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Bali - Menjangan

Menjangan Dynasty Resort, An Echo Friendly Resort Hotel in Menjangan on the West part of Bali offering cheap room rates. Menjangan Dynasty is situated in Menjangan Bay on the western part of Bali, around 3 hours drive from Bali International Airport. This three hours trip will pass the breathtaking view of the rice field and the rural village that you will not get bored during the trip.   Menjangan Dynasty Resort Rooms: As soon as you arrive at Menjangan Dynasty Resort, there is comfortable room awaits you. Menjangan Resort provides some types of rooms built to stimulate a Balinese village represented by 24 Beach Camp Tents, 2 one-bedroom Cliff Tent Villas and 2 two-bedroom Cliff Tent Villas. All rooms set on the tropical garden landscape overlooking the lush greenery of the garden. Each room features high wooden ceiling and furniture makes it comfortable and cool. It also features an open bathroom, a large verandah, and hot water.  Having a perfect location near the diving site of Menjangan Island,  Dynasty Resort is the perfect base to do lots of activities including, snorkeling, canoeing, sea-biking, and diving. Here, you are able to explore the flora and fauna of Bali Barat National Park as well as the beautiful under water.   Menjangan Dynasty Resort Services & Facilities: The Menjangan Dynasty Resort has complete facilities for every guest including swimming pool, restaurant, and bar, dive center, spa, meeting, and incentive. Staying in Menjangan Dynasty Resort, you will make your dream comes true.
Hotel 8.8
Menjangan View, Boutique Hotel in Menjangan Bay on The Northwestern Part of Bali providing cheap room rates. Menjangan View is an exclusive resort located in Menjangan on the far northwest tip of the island of Bali in the national park. Hotel Menjangan View offers intimate and tranquil with no tourists whatsoever meaning you can enjoy a perfect couples holiday away from the masses of tourists in the beautiful area or tropical forests and white sand beaches all of which have been untouched and remain in the state that they have been in for hundreds of years. The journey to Menjangan Bay Bali is around three and a half hour from the airport through the most beautiful scenery of Bali and includes a half hour boat ride before you reach this dream destination.  This is a a great accommodation to stay as part of any Bali holiday in a southern area in order to have a day of complete tranquility or as a couples or honeymooners idea escape for the first few days of their marriage.   Menjangan View Rooms: Hotel Menjangan View is a traditionally styled resort which is grander and more inspired by the ancient artwork and architecture. Inside the bungalows and rooms the interior is a combination of sleek modern styling traditional fabrics and artwork as well as extensive facilities. King size beds are as standard and every rooms has a delightful balcony that overlooks the beautiful coastline that lines the island. Facilities in all of the rooms include air conditioning, luxury en suite bathrooms with baths and showers and hot and cold water, a well stocked mini bar, luxurious mosquito nets on all of the beds, a variety household amenities including sandals and a hairdryer.   Menjangan View Services & Facilities: The facilities include swimming pool that is set in the beautiful gardens of the resort and has ample seating located around the perimeter and close to the bar.  It is possible to book non smoking rooms at Hotel Menjangan View  and at the tour desk you can book a variety of different excursions including trips around the national park and activities such as sailing, cycling snorkeling and scuba diving. For an alternative tranquil retreat within Menjangan Hotel has get to be up there with the best.
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Resort 8.1
Mimpi Resort Menjangan is hidden way in the northwest coast of Bali, spreading over the lush mangrove trees in Menjangan with cheap room rates. Mimpi Menjangan is around 3 hours drive through the enchanting countryside and is just 1 hour from Singaraja Lovina. The resort offers seclusion and tranquility atmosphere blending with the serene beauty of its unspoiled surroundings.   Menjangan Island is a holiday destination in Bali in which is currently developing with the existence of several classy hotels and resorts. Mimpi Resort Menjangan sets in an area surrounded by shady mangrove forest and other tropical trees. The location of the resort is close to Menjangan Island that has been maintained as National Park. Mimpi Resort Menjangan is located on the Western Bali bay covering a distance for 3 hours drive from Ngurah Rai Airport. Trip to the resort passes through Bedugul or follow the main line toward the Gili Manuk harbor situated in the western Bali. There is nothing to worry about having a boring trip, as it would pass through some chic scenery of the rural nature, rice fields, and amazing mountains.Presenting Balinese traditional house concepts, Mimpi Resort Menjangan is built by keeping the harmony of the relationship between human and environment. The beauty of its surrounding natural panorama is reflected in the arrangement of the well-arranged park at this resort. While the uniqueness of Balinese culture is well known for its friendliness seen through the services provided by the resort staff. Mimpi Resort Menjangan  Services & Facilities: Mimpi Resort Menjangan becomes a suitable resort for tourists who are on a honeymoon or simply enjoying its tranquil and peaceful atmosphere. The resort is far out of the town’s bustle and other tourist activities. What could be done at this resort is relaxing, taking rest, swimming and diving.   Mimpi Resort Menjangan Rooms: There are 54 unit selections of bedrooms divided into 4 categories that are Patio rooms, courtyard villas, courtyard villas with pond and grand courtyard villas with swimming pools. For the comfort of guests, each room is furnished with AC, mini bar, bathroom with its amenities. Residing away from the hustle and bustle of other tourist resorts, Mimpi Menjangan provides ultimate holiday retreat in the unique Balinese villas and abundance of natural hot spring. Wide range of marine sports activities is available upon request.    
