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Bali - Amed

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Cheap Room Rates Anda Amed Resort, A Small boutique hotel, and resort in Amed of Karangasem Bali. Book your discount room at Anda Amed Bali. Anda Amed Resort is hotel in Amed of East Bali, a boutique style accommodation located 2.5 hours drive from Bali International Airport and is within an hour drive from Candidasa. The Anda Amed is perched on the hill providing an amazing ocean view from your room and around Anda Amed. The peaceful and comfortable atmosphere creates a romantic moment during your holiday in Amed in the eastern part of Bali. The friendly services of the hotel staff add another experience of your holiday hideaway. Anda Amed Resort  Bali is suitable for travelers seeking for totally unwind and relax in a tranquil area.Amed is one of the tourist resort in Bali and is renowned as the best diving spots with its colorful underwater world. It covers around 10 kilometers bordering Tulamben on the west and Seraya Beach on the east. Anda Amed Resort features a combination of contemporary Balinese and modern architectures. Blending harmoniously with the natural beauty of its surrounding. The Resort Anda Amed provides one bedroom villa and family villa. Each villa has a private garden and is overlooking the ocean.Room amenities include individually controlled air-conditioned, en-suite bathroom, mosquito net, private terrace for dining, television, DVD, hot and cold water, and mini bar.
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Villa 8.6
Cheap Room Rates Apa Kabar Villas in Amed Bali, a complex of villas in Amed Karangasem. Apa Kabar is a great villas in Amed providing best accommodation at discount room rates Apa Kabar Villas in Amed are a selection of dedicated traditional Balinese villas located on the north east side of the island of Bali. Apa Kabar Villa feature traditional Balinese style offering the feeling of the locals with the traditional roofs and courtyards as well as gardens and the same sort of style in the restaurants and all around the complex. The phrase Apa Kabar means ‘what news?’ and is the main greeting of the Indonesians always said with a pleasant tone. The Balinese culture in the Amed area is still present to an incredible level with beautiful temples located all around the area and many locals still living the traditional life. As well as this cultural beauty you can also enjoy the incredible physical beauty of the north east coast of Bali which offers all of the Balinese themes of countryside from towering volcanoes and mountains covered with rainforest and jungle down across the hills where memorizing patterns are carved into the landscape by the rice paddies and then coconut groves and other plantations lead up to the black and white sand beaches where there is crystal clear water which is flat over the coral reefs which are home to all kinds of unreal wildlife.Apa Kabar Villas in Amed offers the ultimate seclusion in boutique villas with only 6 separate villas. There are 2 Ocean Front Cottages, 2 Cottages with Ocean Views and 2 Twin Ocean Front Villas. All of these villas at Apa Kabar Amed have the most beautiful traditional carved doors and window shutters as well as the stonework which is typical of any well to do Balinese families house. With incredible ocean views and beautiful gardens located all around the area with ponds and all kinds of interesting Balinese flowers and plants. With the different arrangements of sleeping quarters, you can enjoy the living areas as well as the luxury bathrooms and the international entertainment channels on the televisions. There are large bathtubs in all of the rooms as well as large showers and hot and cold water with which to enjoy them.The facilities at Apa Kabar in Amed include a number of different services, activities, and amenities. Amed is famous for its underwater beauty around the entire coastal region of the northeast and Apa Kabar Villas in Amed offers diving and snorkeling packages run by the Bagus Diving Centre with excellent deals on all of the courses and dives. There is also the traditional gazebo style restaurant with open sides revealing the incredible gardens and a partial sea view. The layout and furnishing are to a very high standard and the food is incredible including local and international fare and particularly good fresh seafood. Villa Apa Kabar a large pool area which again is in the tropical gardens and has a nearby bar and is around 40 foot in length. There is a waterfall into the pool and a reel lagoon like feel to the entire area.
