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Indonesia - East Kalimantan

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 Orangutan Tours and Borneo Indonesia Adventures

The East Borneo Tours are another adventure tour to explore East Kalimantan Province where natures are still well preserved. Travel to East Kalimantan can by by air from major cities in Indonesia. There are many interesting places to see in this region. With our recommended East Borneo Tours, you travel needs to visit this area will be running smoothly. The tour guide will ensure the comfortable trip during visiting this region. It is easy to explore East Kalimantan on one of our recommended East Borneo Tours.

East Kalimantan or East Borneo is a beautiful are to visit and is now very east to access if you are in or close to Indonesia. With more and more tour operators extending beyond the standard tourism tours of Bali and the surrounding islands and now offering trips from three days up to full 20 to 30 day explorations of areas such as East Kalimantan. East Kalimantan is Indonesia's second largest province and has two major cities as well as vast expanses of countryside such as the hills and mountains, the mangroves, the marshlands and jungles and rain forests. There is a huge presence of historic building in these city areas such as in Samarinda and Balikpapan where you can see buildings built by the different nations who have been involved in the colonization and trading in these areas throughout the ages. The main trade to this day is most of the world’s hard woods and many natural minerals, petrol and other exotic forest products. Obviously this trade has massive environmental implications and there are active reforestation campaigns in practice as well as guidelines and laws that govern the amount of material exported from the area in order to save the environment and the creatures that live there.

The population of East Kalimantan or East Borneo is mainly Indonesian in origin although these people are from all over the archipelago as the trading nature of the history as been the very influential. The Bugis and Malay people who are strong in the area are a seafaring people and there are also many people of Javanese, Chinese and Banjarese. Most people live in the coastal areas as the inland is can be very difficult to access and settle in compared to the coasts and hey, when you see the beauty of these beaches and taste the incredible fish and seafood that is caught and cooked in these areas, you will see why people opt to live there.

From a tourism perspective there are some incredible diving areas and snorkeling opportunities that area widely recognized as being some of the best in the world. These spots are located on dreamy white sand tropical beaches with unreal backdrops of jungles, volcanoes and palms. There are also the orangutan reserves and the fantastic array of nature in the deeper older parts of the rainforest as well as in the younger replanted areas. It is excellent to see the effect of the reforestation and although the trees are not as tall and mature as the deeper and older parts of the rainforest there is still plenty of nature and fascinating sights to bee seen everywhere you look in East Kalimantan.

Some of the oldest Hindu inscriptions in Indonesia can be found in East Kalimantan or East Borneo as this is the oldest Hindu region in the country. Some of them main findings are kept in the Jakarta Museums but there are still many like the seven pillars that can be seen where they have always stood in this area.