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Indonesia - Labuan Bajo

1 Days
From USD 115
Agent: Komodo Private Tours
1 Day Komodo Tour is a full-day Komodo adventure tour visiting two islands on the Komodo National Pa ...

Agent: Komodo Private Tours
The 1 Day Komodo Tour from Labuan Bajo is an easy adventure tour to see the dragons on Rinca Island ...

Agent: Komodo Private Tours
The 2 Days Komodo Rinca Island Tour offers an adventure tour to Komodo National Park visiting the mo ...
2 Days
From USD 110
Agent: Komodo Adventure Tours
The 2 Days Komodo Tour provides a short trip to visit the Komodo Dragons in Rinca Island with cheap ...

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The 2 Days Komodo Tour from Bali is a great option for Komodo Adventure Tour to National Park to see ...
Agent: Komodo Private Tours
Best Discount Cheap Rates 3 Days Komodo Adventure Tour: Rinca Island & Komodo Island Tour: Overv ...
Agent: Komodo Adventure Tours
Best Cheap Prices 3 Days Komodo National Park Tour to Rinca Island - Padar Island - Gili Laba a ...

Agent: Komodo Private Tours
Cheap 3 Days Komodo Private Tour: Overview 3 Days Komodo Tour offers an opportunity to experience a ...
3 Days
From USD 220
Agent: Komodo Adventure Tours
Cheap Prices 3 Days Komodo Tour: Overview The 3 Days Komodo Tour is one of the best and recommended ...
Agent: Bali Private Tours
3 Days Komodo Tour from Bali: Cheap Prices: Overview. 3 Days Komodo Tour from Bali visiting th ...
Agent: Komodo Adventure Tours
Best Cheap Prices 4 Days Komodo National Park Tour: Kelor Island- Rinca Island - Padar Island - Komo ...
Agent: Komodo Private Tours
Cheap 4 Days Komodo Private Tour - The Adventure To Komodo National Park: Overview. 4 Days Komodo P ...

4 Days
From USD 395
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Cheap Discount Rates 4 Days Komodo Tour: Overview The 4 Days Komodo Tour is an adventure trip ...
Agent: Bali Private Tours
Best Cheap Rates 4 Days Komodo Tour from Bali: Overview. The 4 days Komodo Tour from Bali is a grea ...
Agent: Komodo Private Tours
Knowing for its famous Komodo dragon, Komodo National Park in West Flores becomes a favorite destina ...

Komodo Adventure Tours & Travel makes your trip to Komodo National Park &  Flores Island with cheap tour prices. The adventure trips to National Park offer the best options for Komodo Tours to suits your needs and travel budget.  

Where to start the Komodo Adventure Tours?

A trip to visit the dragons in Komodo National Park is mostly started in Labuan Bajo of West Manggarai Regency. With the regular flight connection from some cities in Indonesia such as Bali, Jakarta, Surabaya & Kupang, the tours to Komodo is easier to arrange. 

Other options for Komodo Tours can be started from Labuan Bajo in West Flores or  Sape Harbour of Sumbawa Island. Start a trip to Komodo Adventure Tour from Denpasar, Bali is much easier as there are regular flights served by Garuda Indonesia, Wings Air and Nam Air. The Komodo Adventure Tours can be connected with direct flights from Jakarta with Garuda Indonesia, Batik Air & Citilink to Labuan Bajo. A direct flight from Surabaya is served by Batik Air. Joining the adventure tour to the national park is easier with those direct flights to Labuan Bajo.


What is the most popular visited island during the Komodo Adventure Tours?

Rinca Island and Komodo Island are two of the islands within the national park as the home for the giant dragons. There are thousands of Komodo Dragons in Rinca Island & Komodo Island. These islands are the most visited spot on every tour to the national park.


What is the price range of Komodo National Park Tours?