Cheap Room Rates Arya Amed Beach Resort, Small boutique resort hotel in Amed. Book a discount room at Arya Amed Resort for your stay in Amed. Arya Amed Beach Resort is small accommodation located in Amed, on the eastern part of Bali. Arya Resort Amed is located on a tranquility area and is away from the crowds of tourist. It takes up to 3 hours driving from the southern part of Bali. Arya Amed Beach Resort offers modern accommodation for individual or family traveler looking for a private place to stay in Bali. The Arya Resort Amed sets around the lush tropical gardens overlooking the ocean, offering a great place to relax and unwind.Arya Amed Beach Resort comprises of 4 air-conditioned bedrooms with un-disturbed ocean views. Every room has been fitted queen-size four-poster beds, private bathroom with a hot and cold shower. Arya Amed Beach Resort is your home in Bali and is served by local Balinese people with their own style of services and hospitality. It has a swimming pool, a beachfront restaurant and car parking. Other services at Arya Resort Amed include room service, laundry, and security. There are some activities for its guests to join such as diving, snorkeling, and trekking.
Bayu Cottages Hotel is one of the hotel in Amed, Bali located in the eastern part of the island, around 2,5 hours drive from the airport. Cheap Room Rates Bayu Cottages Hotel Amed, Located right on the beach commanding spectacular sea views over the Indian Ocean.Bayu Cottages Hotel is nestled on a secluded area on Lipah Bay with Mount Agung as the backdrop. Bayu Cottages provides totally hideaway in the remote tourist area of Amed further to the east of Candidasa. Bayu Hotel Amed Cottages provides a great holiday and accommodation for travelers looking for something different from other parts of Bali. This small budget Hotel Bayu Amed Cottage is your perfect base to explore the hidden treasure of the eastern coastline and the beauty of the underwater world of Bali.Bayu Cottages Hotel Amed comprises of 6 spacious bedrooms overlooking the ocean. Each room is decorated with Balinese furniture and is furnished with a marble bathroom, individually controlled air conditioning, television with satellite channels, ceiling fan, safe deposit box, and smoke detector. Relax and enjoy the unobstructed sea view from the private balcony of the room. The restaurant provides a selection of Indonesia and International cuisines. It is located overlooking the ocean. As a leisure accommodation, Bayu Cottages Hotel Amed also provides a various choice of diving package and snorkeling tours around Amed and Tulamben.
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Villa 8.4
  Cheap Room Rates Blue Moon Villas Resort, Hotel and Villas in Amed in East Bali.   Blue Moon Villas Resort in Amed of Karangasem Bali are a selection of villas located in the far north of the island of Bali where there is a particularly beautiful selection of natural and cultural beauties to enjoy from the calm waters where you will find many corals and some of the island's best diving as well as above the water where there are a paddy fields and mountains surrounding the area where the volcanoes and forests stretch all the way up these heights to the impeccable peaks which make a great adventure to explore or a towering and impressive view to behold from the beach.Blue Moon Villas Resort in Amed compliment this area perfectly with plenty of facilities and modern luxurious villas which are very well maintained and offer both the classic Balinese charm and the modern tropical living feeling with views to dye for and private pools overlooking the beach, cliffs and far out to sea.There are 11 separate villas at Blue Moon Villas Resort in Amed all of which are individual in access and location as well as in size. With no two villas the same you can really pick out the best villa for your needs with plenty of one, two and three bedroom options as well as the 4 bedrooms options with capabilities of sleeping up to 10 people with a great level of comfort and beauty. With this being said you can expect the modern level of villa design as well as classic Balinese styles around the villas as well as such facilities as air conditioning, hot and cold water, beautiful lounges and outdoor areas which overlook the sea and have raised pools which look out over the cliff tops stretching the eye's gaze over this beautiful land of paradise and tranquility.The facilities at Blue Moon Villas include the incredible restaurant which is open for all meals and serves up some of the most delightful dishes of the Indonesian menu as well as all different types of Asian Cuisine such as Japanese, Thai and Chinese and plenty of European food and seafood BBQs which are very popular for sampling the fresh seafood which can be found in the local waters. With all of this waiting for you on the beach in Amed, you may wish also to venture out and take part in some of the great facilities that Blue Moon Villas Resort in Amed offers. The activities range from excursions and tours of the local sights to water sports both above and below the water including sailing and diving. There is also a great spa and plenty of other activities awaiting you at Blue Moon Villas Resort in Amed.
