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Bali - Hotels in Pemuteran

Located on a remote shoreline within the National Park, welcome guests will be astounded to stumble across Santi Sari Boutique Hotel and Spa, the only accommodation in the area, and a mighty beautiful accommodation.Santi Sari Boutique Hotel and Spa is set in a truly unique and highly exclusive location; West Bali’s National Park. This part of Bali is remote and far, far away from any touristic hustle and bustle, and also from any other settlement for miles and miles.  The sea is right on the doorstep and this part of Bali has excellently clear and transparent sea water offering top snorkeling, scuba diving, and swimming off the soft, white, coral sand beaches. The nights are still and only interrupted by the sound of wild animals from the surrounding National Park, and the days are devoid of stress in any form. There are very few, if any, tourist facilities here, so this place is best used as a short retreat where welcome guests can maximize on tranquility, serenity, purity, and focus on the beautiful coastline.Santi Sari Boutique Hotel and Spa in Pemuteran is a true wonder of majestic quality, set in a grand total of 21 acres, and featuring just ten individual, private, and luxury suites withing a Main and Guest House. Each suite has its own private swimming pool, and is surrounded by National Park, remote beaches, mountains, mangroves, lotus ponds, and breathtaking panoramic views.One main attraction at Santi Sari Boutique Hotel and Spa is the resort’s proximity to the beautiful Menjangan Island, Bali’s protected coral reef island which offer’s Bali’s best scuba diving. Santi Sari Boutique Hotel and Spa has its own private boat that allows guess to do some light sea cruising and get incredible snorkeling and photographic opportunities. There are traditional spa, massage, and well-being health therapy options within the Santi Sari Boutique Hotel and Spa and is careful to use its very own soaps oils, aromas, perfumes, shower gels, and shampoos. All suites boast both national park and ocean views, have large and luxurious bedrooms with fully remote air conditioning, and also have a private courtyard with terraced living areas. Within the bedrooms welcome guests will find unique, high quality hand carved Balinese four poster solid wooden beds. The bedrooms are also fitted with state of the art DVD player, TV, Satellite, surround sound, and a high speed WiFi Broadband Internet connection. There is an excellen team present of friendly, and professional staffs, and one feature is the hotel restaurant that overlooks the candle lit Lotus Pond and offers splendid sunset a la carte dining. The decor and architecture remains heavily Balinese, and there is an abundance of raw woods, open and carved stone facades and ornaments, trees, artwork and an intoxicating feel.
Taman Sari Bali Resort and Spa is a hideaway resort hotel in Pemuteran, Bali,  offering luxury accommodation far removed from the tourist centre of Bali in the unspoiled real tropical paradise of both geographic and cultural beauty that is Pemuteran. Located in the far west of the north coast inside the huge national conservation park bearing mountains, hillsides, rice paddies and picture perfect beaches without a single sun burnt soul to be seen. Taman Sari Bali Resort and Spa in Pemuteran have realized that not all tourists are primarily interested in proximity to the airport, big clubs and large shopping malls and instead would rather experience the real secluded tropical paradise that one envisages when planning a tropical holiday instead of the commercial mass produced reality of many over developed areas. These gorgeous white sand beaches meet clear turquoise flat waters containing warm lagoons and reefs reaming with aquatic life making for some fantastic snorkeling and diving and what’s more these endless stretches of white sand beaches often bare no ones footprints but your own. This holy area is home to devoted locals living in small Balinese villages who are always happy to see tourists who have chosen to explore there less visited land and display the simplicity and intricacy of their vibrant culture.Taman Sari Bali Resort and Spa in Pemuteran offers 6 unique accommodation options each specifically designed according to immediate topography and distant scenery creating spectacular sea and mountain views in rooms of differing styles and price ranges. There are 2 tier pool villas with private terrace gardens through to comfortable air conditioned beach cottages of prices attractive to the more budget conscious travelers.Activities include breathtaking snorkeling and diving which understandably is a large focus of Taman Sari Bali Resort and Spa due to the wealth of rich dive sites in the area that are rarely explored. The Taman Sari Bali operates using the PADI dive program and runs courses from ‘Descover SCUBA’ which is a fun taster for all first timers, PADI open water to dive master and even specialized courses in camera operation, night diving and NITROX mixed gas. The diving courses and kit hire is extremely reasonable when compared to many of the tour operators, including trips as far as the Liberty wreck at Tulamben.Other activities include guided trekking through the National Park and visiting the local enchanting temples with the opportunity to learn the fascinating history surrounding the area or have an active role in the release of baby turtles into the sea with the turtle conservation project.Taman Sari Bali Resort and Spa in Pemuteran are an excellent alternative to the standard Kuta holiday where guests enjoy truly breathtaking views and the warm vibrancy of the culture. The beaches and National Park areas are rich and tranquil in the most paradisiacal form that is just impossible to find in the south of the island. The rooms range in style, size luxury and price range although even the more economical are comfortable and not without a level of luxury. With grand activities and the real tropical paradise experience Taman Sari Bali Resort and Spa in Pemuteran have produced an establishments that really could be close to your dream tropical get away.