The lowest price of a Komodo Tour is from USD 115.00 per person for a day trip to Rinca Island from Labuan Bajo. The longest trip to Komodo Adventure is around 5 days tour including some scuba diving activities during the trip. The longest tour to the national park, the higher prices are offered. The most recommended tour to Komodo is 2 days & 3 days trip from Labuan Bajo. These Komodo National Park Tours offer the accommodation options of overnight on board or in a hotel in Labuan Bajo.


What services & facilities are included in most of the tours to Komodo National Park?

Komodo Adventure & National Park Tours offers different services & facilities that will affect the tour prices. Some basic services & facilities include the options of open deck, fan or air-conditioned cabin boat, tour guide, ranger, breakfast, lunch & dinner, entrance fees, pick up & drop offer transfers in Labuan Bajo. The insurance is not included in the trip.


How long does a Komodo boat tour from Labuan Bajo to the National Park?

The National Park comprises of many small islands including those most visited such as Rinca Island, Komodo Island, Padar Island, and Bidadari Island. A Komodo boat trip from Labuan Bajo to Komodo Island takes around 4 hours. The nearest island is Rinca which takes up to 2 hours with a motorized boat from Labuan Bajo. Bidadari Island is around 90 minutes.


When is the best time for a Komodo Tour?

A trip to Komodo is recommended from April to December during the dry season. The weather is calm with rains during a certain period. 


Komodo Adventure Trips Overviews.  

The Komodo tours & diving activities around the national park of West Flores creates a truly unforgettable experience. You will see the different part of Indonesia, a large collection of fishes, corals, and the most famous giant lizard, Komodo Dragon. If adventure tours are your purpose visiting Flores, then start your trip from Labuan Bajo. Explore hundreds of uninhabited islands around the national park. Our recommended Komodo Adventure & National Park Tours start from one day tour to overnight package tours staying on board.

When traveling is meant for a life-changing experience, you are just at the right place and time to discover one of the world's sublime beauties. Unspoiled hidden gems interspersed in the vast-stretching Indonesian archipelagoes will etch unforgettable memories on your voyager's diary. To truly enjoy what short excursions can offer, no faults should happen. This commitment particularly establishes Komodo Adventure Tour and Travel in accommodating easy and thorough traveling services, conveying thought-provoking activities like Komodo adventure trips, wildlife exploration, and volcano climbing throughout Flores including Komodo, Rinca, Bidadari and other small islands. 

Komodo Adventure Trips service is also catered to perfecting your Komodo Diving Tours pleasurable holiday moments with very flexible schedules of trekking the island's best spots, hiking on inland lush green hills, sailing beyond gleaming waves, or a real adventure to comprehending the humbling local habits and customs.

Moreover, your own tailor-made planning adjusted as well to native expertise's advice may determine where the endearing journey begins and ends. By the end of your Komodo Tours and Flores trip, there will always be something new to tell or to recollect. Get inspired and embark on a pleasurable Komodo Adventure & National Park Tours of Indonesia's best-kept secrets right now!

Although strong sea breeze may chill you up outside, the boat's inside exudes luxurious compartment designated for elite travelers traversing from Labuan Bajo to Komodo National Park including Rinca, Padar, Kalong and Bidarari Islands in style. More than a decade of experience ensures your safety, while either the leisure cruise or the liveaboard ushers you across the ocean conveniently. International cruise liners teamed up with local cruise aficionados will conduct the sailing. Most importantly, Komodo Tours & Adventure Trips are available at a very reasonable low price.

Traveling in groups can be done discreetly as you charter private boats for personal or business matters. We delightfully propose irresistible rate offer that would be hard to resist.  Especially for busy executives or businessmen who desire for a new kind of thrill, Komodo Tours & Travel provides innovative excursions that are nowhere else to find.

The alternative trip programs have rendered a unique way to captivate different facets of landscaped beauty that most people have not yet savored. A few day trips to the national park is the best way to start. Behold the exotic Komodo dragon shambling along the island's pink-tinted beaches and let an incredible stay at Bali's high-end luxurious resorts follow afterward.