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Hotel 8.4
  Cheap Room Rates Coral View Villas, Budget Villas hotel in Amed Beach Bali. Book a discount room at Coral View Villas in Amed. Drive through the enchanting views of rice fields and the Balinese villages up to Amed where a cozy small hotel, Coral View Villas lies right on the beach. It takes 2.5 hours by car from Bali Airport and is 2 hours from Ubud. Sets amongst the beautiful garden landscapes under the swaying coconut groves. Coral View Villas in Amed, Karangasem is on a tranquility beach in the eastern part of Bali as a great accommodation for totally relax and retreat.The Coral View Villas in Amed offers well-appointed guest rooms spreading the two-story Balinese style cottages. Each room is equipped with air conditioning or ceiling fan, IDD telephone, bathroom with hot & cold shower and private balcony.Amed is located in the eastern Bali around 2 hours drive from the southern Bali and Ngurah Rai Airport.  Coral View Amed Villas offers comfortable and pleasant accommodations with friendly services, surrounded by a beautiful garden with various flowers, trees, and shady coconut palms.Coral View Villas in Amed is a suitable hotel for tourists who would like to stay away from the city's bustle and enjoy the quiet atmosphere in a rural area in eastern Bali. The sound of pounding waves and warbling seabirds would become natural entertainment for those who stay in this hotel. Not much could be done except swimming, diving, and snorkeling. Tourist could spend their holiday by visiting a group of villages surrounding to understand more about the activity of the local community.By advancing building in the shape of rice barn, Coral View Villas in Amed could remind you of the past life. The rice barn used to be utilized to store the food supply of the ancient people or even likely still applied up to the present time. The uniqueness of the traditional building boasts more tourists to choose Coral View Amed Villas as a proper place to stay or spend a holiday in Amed.Coral View Amed Villas also has a restaurant serving various Indonesian and European cuisines that you do not need to go out of hotel complex looking for Restaurants.Amed is a place where you can find the true tranquility and seclusion atmosphere. Indulge your body and soul around the Coral View Amed Villas complex and feel the gentle sea breeze blowing your mind fly away.
USD 59
Hotel 8.3
Cheap Room Rates Hidden Paradise Cottages Amed Bali. Hidden Paradise Cottages in Amed Bali sets amongst the lush tropical gardens with the shady of coconut groves. Hidden Paradise Cottages is around an hour drive from the center of Candidasa and is 3 hours from Bali International Airport. The Hidden Paradise Amed is located right on the best diving spots in Bali.  Hidden Paradise Cottages in Amed offers an enormous ocean view overlooking the sparkling turquoise water of Bali Sea. The beautiful underwater world is only a few meters from the hotel. The budget accommodation, Hidden Paradise Cottages in Amed reflects the combination of Balinese style cottages with modern design. The hotel offers three different room categories of a standard fan, standard air-conditioned and family rooms. Explore the rural life of Balinese by visiting the nearby villages. Hidden Paradise Amed Cottages offers peace and comfort blending with the natural beauty of its garden landscapes and the surroundings. The thatched roof Bali style cottages of Hidden Paradise Cottages features well-furnished guest rooms and are equipped with modern amenities. Each guest room is equipped with air conditioning or ceiling fan, bathroom with amenities, hot & cold shower, IDD telephone, and balcony.
