from Singapore. There are also a number of Flights connecting Batam with its neighboring islands such as Singapore and also the capital City of Jakarta on the large Indonesian island of Java. RM69 (at time of publishing) will get you from the Malaysian area of Johor Bahra on the slow ferry which will take a few hours but is a very cheap budget form of access.

A number of hotels on Bali providing facilities such as bars, restaurants and other modern facilities, There are also many toursim facilities outsite of hotels n Bali include bars, Karaoke bars line the streets and some of a very good standard if you are looking for entertainment in Batam. As well as this there are the famous ‘Barelang’ bridges which are the main attraction and icons of the island of Batam. These bridges were built with help from the German Government. There is also the holding camp for the Vietnamese 'Boat People' who are mainly refugees who attempted to escape the communist regime. There are museums dedicated to this as well as temples and hospitals to those who did not make it.