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Bali - Nusa Lembongan

Cheap Room Rates Batu Karang Lembongan Resort located in Nusa Lembongan, a boutique style resort hotel providing modern accommodation and facilities. One of the boutique style resort located on the small island to the south of Bali, Batu Karang Lembongan Resort lies on the rocky cliff on the shore of Nusa Lembongan overlooking the clear blue ocean of Badung Strait and the beauty of the eastern coastline of Bali. Batu Karang Resort is characterized by withthe traditional Balinese thatched roof, contemporary Balinese design combining with modern architecture and facilities. Batu Karang Resort Lembongan provides a really great place for pleasure, romance, and hideaway.Batu Karang Lembongan Resort offers tranquility and seclusion for those seeking more privacy in an intimate atmosphere. Relax and unwind by the swimming pool with amazing ocean view or just relax by the beach enjoying the sea breeze and the tropical sun. Batu Karang Resort Lembongan comprises of 10 spacious villas of one and three bedroom villa spreading over the rocky hill. Each private villa is featured with a private balcony, terrace, and modern convenience.If you are looking for something different and private holiday escape then you need to travel by boat from Sanur Beach or Benoa Harbour to Nusa Lembongan and stay with Batu Karang  Resort. A holiday with style and privacy.Batu Karang Lembongan Resort completes with swimming pool. restaurants, laundry, 24 hours room service and boat transfers.
Cheap Room Rates Coconuts Beach Resort, A boutique resort hotel in Lembongan Island. Save your accommodation budget and staying at Coconut Lembongan Beach Resort. Coconuts Beach Resort is an ocean facing hotel and accommodation in Nusa Lembongan off Bali, providing standard rooms for travelers to Lembongan. What is left here and there are undulating waves running inward before your Bali private villa snuggled in bushy emerald slope. With an unbelievable sea view sprawling endlessly as far as your eyes can reach, this enchanted Lembongan Island's gem is, unsurprisingly, utmost sublime. You can for sure, if only you stay in Coconuts Beach Resort. Another worthwhile scene to savor is the scope of Lembongan Island itself, exposing coral trims underwater but admirable white sandy beaches. Save carefully the prettiest reminiscence as you drift comfortably in an exclusive yacht heading toward the island of Bali's harbor. You will understand how short twenty-five miles can really make all the difference necessary.  To begin with, Coconuts Beach Resort in Lembongan Island garners eighteen gorgeous bungalows nestled nicely among few relaxed and breezy gazebos. All is set right before the ocean so that galloping to the beach to popping up sandy castles becomes a lot easier to handle. The villas at Coconut Beach Lembongan are also simply sweet in Bali soothing décor perfected in sedative white and grayish hues that tune one's mind soothingly in order to doze off in spoiling, wind caress. The bed choice goes with either twin beds or ostentatious king size. Furthermore, the Coconuts Beach Resort in Nusa Lembongan imposes further double options for the cooling system; electric fan matches natural yet swanky customers, and the air-conditioner is spellbinding for elite metropolitans. Boasting about water sports is the next list of what guests always rave after holidays. Kayak, scuba dive, banana boat, snorkeling, surfing, swimming, you name it and the island will have it ready for you. Badung Strait, in fact, is a silent cruise pathway that utters only discerning guests who prefer a higher level of paradise beside Bali. The Jungut Batu village, in particular, converges the ultimate living in style, where Indonesian movers-and-shakers often drop by discreetly for a private fiesta. It is the exact spot Coconut Beach Lembongan Resort located as well as the distinguished snorkeling service anchored. A trip scouring the underwater beauty of Ceningan or Penida Island is ensured leisure to lose all the tension. Or else, book an assuaging massage session at an alfresco corner upholstered with a convenient mattress overlooking Bali's Mount Agung. Feel blessed and rejuvenated, at the same time as the pain is sloshed away from your body. Afterward, take a nice dip in the double infinity pool installed on the resort's best steeps. Holding a cocktail on one hand still allows you to fresh up, enjoying the water spur beneath. While you are out there relishing the amazing sea view, the in-house scrumptious eateries distinctively sauce up to three different cuisines for the night. The succulent seafood concoction rounds up fresh materials filtered from the surrounding ocean. It tops the savvy a la carte menu, albeit the other gastronomical noshes can also make you love life as you should. Altogether, Coconuts Beach Resort Nusa Lembongan promises not least than what a man truly deserves in a very short life span.
