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Bali - Kintamani - Hotel

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Lakeside Cottages, Hotel in Lake Batur near Kintamani Bali Providing Comfortable Accommodation with cheap room rates. Lakeside Cottages offers modern accommodation and is located near Lake Batur on the foot of Mount Batur near Kintamani, Bali. Lakeside Cottages Bali are one of the alternative resorts in Lake Batur near Kintamani Bali which offer an exclusive location as well as a completely different experience of Bali on the end of a traditional village on the way up to the top of the Mount Batur.  Lakeside Cottages Bali is an incredible place to stay as the views out over Bali are breathtaking. The views of the mountains and valleys and streams and temples all the way down the hillside and that is before you mention the incredible lake itself. Being away from the bulk of tourists there is a far more sophisticated and culturally aware atmosphere where people have come to experience the beauty of the island rather than its hedonistic nightlife. With only a few people staying up here and a small number of visitors the peace and serenity are never disturbed. On the other side of the coin, there are a number of tourist facilities such as restaurants and internet cafes which are great to meet a few other people and indulge in a little luxury, not that Lakeside Cottages Bali is short of that.   Lakeside Cottages Rooms: Lakeside Bali Cottages is pleasant and unobjectionable in every way. Rooms have air conditioning and hot and cold water and are clean and well presented in the timeless eastern style. There are equally pleasant little en suite bathrooms with hot and cold water and many have great views out over the surrounding landscape. As well as this there are televisions with the option of satellite connections and minibars. All of these rooms have a pleasant garden area and offer a great opportunity to walk out into the tropical morning mountain atmosphere and look out over the lake while you eat your breakfast. One of the main advantages of staying at Lakeside Bali Cottages is the highly reasonable price which is a great option for backpacker as well as families traveling in the area. With this being said this is an excellent atmosphere and some very pleasant communal areas where you can enjoy the scenery as well as your private room area.   Lakeside Cottages Services & Facilities: Lakeside Cottages Bali offers a number of facilities including a lovely restaurant where there are some awesome views and dishes that are of a very high standard and are highly enjoyable from all over the world. The restaurant specializes in lake fresh fish as well as a number of different dishes. There is also a fantastic pool which is the classic square shape and looks straight over the lake to the distant peaks as well as a bar serving a number of drinks and refreshments. Activities offered are simple but captivating and memorable including guided hiking, cycling and jogging around the beautiful area as well as canoeing on the streams as well as the lakes. There is also the more extreme challenge of the whitewater rafting close by using other companies. Lakeside Bali Cottages offers everything required for tourists seeking this kind of accommodation.
Puri Bening Lake Front Hotel in Lake Batur in Penelokan Kintamani Bali Cheap Room Rates. Puri Bening Lake Front Hotel is small accommodation in Lake Batur near Penelokan Kintamani Bali offering the best place to stay the night during your holiday in Bali. Puri Bening Hotel is located in the Lake Batur area which in Kintamani of Bali and is a great alternative location to the southern areas of the island for those who do not wish to indulge in the tourism areas and instead would like to experience Bali for its tropical and cultural beauty which is a little further away from the airport than most tourists bother to venture. Once you have undertaken the hours trip through some of the most beautiful areas in Bali you will reach the great lake located high in the volcanic mountains of the center of Bali. From here the temperatures are fresher in the mountains which are surrounded by traditional Balinese villages and tropical countryside which is dominated by rainforests and rice paddies. Puri Bening Lake Front Hotel offers traditional style Balinese luxury hotel accommodation near Kintamani Bali which had been brought into the modern day with real luxurious of modern tropical living.     Puri Bening Lake Front Hotel Rooms: The rooms are of a great quality featuring all of the modern luxury facilities that you would expect from air conditioning to hot and cold water which is very refreshing as the mornings in the mountains can be slightly chilly. The rooms are split into a variety of different styles and levels including the deluxe rooms as well as some private bungalow suites. All of the rooms at Puri Bening Hotel are of a fine quality and feature satellite televisions as well as DVD players and safety facilities. There are also private verandas or balconies that can be enjoyed at any time in the day and overlook the beautiful Balinese gardens as well as the local beautiful sights which are truly breathtaking.   Puri Bening Lake Front Hotel Services & Facilities: Some of the hotel facilities include a fantastic restaurant which has some of the most incredible views of the area and offers a good level of local food as well as international meals from all over the world. As well as this there is a great pool which can be enjoyed at any point in the day. As well as this there is a great pool which also looks out into the gardens as well as over the fantastic landscapes that surround the area. In the mornings this is particularly magical when the mist hangs in the air and the atmosphere is mystical. As well as this you can enjoy the spa and massage facilities which can take place in your private rooms as well as in the spa area or in the gardens. The other facilities at Puri Bening Lake Front Hotel include the transport and multiple drinks of water and land activities which are all very popular not to mention visiting the local villages.