USD 28
Hotel 8.1
Cheap Room Rates Hotel Uyah Amed Spa Resort Bali, Budget hotel in Amed Karangasem Bali. Hotel Uyah Amed Spa Resort is an eco-friendly hotel and resort located in Amed on the eastern coastline of Bali, around an hour drive further to the east of Candidasa.  Hotel Uyah Amed Spa Resort takes within 2.5 hours by car from Bali International Airport and other resort on the southern part of Bali. Uyah Amed Hotel is a budget accommodation blending the traditional Balinese style bungalow with the beauty of its natural setting. Peace and comfort for your holiday in Amed. Secluded location makes a graceful holiday on the island of paradise Bali. Hotel Uyah Amed Spa Resort is nestled right on the beach around the traditional salt farming. Uyah Amed Hotel offers 8 unit of bungalows spreads over the beautiful garden landscapes. The bungalows are designed in a V shape with a unique Balinese design and decoration. Rooms are furnished with bathroom, ceiling fans or air conditioning, and private terrace.
USD 27
Hotel 8.6
Cheap Room Rates Kembali Beach Bungalows, Cheap hotel in Amed Karangasem in East of Bali. Kembali Beach Bungalows Amed Bali is located in the far north of the island of Bali away from all of the major resort areas of the south even the smaller ones in the north and east. Kembali Beach Bungalows Amed Bali is located by the cost around 44 km from the nearby resort area and major city of Amulpura which is a great area of colonial history and local importance as well as some beautiful sights and cultural attractions. This is a great place to come and enjoy in the evening or at any point in the day. On top of this, you can enjoy all of this in the extremely well priced and luxurious resort of Kembali Beach Bungalows in Amed Bali. The accommodation offered at Kembali Bungalows Amed is separate bungalow accommodation with different room and sleeping arrangements. These rooms are modern although they have been heavily influenced by the traditional style. All of these comfortable and beautiful bungalows are well spaced around the beautiful traditional gardens which create a beautiful place to spend your holiday time.The separate bungalows at Kembali Bungalows in Amed are all of a great standard with all of the facilities you would expect including air conditioning and hot water in the private bathrooms. All of the bungalows all open out onto the communal gardens as well as offering a private garden area as well located in the back of the bungalow. All rooms also have a veranda made from local wood which is of a great standard and you also have a number of other homely comforts and luxuries. With all of these facilities, there is also room service and eating in facilities. There are a number of ways to enjoy your private bungalow and your little piece of paradise.The facilities at Kembali Beach Bungalows Amed, Bali include not only the said beautiful gardens but also the pool area which is located in one of the most beautiful areas of the gardens as well as being located right on the beach. With beautiful sea views, you can enjoy a drink from the bar and the three-star services that are of a very high standard. As well as the gorgeous pool which has been designed to look modern as well as incorporating the beautiful landscapes and sea views which surround the area. Other facilities at Kembali Bungalows Amed include the sea view restaurant which serves incredible seafood as well as a variety of different dishes ranging from the Asian delights including Indonesian dishes and international cuisine including the incredible Italian dishes which are a firm favorite of all of the European guests. For three-star accommodation locates well away from the main areas, Kembali Beach Bungalows in Amed is a great option for couples and families.
Cheap Room Rates Palm Garden Amed Beach & Spa Resort Bali, Beachfront hotel and resort in Amed, Karangasem, Bali. Palm Garden Amed Beach & Spa Resort Bali set on the beachfront of Amed of Karangasem Bali featuring modern rooms and facilities. Situated in the far northeast of the magical island of Bali is the comfortable little luxury resort of Palm Garden Amed Resort. Amed is a 3-hour journey from the international airport through some of Bali's most beautiful landscapes that lead you through the rice padi terraces that cover the hills and through traditional villages displaying the real Bali and finally past the valleys and the impressive volcano that stands just inland of Amed. Once you have taken the complimentary air conditioned transport leading through this exciting tour you will reach a bubble of pure cultural and physical beauty both in and out of the water and well away from any tourists. What's more Palm Garden Amed Beach & Spa Resort Bali is situated in an excellent location for traveling to all of the other beast dive sites that are located on the north and the east coasts. Amed is a quaint and quiet traditional Balinese village where the culture and friendly welcoming people are welcoming and trustworthy.  Palm Garden Amed Resort itself is a modern style resort in Amed Karangasem offering separate air-conditioned rooms within a large central garden. Get the best discount room rates at Palm Garden Amed Resort. Palm Garden Amed Beach & Spa Resort Bali has the option of sea view rooms and garden view all of which are of a toned down minimalist style which is very effective and refreshing without any of the garish designs that many resorts fall into the trap of. All rooms have minibars, international telephones, and televisions. There is also a 24-hour room service and hot and cool water baths and showers. All home amenities are also supplied including hot and cold drink making facilities and hair dryers etc. Other facilities in Palm Garden Amed Beach & Spa Resort Bali include an excellent restaurant offering Indonesian and western food as well as Balinese delicacies and other snacks and refreshments. The bar is located poolside amongst the seating in both in the sun and shade offering refreshments through the day and evening.  