Cheap Room Rates Hai Tide Beach Resort, a small beach resort hotel in Lembongan Island providing comfortable accommodation in Nusa Lembongan. The Hai Tide Beach Resort is located in Lembongan Island of Bali and is adjacent to the Bali Hai Cruises Beach Club on Lembongan Island, a comfortable one hour cruise from Bali aboard the luxurious high-speed catamaran Bali Hai II, or a leisurely two-hour sail aboard Aristocat. All the Beach side huts enjoy panoramic ocean views over a white sand beach to Bali's famous volcano, Mount Agung. Hai Tide Beach Resort is a home base to explore Lembongan Island and under Waterworld around the island. The unique design of the thatched roofed Hai Tide Beach Resort in Nusa Lembongan is inspired by a traditional Indonesia rice house or Lumbung. All huts at Hai Tide Resort are appointed with king size beds, ceiling fans, air-conditioners, and large glass doors which open out onto an intimate verandah perched two meters above a relaxing day bed.Hai Tide Beach Resort Nusa Lembongan guests can enjoy all the Bali Hai Cruises Beach Club facilities which include a large free form swimming pool, Ocean Kayaks, Surf Skis, snorkeling equipment, glass bottom boat, banana boat rides, volleyball, and a full bar and restaurant facilities.For the more adventurous, parasailing, surfing, fishing, and a range of island tours are also available. Bali Hai Diving Adventures can provide a world-class diving service for guests at the Hai Tide Beach Resort in Nusa Lembongan. Join one of our many diving programs and add another dimension to your experience of Lembongan.Some of the best things in life are often the simplest! Hai Tide Beach Resort in Nusa Lembongan offers discerning travelers an opportunity to relax and immerse themselves in the natural beauty and serenity of the unspoiled tropical paradise island of Nusa Lembongan.
Cheap Room Rates Lembongan Beach Club & Resort, A luxury modern resort and hotel in Nusa Lembongan Island, providing easy access to enjoy the beauty of Lembongan Island. Best discount room rates of Lembongan Beach Resort. The feel of Lembongan Beach Club & Resort is modern but tempered with the easy pace of life and local traditional ideas and architecture to produce a modern villa which is truly Balinese with a great homely and cozy feel. Lembongan Island is a very short ride from the Airport with only a 20-minute air-conditioned connection from the airport to the seaport and then an enjoyable 30-minute blast on the fast luxury boat over to Nusa Lembongan. Lembongan Island in many areas is far less developed than the mainland of Bali where there are large expanses of seaweed farms and carves and weavers that inhabit the inland villages that are a truly beautiful and cultural experience. The beaches within the Lembongan Beach Club & Resort are perfect white sand stretches that are lined with palm trees and few people. The waters are all clear and often protected by the offshore reefs that can produce some of the world's best surfing and keep the water on the beaches flat for swimming and snorkeling in the lagoons that can be difficult to find in many areas on the mainland of Bali.Lembongan Beach Club & Resort is a boutique exclusive resort villas, featuring the options of one bedroom and two bedrooms private villas. Each villa at Lembongan Beach Resort is attached with private swimming pool, open-air private terrace, Wi-Fi internet access, spacious bedroom with television, mini bar, coffee, and tea maker, air-conditioned, writing desk, safe deposit box, and ensuite bathroom. The pool at Lembongan Beach Resort is comfortable seating located around the rim and a bar offering tropical cocktails and conventional drinks and beers to those enjoying the area. The beach and pool in this area are never crowded as there is such a small capacity at Lembongan Beach Club & Resort. The villas of Lembongan Resort have sunken down bathtubs and an array of luxury facilities including a minibar and private security box, also a generously spacious private garden area where you can enjoy the tropical and exotic delights of nature arranged and maintained in the traditional Balinese fashion Amongst the activities offered at Lembongan Beach Club & Resort is snorkeling in the lagoons on the beaches, guided tours around the traditional villages, taking a trip aboard the traditional sailing boats and possibly a fishing trip if you feel that way inclined. These fishing trips can include deep fishing in the healthy waters or maybe a trip out to the incredible surfing reefs or the more intermediate and beginner's beaches or world-class diving and of course the popular sunbathing option. There are many great areas to visit and soak up the eastern treasures of Lembongan and take many unforgettable photos.