Naya Gawana Resort & Spa in Menjangan, West Bali offers truly holiday retreat in the western part of Bali providing cheap room rates.   Standing elegantly in on the tranquility beach overlooking the Java Ocean. Naya Gawana Resort & Spa Menjangan are within 3 hours drive from Bali International Airport both through Singaraja or along the main road heading to Gili Manuk harbor. Selection of water sports activities including scuba diving is available on request.   Naya Gawana Resort & Spa Rooms: Naya Gawana Resort Bali consists of 12 Lumbung Suites spreading under the shady of Mangrove trees. All rooms provide a magnificent view overlooking Menjangan Bay and the tropical forest. Room facilities include individually controlled air conditioning, mini bar, sun deck, living room, bathroom with hot spring and balcony. Additional amenities on Mangrove Suite is a private whirlpool.Pemuteran is a tourist area that has started to develop, located in the southwestern Bali. Reaching this area takes around 3 hours to drive passing through Bedugul or Negara. Naya Gawana is one of the resorts located in Pemuteran, precisely close to Menjangan Island and West Bali National Park, presenting a unique resort concept in the midst of mangrove trees with shady trees in the coastline.Naya Gawana Resort and Spa Menjangan Bali are built by presenting building structure in the shape of rice barn in amid forest. Quite and tranquil atmospheres make the resort as an ideal place for meditation and staying away from daily activities. The audible things in the resort surrounding are warbling birds, wild animals and seawater's pounding in the coastline. There is no much activities could be done besides traveling around forest, diving, swimming, and snorkeling.There have been many visitors either local or foreign choosing Naya Gawana Resort & Spa Menjangan Bali as honeymooning place or simply enjoying the genuine natural panorama. The beauty of the environment adds the charm of the resort combined with the amazing view looking out the Java sea. A Balinese architecture blended with modern facilities and designs makes the guests feel comfortable to stay any longer at the resort. Hidden into the jungle and enjoy the beauty of its surrounding in the northwestern part of Bali. It is your own world when staying with Naya Gawana. None will border your romantic holiday.  A tasteful candlelight dinner is another option to fill your special honeymoon in this resort.
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Hotel 9.2
The NusaBay Menjangan sets on a seclusion and tranquility location in Menjangan on west Bali providing cheap room rates.   Menjangan is a small island located on the western part of Bali where lies a small boutique NusaBay Menjangan. From the airport of Bali is around 3 hours drive to the northwest coast then crossing by a small boat to Menjangan Island. NusaBay Menjangan is an accommodation which is located in the middle of tropical jungle in West Bali National Park, where the people and the environment live together in harmony. This is one of the resorts built in Menjangan Island, in the northwestern part of Bali Island. It takes about 3 hours from Ngurah Rai Airport to reach NusaBay Resort Menjangan. On the way there, you can see the stunning view of Bali’s nature and the villagers’ houses. This resort describes Balinese traditional style completed with modern facilities. Surrounded by a beautiful tropical garden, with stunning panorama overlooking the Indian Ocean. NusaBay Menjangan offers a perfect concept of accommodation, which is the combination of Balinese traditional architecture with a modern touch. This place is like an escape from the crowds and offers you lots of excitements to spend your vacation in tranquility. When the sun goes near the horizon, the golden sunset fills the rest of the day until the night comes. Romantic candlelight dinner will lighten up your spirit amongst the jungle, entertained by the gently waves breaks on the beach.   NusaBay Menjangan Rooms: The rooms are categorized into bungalows and villas, which are designed with an artistic touch to maintain the balance between the people and the environment. The jungle resort has 12 bungalows and 2 villas equipped with facilities including air conditioner, fan, refrigerator, bathroom, and balcony.The twelve traditional Balinese style bungalows spread under the shade of the tropical mangrove trees. Each bungalow is superb beautifully decorated and is equipped with modern amenities including air conditioner, overhead fan, mini bar, bed mosquito net, shaver outlets, bathrobes, slippers, and private terrace.Other room amenities are on request including coffee & tea maker, iron & ironing board and CD player
Plataran Menjangan Resort and Spa is a luxury holiday resort located in Menjangan Bay in the northwest of Bali featuring cheap room rates.   The resort is a great place to discover other side of Bali. Plataran Menjangan Resort and Spa offers a great chance to explore the Bali Barat National Park as well and experience one of the most beautiful coral reefs on the island.The accommodations are available in some types including one bedroom forest villa, luxury villa ocean, ocean mangrove villa, and two bedroom forest villa. Experience a luxury and comfort stay in the heart of Bali Barat National Park. All rooms allow you to experience living in nature. The spacious rooms of every villa with its wooden floors, traditional Alang-Alang grass roof, and the en-suite bathrooms crafted natural stone will be the great choice for those who want to enjoy the beauty of nature in luxury.  All villas at Plataran Menjangan Resort and Spa are beautiful in Balinese and modern design with elegant furnishings.  Various activities are available at Plataran Menjangan Resort &b Spa. You may enjoy the most beautiful coral reefs on this island by diving or snorkeling and kayak through the surrounding mangrove. Explore the beauty of the forest and the nearby area by joining horseback riding. Experience various great dishes of Indonesian while at Plataran Menjangan Resort & Spa While enjoying your dishes, you can also enjoy the panoramic view of the jungle and the excellent views across the bay.  
