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Bali - Munduk - Villa

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Villa 7.9
Cheap Room Rates Sanda Butik Villa, Small deluxe villa in Belimbing Village on the western part of Bali. A recommended retreat hotel in Bali. Sanda Butik Villa is a one of a kind villa in Belimbing Village, West Bali and is a one of a kind unique location. Mount Batukaru is where you will find these divine villas with a spectacular view and on the remote northern slopes, far, far away from the hubbub of traffic, tourism, and commerce.  It takes a two and a half hour drive to reach Sanda Butik Villa in Belimbing Village from Bali's international airport, but it is well worth it. This is a trip for those who want to experience raw and powerful nature, and feel like they are in the middle of nowhere, yet at the same time still be on the friendly and safe holiday island of Bali.There is an onsite restaurant that serves delicious varieties of food for welcome guests, plus there is also a swimming pool to keep you wet, fit, and feeling like you are on holiday. There are adjacent coffee plantations that you can stroll through, and a friendly local staff who are curious to meet and greet welcome visitors at Sanda Butik Villa. As welcome guests stroll through the safe confines of Sanda Butik Villa, they will feel like they have entered the Garden of Eden. A whole variety of different fruit trees grow, and this includes Papaya, Mango, and Durian trees. The rooms are gorgeous and there are tea and coffee making facilities conveniently by the balcony door to help you wake up to what feels like a premature arrival in heaven. There is a bar fridge in your room to keep you going through the long, quiet nights, and the villa manager will try and stock up on whatever it is you need. Sanda Butik Villa in Belimbing Village is kitted out with the majority of amenities that most modern travelers need to feel at home. There is a large TV and a VCD library to pick and chose a film from and curl up with your loved ones with the windows open to feel the cool mountain breeze and glimpse the shooting stars. There are plenty of large, white, fluffy towels so feel free to use them again and again. Due to an abundance of coconut palms, welcome guests are asked to consider whether to bring small children who might disobey mummy and daddy when they say, ?stay away from under the tall swaying tree full of heavy coconuts. There is a power generator plus plenty of back-up candles. Due to the remoteness, blackouts are a reality, however, the safe and cozy confines of your villa become quite romantic after dark. There is dedicated room service, ceiling fan, and air conditioner at Sanda Butik Villa.