Cheap Room Rates Lembongan Cliff Villas, Complex of Luxury Villas in Lembongan Island with modern rooms. Book your private villa at Lembongan Cliff. Lembongan Cliff Villas is one of the luxurious Bali resorts in Lembongan Island built upon the rocky hills with the views looking out to the beach. Lembongan Villas provides accommodations with its facilities equal to star hotels in Bali. Nusa Lembongan is a tiny island situated on the southern Bali. Tourists need to take a motorboat to get across there covering a distance in 2 hours sailing from Sanur Beach and 1,5 hours from Tanjung Benoa. This tiny island has become one of the tourist destinations for those who look for a quiet accommodation and far off the urban modern atmosphere.  Quietness and peace cover the atmosphere of the Lembongan Cliff Villas surrounding. The beauty of its surrounding natural panorama has linked up with the park arrangement and the structure of the resort. Lembongan Villas is a proper place for tourists to recover their mind freshness and body fitness, and romantic atmosphere would be sensed on sunset time. The gleam of lights in Lembongan Cliff Villas surrounding would create a warm atmosphere when dining at the restaurant near the beach.Lembongan Cliff Villas has several selections of rooms in the shape of villas that have been designed by advancing the characteristic of a Balinese building structure. The interior decorations applied are from qualified local materials and furnished with adequate modern facilities. Selections of rooms at Lembongan Villas are as follows: garden view villas, ocean view villas, and two bedroom villas. And the room facilities comprise AC and fan, minibar, CD player, tea and coffee maker, telephone, and bathroom with hot and cool water.A wide range of Indonesian and European cuisines are served at the restaurant situated on the rocky hill right in front of Lembongan Cliff, a very romantic place to enjoy your moment whilst having your meal and to feel the sea breeze pampering your feeling and soul. Have a break honeymoon vacation in Bali and spend a few nights staying with Lembongan Villas. It is far from the crowds and is settled on a tranquility area.
