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Bali - Hotels in Kintamani

Located facing the magnificent of Lake Batur, The Ayu kintamani Villa offers a quiet and peaceful stay for your Bali holiday. The area is wellknow for it agricultural products and majestic view of mountains, volcanoes, lake the uniqueness of traditional village of Trunyan nearby. The Ayu Kintamani Villa can be reached for about 2.5 hours from Bali International airport of Denpasar or about 1.5 hours from the tourist resort of Ubud.The Ayu Kintamani Villa is small and well maintained hotels near Lake Batur offers  comfortable and simple rooms with private shower hot and cold water. The most friendly atmosphere in the paradise and personalized service at The Ayu Kintamani Villa makes our guests always back with satisfaction. The facilities and services includes swimming pool, restaurant, laundry, security guard, car parking, and 24 hours hotel service.

Kintamani lies on the top on the mountain, around 2 hours drive from the southern part of the island. It is one of Bali's tourist attractions with spectacular mountain views over Mount Batur and Lake Batur at the ground. There are several hotels in Kintamani to accommodate the need of travelers who needs to overnight here. Most of the hotels in Kintamani offers simple accommodation.

Kintamani is located in the north of Bali and in the locale of the volcano Mount Batur and its beautiful expanse of fresh water lake. Kintamani is located about three to 4 hours drive from the south of Bali although the drive is a breathtaking trip through the middle of the real Bali where you will pass the rice terraces that make mirror-like staircases around the hills that lead up to the mountainous valleys that are covered with tropical forests and have rivers that run the full length of the island. One you have reached the area of Kintamani the temperature is far cooler and fresher in the mountain air where magnificent unspoilt panoramic views of Bali can be enjoyed from this secluded and un-crowded magical area.

It is not just the scenery that is beautiful and serine in Kintamani there is also a beautiful little culture that consists of the six different villages known as the Age villages (pronounced a- gee) that are spread around the crater of the Mount Batur. These villages are all different to any of the villages in Bali and collectively only accommodation 15,000 people who are mainly farmers and workers of the land. There are some very interesting fabric designs and cloths that can be purchased from the markets of these towns and each one has a totally different feel and will welcome you whole heartedly to look around the area.

There are also a few important temples that guard the volcano from the evil spirits and there are many ceremonies that are in place to appease these spirits ensure the safety of the people of the island. There are also some amazing myths and legends connecting the volcano and its surrounding area which is hardly surprising since Mont Batur has erupted 24 times in the last 200 years and has repeatedly damaged and destroyed the surrounding areas including the villages and temples of the area. The volcano is still active to this day although another eruption is not expected.

There are now some gorgeous little restaurants and villa of surprisingly high luxury in the area that makes an ideal spot for a couple who are looking for a place away from the tourists where the seclusion is incredible and the tranquility is divine. Kintamani has been the chosen location for these builds due to the breathtakingly incredible panoramic views to be had from the top across the glorious tropical mountain countryside. Kintamani is also the best spot to watch the new sun rise over Bali where you will see the sun breach before anyone else on the island shedding light upon the eerie mists of this sacred land. With the beautiful peaceful culture that invite you wholeheartedly into their areas and the incredible views and walking opportunities with countless incredible view spots it is no wonder that Kintamani has been selected as an alternative holiday location for those who really seek to escape the realities of back home and experience something completely different.