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Indonesia - Toraja Highland

Agent: Amy Tours Makassar
The 3 Days Toraja Highland Tour is an all inclusive tour that runs through the southern Toraja area ...
Agent: Amy Tours Makassar
The 4 Days Toraja Highland Tour is a soft adventure tour visiting some main tourist objects in Toraj ...

Toraja Highland Tours and Adventure tours to Toraja Land covers the beauty and the uniqueness of South Sulawesi area. The Toraja Highland Tours can be arranged from major cities in Indonesia. If you enter Indonesia through Jakarta, Bali, Manado and Yogyakarta, it will be easier to arrange internal flights. Visiting South Sulawesi will be more comfortable if you join one of Toraja Highland Tours.

Located in the south of Sulawesi of the Indonesian Archipelago is the narrow south western Peninsula where the region of the Toraja Highland can be found. This area is in the north of the southern region and is not to be confused with the Bugis people of the southern most areas. The Toraja people are known for there seafaring culture. These are a fascinating and unique tribe of people who have traveled vastly around Indonesia throughout history and have reached lands as far as Australia where their language has been integrated into the Aboriginal language of North Australia. They have one of the oldest seafaring fleets it the world and there area is still used as the gateway to the east of Indonesia. All of the trading ships from all over Europe have used the Toraja Highland as a base in order to take these people as escorts to prevent trouble from the privates of the waters. You can still see some of the forts that were built in the area for these reasons as well as the Sultan's Palace and base for the wars that have been waged throughout Indonesian history.

There are some strange and unique sights to see in this area as there is still a strong culture that follow the ancient believes and ceremonies that have been part of the culture for generations. The largest ceremonies area the birth and death ceremonies where there are grand feasts and buffalos as well as other animals are sacrificed. After death the person is not build but dressed and laid in a hanging crave that is placed in the high caves on the cliffs overlooking the sea. You can see these hollowed out caves in the cliffs where there are always statues guarding the caves from spirits. There are other forms of burial that take place depending on the hierarchy of the person within the village.

Another promenade feature of the area is the buildings that have high and exaggerated roofs that look similar to the traditional boats of the Toraja. These sights and many more can be enjoyed when taking the long and scenic drive from Ujang Pandang to Toraja Highland. The capital of the area is known as Makassar which has a high historic importance in the trading industry as well as for protection of the port. There are actually 11 forts that have been built throughout the history, the built in 1594 by the demands of the Sultan and other for differing reasons throughout the unstable history of the area. These are all amazing sights to see at the seafront and offer a diverse presentation of the area’s history through architecture. There are plenty of interesting places to visit around the outskirts of the area and in the mountains and all over the Toraja Highland not to mention the beauty that can be found high in the hills. There are waterfalls, lakes and all sorts of villages and markets that are peaceful and simple but with complex societies and cultures.

The special arrangement of Toraja Highland Tours are available for reservation made through us at discount prices. During the Toraja Highland Tours, an experience local tour guide will escort you exploring the villages.