Cheap Room Rates Lembongan Island Beach Villas really reeks of a recipe for a perfect holiday in Nusa Lembongan Bali. Discount room rates at Lembongan Island Villas. Lembongan Island Beach Villas are located on the dream paradise island of Nusa Lembongan, which, in turn, is located only a handful of nautical miles offshore due east of Bali’s east coast. Lembongan Island can easily be reached by speed boat in a matter of just about half an hour from either Benoa Harbour or from Sanur’s boat launch just up from Sanur Beach that is one of the only features in Bali that somehow got around the rules of not allowing to be built higher than four stories. Lembongan Island Villas is a recommended luxury villa on the island. Anyhow, that will be the last of your concerns as you skim across the sparkling Bali Strait over to your Lembongan Island Beach Villas. Nusa Lembongan is part of an island triplet that also includes Nusa Ceningan as well as Nusa Penida. Nusa Penida grows some delicious edible seaweed varieties that are popular with the Japanese and go down very well with freshly grilled and garlic spicy sea fish glazed in salt, oil, and lemon grass. The beautiful southern side of the boat moorings reveals a tall and sloping hillside that has now been manipulated and reshaped into the fabulous new tourist destination of Lembongan Island.Lembongan Island Beach Villas are said to literally cascade down the hillside. That may be interpreted ominously, but as long as there are no big tremors all should be fine. The views are quite breathtaking, and welcome guests at Lembongan Island Villas can see clearly over to Bali’s jutting-out high mountainous tops and will perceive a glorious view of Bali that is rarely obtained. There is a total of eleven two and three bedroom luxury villas that are staggered rather like seating arrangements in a cinema. But fear not, no matter how tall your neighbor possibly physically is, your view will never get impaired. Don’t forget to make the most of the advanced audio system, DVD player and TV set. Discount rates of Lembongan Island Beach Villas are available.Apart from having full, luxury bedrooms there are some exceptional features that include a vast, overflow swimming pool, a private beach area with a day lounging gazebo. There is a clichéd but nevertheless attractive tropical bar right up against the poolside. Since Lembongan Island Villas on Lembongan is geographically quite isolated, a convenience store has been erected for your convenience. There is for all kinds of tourist, leisure, and action adventures that you are able to embark upon whilst holidaying on Nusa Lembongan. There are boat and airport transfers, excellent and reputable restaurants within walking distance, and the entire place is Australian owned – so shrimps on the barbies, Bintangs on me and good to ya 
Cheap Room Rates Lembongan Sanctuary Villas, Modern rooms and facilities for your holiday on Lembongan Island. Stay in a private villa in Lembongan Island to save your budget. Lembongan Sanctuary Villas is a particularly nice spot located on dream beach with balcony views of the famous offshore surfing reefs and on a clear day, Lombok is visible as an impressive backdrop. Lembongan is a beautiful and far more tranquil place than most of the south Bali locations and has a real tropical paradise island feel. The locals here in Nusa Lembongan are friendly and there are very touts in comparison to the mainland. Lembongan Island is still in development which is one of the main attractions of the place for many people.   When traveling to Lembongan Sanctuary Villas there are a number of private fast boats that can be arranged to pick you up at any desired time (subject to availability) for the 30-minute crossing. The Lembongan Villas work in conjunction with these boats and it is possible to reach the port from the international airport in less than 15 minutes. It is also possible to use the public ferries which are extremely cheap but sail twice a day and are not pre-bookable.The Lembongan Sanctuary Villas itself is located on the hillside overlooking the main beach towards the world-class swell and Jangut Batu village.  The grounds and gardens at Lembongan Sanctuary are inspired by traditional Bali but are of modern villa style offering modern luxury and familiar comfort.Services at Lembongan Sanctuary Villas include an excellent overflow pool with perfect views out over the hillside towards the fairytale view of the bay. There is an excellent restaurant at Lembongan Villas Sanctuary offers not only local and eastern cuisines such as Thai and Japanese but also western favorites, all of which can be enjoyed in an open-sided gazebo style dinner with not only a pool view but again, the fantastic panorama is again visible from here. The Bar serves Balinese and imported cocktails spirits as well as beers and other beverages and snacks close to the pool. A snack bar and barbeque service in action offering seafood and other meats reminiscent of the Jimbaran beach scene.The Lembongan Sanctuary Villas offers well-priced accommodation on the hillside overlooking the main beach. There is a lovely traditional style village here ad all the mod cons you possibly need. Whether you are in Lembongan to surf, dive or chill out on the beach, The Lembongan Villas Sanctuary is an excellent low-cost option located in a prime spot for chilling out and exploring the rest of the island. This villas in Lembongan can be recommended for couples, families and other travelers.
