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Cheap Bali Trekking Tours featuring the adventure Bali Mount Batur Trekking and Mount Agung Trekking.

Bali Trekking Tours up to the volcano in Bali is a popular and challenging adventure for many people who come through Bali. The best way to take on the peak of Mount Agung Batur is to use the local guides who will carry all of the tents and equipment up to the peak for you. There are 3 sleeping bases on the way up the peak where you can camp and then wake up first thing in the morning halfway up a volcano and continue the challenge. The walk is timed so that you reach the very top of the peak just before sunrise where you can look out over the entire island of Bali as the sun casts the first light of the day over the island of the gods.

Mount Batur Trekking is an excellent Bali Trekking Tours and is one of the most enjoyable treks in Indonesia. 

However, it is not wise to attempt this climb without a guide for the obvious reasons of safety but also due to the local people who have a monopoly on the guides and this is the only line of business in the area. It has been reported that people have experienced problems with the locals when not using a guide although with a guide everything is always fine. 

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Bali Moutain Trekking Tours into Mount Batur and Mount Agung usually start very early in the morning. The most recommended Bali Mountain Trekkings Tours are Mount Batur Trekking, Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking, and Mount Agung Adventure Trekking.