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Indonesia - Central Java

Central Java is a great place to visit and although it is a very large with many areas of interest spread around its area, you will can book onto a number of tours and use the excellent transport system in order to make the most of these great locations. Whether you are interested in the culture or the fascinating and diverse changes that Java has seen throughout its history and the incredible structures and architecture standing as memorials to the events of the past, you will find Java an incredible place to visit. With Buddhist, Hindu and Moslem influences as well as influences from the western world, there is so much to see in this tropical easy going land of outstanding natural beauty. Reaching Central Java is not difficult with a number of flights from all over Indonesia as well as from the rest of Asia flying into the Airports of Surabaya, Jakarta and even closer there are Solo and Yogyakarta. All of these ports of entry offer door to door mini buses as well as the east to west train system; these are very cheap ways to negotiate the island of Java.

There is so much to see in the beauty in the culture of Java and all of its different areas and with the classic Indonesian landscapes of mountains and volcanoes as well as tropical rainforests and incredible virgin white sand beaches. There are many things to see such as the Wayang Kulit which is the leather puppet shadow show which is a very popular way of relaying traditional stories such as the Ramayana epics which are viewable over two episodes. There are also many other arts of the Javanese culture such as the Opera and the fairs and markets. These events sound small but they are the best way to experience the culture and meet local people from within the vibrant centre of the Javanese culture.

The major places to visit in Central Java are the Semarang area which is on the north coast and offers the port and main city of the area. You will also see the beautiful landscapes and plenty of historical areas. There is also a great deal of modern shopping offering great prices as well as sophisticate nightlife and other attractions. The epic Borobudur as well as the other surrounding temples in the area is an unbeatable sight to see, this ancient temple is huge and one of the oldest relics on the island. This is sight not to be missed and easily found from Yogyakarta, another beautiful spot offering great colonial living as well as many sights. Mount Bromo offers the more adventurous a great night hike to the top of a marvelous peak of true beauty where you will be able to watch the sun rise over the volcanic lakes and the incredible volcanic views stretching out as far as the eye can see. With so much to do and see it is best to see what takes your fancy when you arrive in one of these cities, there is certainly something for everyone ensuring an unforgettable trip.