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Bali - Bedugul

USD 66
Villa 8.3
Villa Puri Candikuning is located on the green and breathtaking slopes in the cool Bedugul mountain resort providing cheap room rates.   Villa Puri Candikuning is nested hidden among the trees of tropical rainforest in more than 1,200 altitudes above sea level and therefore offers you very fresh air and relaxed staying away from the bustling city.   Villa Puri Candikuning Rooms: Puri Candikuning offers several options of suites and villas, crafted with typical Balinese design, facing the mountainous rain forest and amazing north Bali landscape. The upper-level restaurant faces Lake Buyan and Lake Tamblingan. Each villa has its own private garden, private room, and balcony. Villa Puri Candikuning is constructed with the modern minimalist wall, made from wood and inlaid with natural stone.   Villa Puri Candikuning Services & Facilities: Our restaurant offers a magnificent view of sister lakes serves only fresh ingredients, such as vegetables provided from our own garden, are used in food preparation which is a chic place for vegetarian lovers. Choose the most romantic corner for your Candlelight dinner or at our 'Bale Bengong' a Balinese traditional gazebo with the stars and the torches making your dinner a memorable one.

Aside from abound of luxurious hotel array anchoring on Bedugul's best corners, this carefree cool mountainous territory is a worthwhile visit to endure Balinese happiness. You can enjoy no less than three immense lakes that mirror morning ray as well as euphoric rainbow at monsoon seasons on an overlook over your window curtains. There is also misty fog permeating dew specs, caressing your bare skin on an early leisure stroll around the neighborhood. Beyond the chill mist lies two old temples complemented with different enchantment that each pertains. One is towering over water during sunsets, and another comprises vast, enriched garden along with expanded water pond. If nature seems to lure you better, Bedugul spoils plant lovers for multifarious floral collections, well-nurtured in The Bedugul Botanical Garden (Kebun Raya Eka Karya). But the ones on sale are displayed enticingly at the traditional market of Candikuning. Lastly, Bali Treetop Adventure Park, where gliding from one giant tree to another in spectacular grassy outdoor happens, shall exert your boisterous side. Nothing is missed to enjoy in Bedugul; all is ultimately to your best time of the year in Asia’s prized paradise, Bali.

The first beauty you must not miss is the three stretched lakes, Bunyan, Tamblingan, and Beratan, which encircle Bedugul with oceanic beauty. The last lake, especially, while has been said to be prolific in marine life products, conveys sprawling scene that utters no other else than serenity. When sunrise and sunset reappear, you could see their divine reflections of delightful spectrums on the undulating water surface. And this mesmerizing setting is heightened by spiritual repletion that Ulun Danu Temple envelops within. Protruding toward to the lake may manipulate your distant observation to believe how Ulun Danu Temple floats adrift somehow, albeit it remains overflowed during high tides. To Balinese nonetheless, water is an inseparable element to the exotic temple since it has been established to keep Dewi Tanu, water goddess, in praise. As much as fascinating Ulun Danu Temple is, a word of the wise is to leave your extravagant leather shoes behind. Think of the muddy welcoming but in the nicest way; invisible blessing entails on your every strut in and out of the sanctuary.

The importance of water in Bedugul also brims in adrenaline-pumping water-sports, such as jet-skiing, banana boating, canoeing, and parasailing. Hoisted up high in the air, you can rediscover Bedugul through a different perspective on the last water-sport option mentioned. The earliest parasailing will unfold entrancing sunray that reveals dense green enclaves nearby, where multitudes of fruit grow naturally as possible, waiting for someone like you to pluck them up freshly off the tree. Still, no worry shall arise if you lack sense of direction and hate to track around; Bedugul traditional market collects similar natural product comfortably on one spot. Fresh air and delightful green scents also ooze easy food shopping, unlike in supermarkets. Unique fruits such salak, mangosteen, Jeruk Bali (Balinese orange), and even durian are teemed with local motley ingredients, most you need to sizzle up myriad tantalizing dishes of world-class cuisines. After meandering throughout the market, taking a break at Taman Ayun Temple then is an indulging privilege. The intimidating monumental size features an opulent fishpond which you can observe in much admiration while kicking back, enjoying the serene atmosphere. Resembling to an otherworldly escape, Bedugul inexplicably pampers you inside and out, showering a blissful rejuvenation to a tired metropolitan soul. A visit prepares you to reencounter with relentless hardwork and business in the city. But when you inquire to satiate in another tempting excursion, Bedugul is always an open option.