Cheap Room Rates Song Lambung Beach Huts, Budget Hotel in Lembongan Island Bali. Book a discount room at Song Lambung Lembongan. Song Lambung Beach Huts, a Balinese style Bungalow accommodation in Nusa Lembongan and is a set of converted rice barns that enjoy a privileged position on the wonderful tropical island of Lembongan Island. Lembongan Island, on a clear day, can be easily seen from places on Bali's East Coast just across the Bali Strait. Song Lambung Beach Huts takes about an hour to reach, or twenty-five minutes in a speed boat from Sanur or Benoa Harbour The water is cooler than in Bali, due to a deep water channel that lies very close to shore and the strong currents mix the cold water. The sea is a beautiful blue color here, free of pollution and river runoff, conditions are generally excellent for water sports such as diving, snorkeling, surfing, sailing, and fishing. The island is one of three close islands, with the larger one being called Nusa Penida, which is famous for some special temples, and for selling delicious seaweed which is particularly enjoyed by Japanese. From Bali's airport, a twenty-five-minute drive to Benoa Harbour, where they can catch a fast boat to Nusa Lembongan.Song Lambung Beach Huts are set back from the famous Mushroom Bay in Nusa Lembongan, just two hundred meters from the white sand beach. The Song Lambung Huts have been treated so that the wood is clean, waterproof, weather resistant, and so that the roofs are all in excellent shape. What welcome guests discover at Song Lambung Huts is a dainty, different, and quite a romantic place to stay. The accommodation and Song Lambung Beach Huts Nusa Lembongan themselves are all quite classy and very well adorned and appointed. The Song Lambung Huts is highly picturesque, and the Lumbungs also have their own ceiling fan, and mosquito net.  Song Lambung Huts is family owned and the atmosphere and hospitality is excellent. There are three world famous surf spots reachable in minutes from Song Lambung Beach Huts that include Playgrounds, Lacerations, and Shipwrecks.
Cheap Room Rates The Palm Grove Villas, Modern private villa in Lembongan Island. A recommended private villa in Lembongan for your stay. Book your room at Palm Villas. The Palm Grove Villas is one of a boutique resort in Nusa Lembongan Island. The Palm Villas can be reached within an hour sailing from Benoa Harbour or Sanur. Nusa Lembongan Island is a small island in the eastern part of Bali Island, approximately 2 hours by motor boat or ship from Sanur and Benoa. Lembongan Island has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in Bali. Lots of hotels and resorts in Lembongan Island are built to provide accommodation for tourists on their vacation. The Palm Grove Villas is one of them, constructed in a unique concept of Balinese traditional architecture, rooms with thatched grass roof, only a few steps from the white sandy beach.The Palm Grove Villas has a peaceful and relaxing ambiance to offer, as it was made for romance. This resort has a stunning view of the original nature, combined with the hospitality will definitely give you extraordinary vacation. The bungalows, which are set in Balinese traditional design, offer a delicious sojourn while enjoying the beauty of a tropical garden. The Palm Villas Lembongan Island has a distinctive concept of unique resorts by combining Balinese traditional design with a modern touch in order to create an accommodation concept that is amusing and pleasing for couples or family vacation. The Palm Grove Villas are built under the lush coconut trees and stretch to the beach. You can feel the mixture of country living and glamorous lifestyle here. Each room has a fan, refrigerator, bathroom with hot water, intercom, and television. All lanai bungalows spread under the shade of palm and coconut trees as well as tropical flowers cooling the breeze all day long.The facilities and services at The Palm Villas Lembongan Island include swimming underwater, diving, and sailing. Enjoy your day and fill with fun activities around the resort or just riding on your push bicycle touring the Lembongan Island.