Taman Selini Wahana Beach Resort resides on the northwest coast in the undeveloped fishing village of Pemuteran Bali. Take convenient drive of 3 hours to reach the hotel through the fascinating country side and rain forest. Stands right on the beach overlooking the calm sea water of Java Ocean. Taman Selini Wahana Beach Resort Resorts was built harmoniously with the serenity of the natural surroundings. Perfect place for nature lovers. Taman Selini is few kilometers from the West Bali National Reserve. The untouched forest full of monkeys and deer as well as many birds and other species peculiar to the northwest part of this island.Charter a horseback riding for a romantic morning surprise. Soon after the sunrise unravels misty darkness shrouding the rustic Hindu temples in Pemuteran district, you and your beloved will be set for a long detour around west Bali’s idyllic gems. In the saddle of a black-beauty stallion, you are surmounting the nearby hill to witness the unparalleled natural beauty, ranging from minute villages swarmed amidst lush rice paddy field to the reserved Menjangan Island, of which has been crowned as probably the best diving spot in the world due to its substantial coral and underwater creature diversities. In fact, snorkeling into the blue ocean appears to be a succumbing stopover after trotting on four feet. The available PADI-licensed diving instructors are also at your behest whenever you feel anxious about getting soaked. The unspeakable sea charms would prove correctly that sometimes one could hardly surmise at first where the real pleasure truly lies. In Taman Selini Wahana Beach Resort, fortunately, you can always be sure that satisfaction stays close at hand.Taman Selini Wahana Beach Resort is hidden away from the crowded with less activities around. It takes around 3 hours from the airport or other tourist area on the southern part of Bali. This boutique bungalows cater the needs of travelers looking for totally relax in the secluded atmosphere.Another glance over a few kilometers from Taman Selini Wahana Beach Resort afar easily locates Bali National Reserve, the serene natural shelter for monkeys, deer, and various bird species. During way back home, unfurl modest Balinese lifestyle in the vibrant Seririt Market. Hundred names of new tropical spices complemented with traditional cooking utensils such cashew nut mace and pumpkin scoop never cease to amaze you. The compassionate smiles of the down-to-earth natives are more than a symbolic warmth welcoming, rendering irrefutable recipe over memorable moments to carry back home. Still, this is not where the fancy horseback tale ends. One more roundabout to go by and the last surprise happens to be one of the most important sanctuaries in Bali, Pulaki Temple. Most drivers crisscrossing the streets have accustomed themselves to entreat holy water sprinkles as a safe ride protection. You may imitate the local customs or, otherwise, savor the blissful serenity the temple treasures. Its authentic carvings store hidden myths to discover; meanwhile, the mesmerizing view showcasing the limitless azure sea is hypnotizing. Going home is no longer a desired choice.Returning to your private bungalow brings an irresistible urge to just kick back and idle for the rest of the afternoon. The eleven aptly named bungalows from the overflowing flowers in the paradisiacal setting are, indeed, unwinding masterpieces. Whether Deluxe or Family rooms such Bougainvillea, Jacarandas, Frangipani, or Japonica Bungalow, each is an endearing selection which suggests immeasurable excitement within the air-conditioning compound adjoined with an extensive outdoor living space. Well-appointed furniture including antique daybed, heaps of comfy cushions, and colorful festooned curtains imbue signature tropical pampering. More colors to come are catered in the sumptuous dishes of Taman Selini Beach Bungalows’s in-house restaurant that supplies gratifying repletion in its Balinese, Indonesian, and Greek delicacies. Flock of guests from either Taman Selini’s own bungalows or other close-proximity resorts evidently point out how scrumptious the menus can be. Later, you can slide on to the in-house shop where rich accent crafts like Javanese Batik and Balinese Jewelries are displayed with affordable price tags. Beauty, unexpectedly, does come cheap one in a while.
Tirta Sari Bungalow resides on the northwest coast in the undeveloped fishing village of Pemuteran Bali. Take convenient drive of 3 hours to reach the hotel through the fascinating country side and rain forest.  Tirta Sari Bungalow was built harmoniously with the serenity of the natural surroundings. Perfect place for nature lovers. The hotel is few kilometers from the West Bali National Reserve. The untouched forest full of monkeys and deer as well as many birds and other species peculiar to the northwest part of this island.Tirta Sari Bungalow are covered by the greenery garden landscapes. There are 20 well decorated guest rooms to choose from. Room facilities include air conditioning, safe deposit box, Wi-Fi connection, private bathroom and garden terrace. Tirta Sari Bungalow Pemuteran features with swimming pool, restaurant, spa and beauty salon, minimarket, 24 hours service, car parking, laundry service and security guard.