Cheap Room Rates Puri Wirata Dive Resort and Spa Amed, Hotel in Amed Beach Bali. Book a discount room at Puri Wirata Resort Amed. Puri Wirata Dive Resort and Spa Amed, East Bali is a PADI endorsed dive orientated resort of a high class located in the on the beach overlooking the ocean. Puri Wirata Resort Amed Bali is a PADI endorsed dive orientated resort of a high class located in the on the east coast well away from the touristy south of the island and conveniently situated within the best diving that Bali has to offer. If all of this is not enough for you well there are the world-class Gili Islands, the island of Nusa Lembongan and Lombok that are only a short boat trip away. Amed is located far away from the tourist south of Bali and with a luxury traditional style of Puri Wirata Dive Resort and Spa Amed, you can enjoy the real tropical bliss of seclusion and tranquility where the culture and lifestyle of the locals remain unchanged as well as experiencing the amazing sights beneath the water.The rooms at Puri Wirata Amed Resort are traditional in style and built to western building regulations with the Balinese style. The buildings of Puri Wirata Amed Resort are new and the interior is reserved and minimalist creating a peaceful atmosphere with dark wood furniture and modern luxuries such as a mini bar, international television, phone lines, and air conditioning. The rooms are all placed within the beautiful gardens and are well spread around in order to maximize the secluded feelings of tranquility. Puri Wirata Dive Resort and Spa Amed offer a selection of options including one, two or three bedrooms that are subject to availability. The diving activities at Puri Wirata Amed Resort is obviously the main activity here with all the latest equipment that is fully serviced and maintained using the PADI guidelines. All instructors are fully qualified and very experienced in diving in Bali and therefore are able to make sure you get the most from your diving according to your standard and experience. There is possible kit hire at the Puri Wirata Dive Resort and Spa Amed as well as storage for your personal kit if you wish to bring your own. It is also possible to brush up on your techniques in the pool or do your first dive in the pool in order to practice the drill and become confident with the kit in a safe and controlled environment. PADI courses are also available here going up to PADI Dive Master and ever specialized courses such as Diving using mixed gases and underwater photography.