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Cheap Room Rates The Tanis Hotel, Medium Range Hotel in Lembongan Island with comfortable rooms. Discount rooms are offered by The Tanis Lembongan Hotel. The Tanis Hotel in Nusa Lembongan is the ideal place for your break in one of the villa choices including One Bedroom Villas, Two Bedroom Villas, and Tanis Villas. Combines the modern and Balinese architecture, this villa is set among the lush tropical garden. Having a great view of the garden in its surrounding,The Tanis Hotel is a small budget hotel in Nusa Lembongan Island with a modern style and plenty of excellent facilities as well as a lot of activities and services. The Lembongan Island is located to the southeast of the island of Bali and is considered part of the province of Bali. Lembongan is a beautiful little island with some beautiful sights and some great activities as including the seaweed farms and all of the incredible white sand beaches and coves with lagoons and flat water.The Tanis Nusa Lembongan overlooks the coast with access to each and some incredible facilities. The villa is aimed at those who are looking for all the luxuries and the tranquil tropical living that a tropical island can offer as well as many activities which will be discussed later in the article. Lembongan Island is surprisingly easy to reach with only a 50-minute journey from the airport to the ferry port where you will then take a fast boat over to The Tanis Hotel. Once you arrive you will be able to enter your private villa and relax after your long flight.The accommodation as the name suggests is all separate villas located around a beautiful garden where you will be able to enjoy your own privacy with a private garden area and plenty of great facilities. All of the villas at The Tanis Lembongan are presented to a great level and there are all of the facilities such as air conditioning, hot and cold water and all of the amenities you would expect. There are bathtubs and showers both of which are large and there are also the water sports facilities in terms of drying facilities and wonderful décor. All of the entertainment facilities are present including satellite television and a DVD player as well as a music system and a full lounge area in which to enjoy them. There is also the private veranda which looks out into the gardens area.The Tanis Hotel Nusa Lembongan offers are incredible and include such water sports as Surfing and diving in some of the world’s best conditions, deep and trawl fishing as well as banana boating and windsurfing to name but a few. There are also a number of sights to see such as the mangroves, the seaweed farms, the temples, and the village tours. There are also obvious sunbathing and trips to some of the most incredible beaches in the area. As well as this there is a great pool which overlooks the beach area and has a bar and a restaurant nearby for you to enjoy the afternoons or the mornings and there are boat trips and set cruises and special sunset romantic dinners which are a great experience for any couple of family. With this diverse range of services and facilities, The Tanis Villa offers more than your average villa accommodation with a real tranquil and serene atmosphere.There are lots of activities to do while you are on the beautiful island of Nusa Lembongan. Besides providing great accommodation for everyone who wants to explore this island, this hotel is also equipped with marine sports facilities that everyone can explore the beauty on this island. Some of the water activities you can do while you are in this island including snorkeling, traditional sailing boat, deep fishing, surfing, diving, fishing or even sunbathing. Besides its water activities, there are several tourist recreations that you must visit in this island. The interesting places are including The Underground House belongs to a man named Made Biasa. This unique house was completed within 15 years completed with bedroom, dining room, kitchen, bathroom, and the sacred meditation room. For those looking for a wonderful view, visit the Puncak Sari temple on the hilltop where you can enjoy the magnificent temple with a magnificent view of the Indian Ocean as well as the islands of Nusa Penida and Nusa Ceningan nearby and the east coast of Bali. Having a great location near the beaches, you just can enjoy the beauty of the surrounding in whatever you do in this villa. The Tanis Bar and Restaurant offers you a beautiful view of Tanjung Sanghyang Beach View while you enjoy your meal for your breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The selections of Balinese and Western food are served on this beachfront restaurant of The Tanis Hotel Lembongan. Moreover, there are always staffs ready to help you while you are enjoying your meal. Other facilities and services provided in The Tanis Lembongan are swimming pool, spa, laundry on request, towel, 24 hours doctor on call, internet cafe, mini library, snorkeling gear, complimentary pick-up transfer around Lembongan. It will be a great choice to stay in this villa while you decide to go to Bali for your holiday and visit the island of Nusa Lembongan. Providing great facilities and excellent service, The Tanis Lembongan Hotel will be the great home for you on the island of Nusa Lembongan.