USD 62
Resort 9.1
The Menjangan Resort is a beach resort in Menjangan area on the west part of Bali providing cheap room rates. The resort is located in the far northwest of the magical island of Bali is an alternative luxury holiday resort. Far far away from the tourist center of the southern areas of Bali and even the escapes of Ubud and its surrounding areas that are becoming increasingly visited, at The Menjangan Resort you really are guaranteed your own little piece of paradise in one of the most beautiful areas of Bali. Menjangan area is a natural conservation area and is luscious in rice fields and tropical woodlands that run down the hillside to the white sandy beaches which can be enjoyed almost exclusively as there are very few tourist visitors in this part of the island which is what allows The Menjangan to retain its true secluded paradise feel that many villas claim to, but are not able to deliver. Here in the natural and unchanged beauty of Balinese nature and real culture, it is able to witness Bali as it was before the tourist explosion and realize just what it is about Bali that has caused this worldwide fascination. Offering a spectacular view of the natural conservation, The Menjangan Resort is a luxury holiday resort located in the northwest of the island. The resort is a great place to discover another side of Bali. The Menjangan Resort Bali offers a great chance to explore the Bali Barat National Park as well and experience one of the most beautiful coral reefs in the island.  Various activities are available at The Menjangan. You may enjoy the most beautiful coral reefs on this island by diving or snorkeling and kayak through the surrounding mangrove. Explore the beauty of the forest and the nearby area by joining horseback riding. Experience various great dishes of Indonesian while at The Menjangan, Eastern and Western delicacies served 33 meters long and 5 incredible logs traditionally built Balinese tower called Bali Tower Restaurant. While enjoying your dishes, you can also enjoy the panoramic view of the jungle and the excellent views across the bay. The restaurant also provides vegetarian foods and great kids dishes. If you plan to have a casual barbeque, Sentigi Beach Restaurant is a great place for it. It is built out across the water with a view across the Sentigi Bay.  The Menjangan is an excellent alternative holiday regardless of whether you intend to participate in the adventure activities presented or simply enjoy your time away from the usual routine. This particular resort is one of only a few offering luxury accommodations in this area and is recommended for couples who are interested in this kind of resort.

Menjangan is located on the western part of Bali and takes around 3 hours and 30 minutes drive from the southern part of Bali. The surrounding island is famous for its beauty of underwater world for scuba diving. Menjangan Island is close to West Bali National Park.  There are few hotels in Menjangan Island to accommodate the travelers spending their holiday in the western part of Bali. The hotels in Menjangan mostly comprise of small number of rooms but still provide complete facilities and services. Most hotels in Menjangan features the authentic Balinese and modern minimalist. There are some private pool villas in Menjangan near West Bali National Park. There are several options of hotels in Menjangan and private villas in Menjangan to meet the needs of adventure travellers.

The Bali National Park is home to a diverse array of wildlife and it is in this area that most of Bali’s conservational work is carried out, you can visit the areas and see the effort that is being put in at grass routes level in order to preserve the beautiful life and forests of the island that is being extended throughout Indonesia. The presence of the Bali National Park is also a great aesthetic asset creating a wonderful back drop of mountains covered with tropical rainforests with rivers that run down to the clear turquoise waters. The beaches here are white sand and run down to perfect clear turquoise waters that are not subject to the southerly swells of the Indian Ocean and are instead perfect for swimming and snorkeling around the coral encrusted reefs and lagoons that are positively seeming with life which leads us onto another great reason to visit this area.