USD 40
Hotel 8
Cheap Room Rates Santai Hotel, Cheap Hotel in Amed Bali offering comfortable rooms for your stay in Amed. Santai Hotel in Amed is a standard hotel in Karangasem, East Bali and is beautiful mod-ethnic collection of six separate bungalows making this a boutique bungalow resort situated in the perfect beach location well away from the bulk of the tourists who travel to Bali and instead offering the unspoilt beauty of the north of Bali as well the classic traditional Balinese culture. All of this is experienced within ultimate luxury, peace, and tranquility, what people first started coming to Bali to enjoy. Santai Hotel in Amed is located about 3 to 3.5 hours away from the international airport, which is a journey well worth embarking on, travel along the east coast of Bali towards the tropical forests and mountains where the water laps quietly onto the black sand beaches. The Santai Amed Hotel exhibits traditional concepts from Bali as well as the distinctive and highly attractive styles of Sulawesi's architecture. All of the separate bungalows at Santai Amed have been modernized in order to create luxurious tropical living conditions with all of the mod cons, views of the immediate coast and the large pool separated from the beach only by a few tropical plants.Santai Hotel in Amed offers three Ocean villas, which are slightly larger and more elegantly decorated than the excellent standard exhibited in the garden view bungalows. All of the rooms at Santai Amed Hotel feature air conditioning and modern windows where open spaces would traditionally be in order to keep out the mosquitoes and the cool air in. there are also mosquito nets that ensure you will sleep without disturbance. The bungalows are all individually furnished and offer elegance over exuberance with tasteful minimalism. All of the rooms offer satellite television, DVD players and hot and cold water in the luxury en suite bathrooms. Private garden areas and incredible view compliment the beautifully traditional and tranquil seaside fishing town of Amed. Santai Hotel in Amed offers a very high level and with such a small guest capacity the grounds are always quiet and tranquil. The kidney-shaped pool offers sun lounging as well as shaded seating to one side and tropical gardens to the other which separate the pool area from the beach. In this area, there is also the pool bar offering a selection of tropical beverages and imported conventional drinks as well as a variety of other refreshments. The restaurant is surprisingly large for an intimate little abode such as the Santai Hotel, tables are well spaced within the traditional gazebo which offers a high thatched ceiling, tropical hardwoods, and romantic lighting. There are a great variety of dishes available from the local Balinese and Indonesian dishes to other eastern dishes and many European treats. There is plenty to get through in the restaurant meaning you don't have to head out in search of fine dining. Amed is famous for its excellent diving and due to this Santai Amed Hotel are affiliated with a local dive shop meaning you can get involved with PADI course or go diving through the hotel.
USD 136
Villa 8.7
Cheap Room Rates The Griya Villas and Spa in Amed Bali Deluxe Pool Villas - Best Rates of Griya Villas Amed Bali. The Griya Villas and Spa are situated in Amed of East Bali, 3-hour journey from the international airport through some of Bali's most beautiful landscapes that lead you through the rice paddies terraces that cover the hills and through traditional villages. Once you have taken the air-conditioned transport leading through this exciting tour you will reach a bubble of pure cultural and physical beauty both in and out of the water and well away from any tourists. What's more The Griya Villas and Spa is situated in an excellent location for traveling to all of the other beast dive sites that are located on the north and the east coasts The Griya Villas and Spa Amed are deluxe pool villas providing the options of one bedroom, two bedrooms, and three bedrooms. The Griya Amed Villas offers the option of sea view villas and garden view villas all of which are of a toned down minimalist style which is very effective and refreshing without any of the garish designs that many resorts fall into the trap of. Each private villa at The Griya Amed Villas features private infinity swimming pool overlooking Lipah Beach and the island of Lombok, en suite bathroom, fully equipped kitchenette satellite TV with international news and movie channels, home theatre system, iPod sound system, coffee machine, minibar, wireless internet, and wireless telephone.Activities such as tours and various excursions including whitewater rafting can be arranged at the reception but here the focus lays on the diving, the central pool, and the private beach can be used for recreation and relaxation as well as a perfect training ground for the PADI qualifications in diving that are world excepted. All of the instructors and staff are enthusiastic and qualified in all safety aspects and only use properly maintained equipment following the recommended use procedures. Other facilities in The Griya Villas and Spa Amed include an excellent restaurant offering Indonesian and western food as well as Balinese delicacies and other snacks and refreshments. The bar at The Griya Amed Villas is located poolside amongst the seating in both in the sun and shade offering refreshments through the day and evening.