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Cheap Room Rates Villa Mutiara Nusa Lembongan, A small private villa in Lembongan Island. Book a room with the best discount at Mutiara Villa Lembongan. Villa Mutiara is perched on a stunning bay of Lembongan island, offers deluxe accommodation, charmingly tropical gardens facing lovely views over the lush hillside and rolling ocean. Villa Mutiara Lembongan is just 45 minutes cruise from Sanur or Benoa Harbour by speedboat. Mutiara Villa Lembongan is modern accommodation for travelers looking to hide from the tourist crowds and is a great place to start exploring the beauty of under Waterworld within Nusa Lembongan, Bali. Lembongan Island itself is situated just 23 kilometers of Bali 's East Coast. Renowned for its crystal clear water with a magnificent underwater view.  Lembongan Island is a nice place for surfing, snorkeling and Village tour to see closely wide seaweed farming. Lembongan is a pristine tropical island, its highest point is 50 meters above sea level, little temperature variation from 30 degrees Celsius occurs between the only two seasons in a total of 615 ha unproductive rocky land. Villa Mutiara in Lembongan offers a total of 10 luxury room with a choice of lush garden view and ocean facing. For those traveling with family can stay at our cozy family room.

Nusa Lembongan Hotels offer cheap rates for all hotels in Lembongan Island including Villas and Resorts in Lembongan. An easy and fastest way to book a hotel in Lembongan Island.

Nusa Lembongan is a small island located such of the south of the east coast of Bali and is only a very short boat trip to find which when coming straight from the airport you will be pleased to know that the ferry port is located only 20 minutes from the airport. When visiting any of the mid to top end Lembongan Hotels, Resorts and Villas in Nusa Lembongan, as well as many of the budget hotels in Nusa Lembongan there, will usually be an airport transfer including luxury air-conditioned transport and a swift speedboat journey bringing you onto this little island in the sun.

There is everything from the budget family holiday hotels to the top end hotels in Nusa Lembongan and most of these hotels are located right on the seafront overlooking the bays and points of the island as well as the outer reefs which produce some world class waves and the seaweed farms which create an interesting patchwork effect in the lagoons and add a unique beauty to the area.

Nusa Lembongan is commonly shorted to Lembongan and many of Lembongan Hotels, Resorts, and Villas in Nusa Lembongan offer beach clubs with plenty of water sports and activities as well as facilities for relaxing on the beach and cultural activities. Many of these beach clubs are linked to cruise companies that operate from Bali and are becoming increasingly popular. As well as the fickle surfing there is also the world-class scuba diving and snorkeling which attracts many. Lembongan Hotels, Resorts, and Villas in Nusa Lembongan offer a variety of different styles from the traditional villa setups to the modern dive hotels as well as everything in between.

Having said this, Nusa Lembongan Hotels still has a very relaxed and undeveloped feel in many areas with some awesome beaches of white sands and turquoise water offering a sense of paradise which is almost cliché. Expect air conditioning, hot and cold water, comfortable and attractive furniture, satellite television and DVD players as well as minibars and all of the other facilities you would imagine. Views are often out onto the beach either at beach level or looking down from the cliffs the traditional gardens are also very beautiful. 

The facilities offered in Hotels in Lembongan include the incredible dining which is a common attribute to any good quality Balinese hotel, as well as usually a high standard spa facility and in hotels in Nusa Lembongan water sports and beach facilities, are commonplace.

These often include surf hire (although Nusa Lembongan is no place for learning), diving courses and equipment for all levels, and various types of boating from fishing and sailing to glass bottom boats and children’s play areas.

Course and trips to Nusa Penida which is another island of Bali are available and shuttles to the mainland of Bali are regular to Sanur as well as Benoa Harbour.  Lembongan Island Hotels, Resorts, and Villas in Nusa Lembongan offer a more relaxed tropical island life with the Balinese culture as well as a differing landscape of beauty where you will be able to find your own little piece of paradise.