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Booking information

  • Included
    • The tour inclusions are described on tour information page and tour option page.
  • Duration, departure time and arrival time
    • Tour program duration is written on the tour information page.
    • The departure and arrival time is only estimate time.
  • Availability
    • The tour options availability is appeared when clicking on the tour date

Booking receipt

  • A booking information and confirmation is automatically emailed to your email address.

IBooking modification

  • Each confirmed booking can be modified via email. If a modification is needed, please contact us here.

Payment and refunds

  • Most tours are prepaid but there are some options with bank transfers and payment on arrival.
  • The payment is available by credit cards or PayPal Express and are directed to our company.
  • Refund process takes some times to arrive in your account. There is some fees occurs for refund.

Meeting point and drop off point

  • Meeting point and drop off point is usually within the same location as where you are staying before going on a trip.
  • Please email us if meeting point is different from the drop off point.


  • Tour can be cancelled anytime with or without cancellation fees.
  • Please check the cancellation procedure on the tour options page.