Cheap Room Rates Villa Flamboyant Amed, Bali Private Villa in Amed of Karangasem East Bali - Cheap Villa Rates. Villa Flamboyant Amed Bali is a private pool villa in Amed, East Bali and is a great place to visit and stay located in the very north of the island of Bali on the east side of the island. Amed offers an outstanding level of beauty which is truly incredible with coconut groves leading up to the beautiful beaches and behind them, you will see the mountains which are lined with jungle and tropical forests not to mention the rice paddy fields and the incredible volcanic peaks which stand behind them. Amed offers the classic Indonesian landscape and as well as that divers know Amed due the even more fantastic level of natural beauty which is located below the waters around the area. Villa Flamboyant Amed Bali is a brilliant place to enjoy all of this with the luxury facilities and beautiful furnishing and decor. Enjoy staying at Flamboyant Villa Amed for rent as well as the dining and all of the other facilities which are located far far away from the airport and the rest of the tourists. Divers are aware of the area of Amed and make day trips up to the area but other than that there is very little tourist thoroughfare and a great atmosphere to enjoy.Flamboyant Villa Amed is split into a single private residence which available for rent as a single entity although it is sometimes possible to rent part of the private residence. Bali Villa Flamboyant Amed private residence includes four large luxurious bedrooms as well as a small bedroom where the security guard sleeps, a kitchen area, a living rooms and a TV room for enjoying DVDs and watching TV. There is also a garage and the night room where the 24 security work from. All of the rooms are air-conditioned and are have full luxury en suite bathrooms with great views looking out over either the ocean and the beach or the mountains and the volcanoes. All of the luxury facilities that you would expect to see are all present as well as many extra facilities including sports areas and leisure areas located around the large grounds of  Bali Villa Flamboyant Amed.The facilities at Flamboyant Villa Amed include a very large swimming pool located in a beautiful well-kept garden. The Garden features orchids and hibiscus plants as well as coconut and banana trees over three great large ponds with lilies, lotuses, and fish with great landscaping leading all the way up to the gazebo area where the bar is located and the pool seating can be found included shaded traditional seating and sun lounging. Bali Villa Flamboyant Amed is perfect for couples, families, and groups of friends as well as couples or families traveling together and even business colleagues who are looking to take some time out after a local business meeting. Whatever the reason there is no better feeling than renting an entire residence and enjoying it with your chosen company enjoying the volleyball court, the private access to beach and all of the local activities and dining with a chief who will cook for you in the kitchen and all the stuff you need to look after you and ensure your stay is a memorable one.

Amed Hotels features the options for hotels in Amed Bali, Resorts in Amed and Private Villas in Amed. The room rates of all Hotels in Amed are offered at discounted prices. Book a hotel in Amed Bali for your holiday in the east part of Bali.

Amed Hotels offers a great place for scuba diving and other water sports activities. located further to the east of Candidasa, within 3 hours by car from Bali International Airport. There are only a few hotels in Amed and Tulamben offering international standard facilities and services. Amed Hotels is located in the east of the island of Bali and is one of the premier alternative holiday locations of the island.

With a growing number of villas and hotels in Amed has been developing with some bars and restaurants to compliment the incredible hotels and villas that are available in this largely undeveloped tropical paradise. Amed is popular for diving as there is a selection of excellent dive locations located close by as well as actually in the area. Due to this, there are selections of specialized hotels in Amed and cheap accommodation in Amed which often offer a very high standard of accommodation as well as diving facilities.

Although tourists visit the area either for the diving or the equally as beautiful scenery above the water that Amed Hotels offers with cultural beauty and some excellent activities, the area of Amed is not ever crowded with tourists and offers a real feeling of tranquil relaxation. The large volcanoes and mountains which are lined with tropical rainforests as well as rice paddies and valley all true of the traditional Indonesian and Balinese landscapes.

All of the cheap hotels in Amed tend to be in the top range and mid-range areas as well as some cheap hotels and some backpacking facilities. You will find that it is very easy to get accommodation and hotels in Amed Bali located right on the beach. The cheap hotels in Amed usually are very large and sit on large plots of land with beautiful gardens and courtyards which often overlook the beach. The rooms of cheap Amed Hotels Bali will be offered on a number of standards usually all of which will feature air conditioning, hot and cold water and some beautiful furniture as well as a balcony or veranda which is likely to have at the least a very beautiful garden or in many cases a view of the ocean which is flat and clear in this area with plenty of boating and fishing opportunities.